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Chapter One: Hat-Trick!

It's really quite dark in here. Truthfully, things could be worse, I mean, I could be claustrophobically cringing in a cardboard box instead of thanking God for the comfort of fluorescent bulbed lighting, dangling distantly above me. Still, though, you never know exactly how dull things can get until you're stuck on the other end of the infamous, overdone hat-trick.

Traditionally, it's done with a bunny or a bouquet, yet the latter doesn't exactly come in something a little more hypoallergenic for the sinus-sensitive sorceresses of the world. Therefore, you have probable cause to assume that I'm the only other option.

Felicity Renée Aster, or as my "mentor" calls me, the rabbit in everyone's hat.

If you've ever been introduced to Physics, you're probably wondering how this is possible. After all, if I'm a rabbit, how can I talk? If I'm a human, how can I fit in a hat? If you're an English enthusiast, you're probably trying to analyze the figurative possibilities of my claim. If you're a believer, then I probably shouldn't have to explain any of this to you, but I will anyway.

In order to successfully perform this trick, the magician must place the hat on a specially made table or chest. The hat will, of course, have a false bottom sort of thing, and the table/chest will have something a kin to a secret opening from where a "magically appearing" item can be pulled. A magician can also alternatively do this with a quick sleigh of the hand along with a bit of misdirection, thus allowing them to retrieve something from their sleeve rather than the hat. Something like this usually has a cleaner effect on the audience because they can actually inspect the hat to prove that the trick is legitimate. However, it's not as easy to stuff a herbivore in the sleeve of a rent-a-tux as it is to put one in a battered top hat. All in all, it's a pretty easy gimmick; that's why so many pre-pubescent magicians can do it.

Ah, but, I probably shouldn't have shared with you so much. After all, you might be reminded of the saying that goes something like, "A good magician never reveals his secrets!"

But, in fact, my superfluous knowledge of the tricks of the trade don't readily make me a magician or a sorceress of any sort, on the contrary...they just make me one hell of a sidekick.

"And for my final illusion, I'd like to..."

The adolescent magician paused with a coy smile plastered across her fair face. It was clear to the audience seated before her that she knew very well the level of suspense such an ellipsed statement created and that, overall, the desired effect amused her greatly.

Instead of revealing the rest of he statement, she gingerly traced the brim of her coal black hat with the fingertips of her white gloved hands. It was inevitable that the anxious audience would fail to interpret her gesture as a subtle hint, though.

"...pull a rabbit out of my hat."

The crowd that had once been constantly in a state of awestruck uproar was now was so taciturn that silly idioms like "so silent you could hear a pin drop" became necessary when describing them.

"Sheesh," The magician huffed as she, in exasperation, blew a few inky strands out of her face. "I know I'm not pulling a Houdini here, but could you guys be more credulous?"

Since her sarcasm had been mumbled almost incoherently, she did not at all anticipate to the reply she would receive.

"Didn't Houdini do the hat trick too?" A very small voice inquired somewhat tentatively.

The magician scoffed at the other person's apparent knowledge on the subject. "Yes, of course, but that's not the kind of grandeur he was known for. Duh!"

In her irritation, her voice became a lot more audible to the anxious crowd members.

"WHAT?" Some shouted in response to what appeared to be jargon of the magician.

"DO YOUR TRICK!" Others ordered rather rudely.

"BOOOOOOOOOO!" The tell-tale sign of irritated audience members.

The latter statement was what left the magician the most jaded, so naturally she payed the most attention to it.

Unfortunately, so did her father.

"Zatanna, you musn't keep your audience waiting!" The accented advice was immediately recognized as having originated from the mouth of the mystical, magical Zatara (otherwise known as the doting father of the young magician girl and the magic master of the Justice League).

"Right, dad!" The magician nodded. She held no desire to be chided further by her father, and as a result was desperate to regain her focus.

"All of you seem as if you expect very little of my grand finale," The magician began with pursed lips. For added effect, she made a few "tut" and "tsk" sounds to emphasize her disappointment. "But with the Zataras you should always know to expect the unexpected!"

Long before the audience had time to process this mysterious syntax, Zatanna's hat came off with the flick of a wrist.

