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Hotaru's P.O.V.

It was early in the morning, 6 a.m. to be exact. Me, Firecaster (Natsume), Bunny- Boy (Ruka), Anna, Nonoko, Inchou, Permy (Sumire), and Mind Reader (Koko) were in the classroom. Today, we were going to pull a trick on Mikan. A harmless little joke. Today, we were going to act like we hate her. For what reason? None, what so ever. We just felt like having a little fun with her. We were here to discuss our plans. Whenever she tried to talk to us, we would insult her, or simply ignore her. So, with only an hour left, we began to practice with Inchou's illusions. When Inchou had to practice, I made(more like blackmailed) Bunny Boy into pretending to be Mikan.

... Five Minutes Until Mikan Arrives...

Mikan' P.O.V.

"Ohayo minna!" I shouted. Internally, I heaved a big sigh. I hate being so loud. But, I had to be "innocent", so I had to be so loud. "Baka..." muttered Hotaru. "Awww... you don't have to be so mean."I said as I pretended to be offended. "Get away from me. You're useless." she muttered as she tinkered with her invention. I froze. Usually, she would mutter "Baka..." again, or ignore me. She has never said anything so hurtful to me, which is saying something. I was still shaking a bit, despite my training(refer to the top of the page), as I walked by Ruka-pyon and the rest of my friends. As I weakly said "Hi", they gave me a hard glare. I was shocked. I was their friend... how could they treat me like this? "We were never your friends. We were just using you." Anna and Nonoko growled. I froze. They were just using me? After I had done my best to try to cheer them up? After I tried to protect them and trained long and hard to get my SEC Alice under my full control? How could they do this to me? After a long silence, I continued walking to my seat with my eyes hidden under my bangs. If my so called "friends" insulted me this badly, I don't even want to know what Hyuuga would say to me. During class, I let my attention wander, rather than fake paying attention, as I usually would do. I already know what the teacher was teaching, after all, no one could be as stupid as the bubbly and chherful Mikan Sakura. My IQ was even higher than Hyuuga, Imai, and Tobita's (Inchou's) combined. Seriously though, I still don't know what to do after my "friends" abandoned me.

End of the Day

I'm glad I managed to make it through the day. After last period, I shuffled over to my uncle's, the High School Principal's, office. After I quietly opened the door, walked in, and plunked myself down at the chair in front of Uncle's desk, I sighed. "What's going in on?" Uncle asked. "My friends abandoned me." I muttered before biting the bottom of my lower lip. I was shocked when my uncle smiled sadly and said "Well, with your SEC and Nullification Alice, you have been accepted into Alice Academy America, a school that only accepts high level Alices. So do you want to go?" Slowly, I grinned and said "Sure, what have I got to lose?" "Okay then, you will be leaving early tomorrow morning." he said. Then, I walked out of Uncle's office and practically skipped all the way to my dorm room.

Mikan's P.O.V.

It is currently around midnight and I'm packing my things. I haven't been so happy in a long while. I was actually humming as I packed. After a little while, I was finally done with the packing a flopped on my bed, planning to squeeze in at least a few hours of sleep.

The Next Morning, Eight a.m.

Now, I am at the airport with my uncle and Narumi- sensei. They came to see me off. They were waving goodbye as I boarded the plane. When I walked in, I was looking around for my seat, 3-8. Soon enough, I found it, and it was a first class seat, the kind where you got to stretch your legs out and get a large variety of movies, music, and food. Okay. I'd better get comfortable for the looong