"[1]Nruter Mrahc ot reh lanigiro ezis!"

She released the had and almost immediately the audience burst into a round of applause. Since this was obviously not due to her "magic words" babble, it could have only been a direct result of the 5'4 tall female standing over the torn remains of what had once been a dashing black hat.

"Hey there, folks! Would you like to know what's really unexpected?" The girl questioned as she grinned broadly at the stunned onlookers. "Zatanna's hat bill!"

The girl snorted smugly; Zatanna did not. "Clever, Fee."

"I know," The girl smiled her genuine thanks.

"Ahem," The magician began with her voice level increasing for the benefit of the audience. "Allow me to introduce to you my lovely assistant, Charm!"

Charm, the girl in question, curtsied cutely to the crowd.

"You all are smart enough to know how impossible it is for this to have been done with the mere sleigh of the hand, but I can assure you that trap doors were also not utilized in the trick." The magician explained. She always felt it was very important to prove the legitimacy of her skill.

"What about false bottoms?" A particularly intelligent audience member queried.

Zatanna rolled her eyes. "If the hat were still in existence, I promise I would have let you examine it to confirm its distinct lack of such a thing."Her gaze shifted from the audience to the fabric scraps that were flattened by Charm's feet.

Inwardly, she sighed. Charm was right; her hat bill would be rather outrageous...if she actually had to purchase them.

"Oops, sorry!" Charm squeaked as her ears flattened in a very Bugs Bunny sort of way.

Whether they initially enjoyed it or not, the crowd always got a kick out of the hat trick. Well, maybe they simply got a kick out of Charm, what with her "costume" and all. To the audience it must have seemed like state-of-the-art stage makeup and the radical remnants of an Easter Bunny outfit, but if they were to consider just who Zatanna is and what her superpowers are, well, they'd know better.

Charm was a small figure of five feet and four inches with hair the color of plastic Easter grass, pink, feline-like eyes, and gray-scale skin. Abnormal as it may have been, that was what she'd been born with...but the rabbit ears, cotton-ball tail, and thick, wispy whiskers? Now they were accredited solely to Zatanna's cold spells. It was a gimmick that Zatanna and Charm had stuck with since the first grade, and it worked for them quite well.

Patience was the one thing that prodigal Zatanna Zatara definitely did not inherit from her father, but at the very least she was reserved enough not to let such time-related anxiety show. The same, of course, could not be said for her pellucid partner.

"But Giooooooooooooooo~" Charm whined with a well-practiced pout.

She sincerely hoped that her look of ultimate displeasure was persuasive enough to play the pity card on her current tormentor, Giovanni "John" Zatara.

"You can't always rely on magic, Felicity."

Being on a first name basis with Zatara was a privilege that not even League members or biological family were granted, so it was a wonder indeed that a twelve year old girl could get away with it.

"Correction, you can't always rely on my magic."

A wonder that Zatanna did not quite like.

Charm's expression flattened considerably at Zatanna's infallible ability to be a smartass.

"Yeah, well," She sniffed indignantly. "Obviously, I don't need you!"

Zatanna quirked a slim, black brow at this. "Oh, really? You don't?" She probed.

"Really! I have my own powers, you know!" Charm fervently assured her.

"Being lucky is so not a superpower!" Zatanna countered with a roll of her eyes.

"Neither are common parlor tricks!" Charm retorted snidely.

Zatanna's face suddenly sported a look of shock.

"How dare you say that, Felicity! You know that-"

"I know that you are the most uncouth-"

"Whatever, I'm the essence of couth!"

"The essence of annoying!"


"Sorry, dad." "Sorry, Gio." They spouted simultaneously.

Zatara was generally a very strict, solemn man burdened by the weight all superheroes and heroines seemed to share, but in this particular instance his face seemed older, sterner even, as he let out a long sigh.

"I should not have to tell you how tired I grow of your incessant arguing," Zatara began as he ran a white gloved hand through his ravenous hair. Whether or not they were truly contrite, both young Zatanna and Charm bowed their heads in shame."So instead, I am simply going to chide you on another matter entirely."

"Not using magic as a crutch?" Charm offered tentatively to which Zatara smiled lightly.

"Yes, Felicity. That is the idea, but I wish the two of you would actually take to it rather than simply know of it." Zatara elaborated.

"Magic is something I'm good at, dad, why wouldn't I heavily utilize my skill?" Zatanna queried.

"What if you are forced into a battle against an opponent who can negate your powers?" Zatara replied as he placed a hand to his mustache.

"Well, I, uh..." Zatanna began, obviously feeling quite unsure.

"Exactly!" Zatara exclaimed.

"But that has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning the stage!" Charm sputtered. As if for added emphasis, she threw down the basted old broom she had once clutched.

That's right. It was but a mere hour and a half after the performance of "The Spectacular Zatanna!" and her assistant, Charm, when Zatara had somewhat spontaneously decided that the girls' training for today would consist of cleaning up the stage the human way.

"Granted this is not the best way for the two of you to train, I just assumed that it would be the least time consuming..." Zatara trailed off mysteriously.

"Why would the amount of time it takes matter?" Zatanna inquired, it was obvious that she was not very suspicious of her father.

"Ah, well now, today is the day is it not?" Zatara smirked knowingly.

". . ." Silence befell the two flabbergasted female proteges of the master magician.

"July Fourth...?" Zatanna questioned slowly.

"Independence Day?" Charm finished for her.

Their eyes were as wide as dinner plates as the realization suddenly hit them.

"OH MY GOD, TODAY'S THE DAY!" They proclaimed in glorious unison.

Despite himself, Zatara chuckled.

"Yes, I was correct about the level of importance it held for you." Zatara nodded at his hypothesis that had been soundly confirmed.

"Does this mean that we get to go, dad?" Zatanna questioned eagerly.

"That we get to become real heroes..err, heroines?" Charm quipped.

"Actually, no. I refuse to allow you to partake in such idiocy, but..."

Before either of the girls grins had the chance to deflate, Zatara cleared his throat and flicked his wrist towards the general direction of Charm's discarded broom.

"[2]Ekam taht moorb mrofsnart otni a gnikrow noisivelet!"

The sudden appearance of a generic television set was shocking enough, but the fact that it worked without being plugged up to anything was the most alarming. The extent of Zatara's powers never ceased to amaze his underlings.

"This is Mariah Starr with Gotham City News!" A bubbly blonde woman, appearing to be in her early thirties, smiled cheerfully through her Colgate-worthy teeth. Behind her, there existed a panoramic view of the capital city of the United States in all of its official splendor.

"I have no qualms with you watching it whilst you clean, if it proves not to be too distracting." Zatara finished proudly.

Zatanna and Charm surely would have sighed at his behavior if they had not already become engrossed in the content of the news.

"Yes, folks! All around the country today is the day for the courageous young crusaders of justice! Apprentice to Aquaman, Aqualad, speedy sidekick to the Flash, Kid Flash, and last but certainly not least, partner to the Dark Knight and Gotham's very own Boy Wonder: Robin! Each will make the first, bold step towards becoming their own superhero, no longer bound to the side of their mentors!"

Brief cameos of each aforementioned adolescent sidekick showing their early afternoon take-downs of ice-related villains flashed by as the anchorwoman talked, and it was a definite fact that Charm could scarcely resist the urge to swoon.

"Wowie, I think I just discovered a new hobby!" Charm gushed.

"What's that, Fee?" Zatanna questioned, utterly bemused.

"Birdwatching~" This caused the both of them to burst into giggles.

"And that is probably the most prominent reason why I will not let you join them," Zatara explained with a disgusted expression. "Teenaged boys and the two of you absolutely do not mix."

Before Zatanna had the chance to complain with one of her usual quips such as, "Dad! Why can't you give me some space?" her father vanished with the backwards whisper of a transportation spell.

"[3]Tropsnart em ot eht rewothctaw..."

Of course, he should have known by now that his pupils were masters of deciphering backwards words.

"Watchtower, what's that?" Charm blinked.

To save you the trouble of deciphering backwards incantations:

[1]Nruter Mrahc ot reh lanigiro ezis - Return Charm to her original size.

[2]Ekam taht moorb mrofsnart otni a gnikrow noisivelet - Make that broom transform into a working television.

[3]Tropsnart em ot eht rewothctaw - Transport me to the Watchtower.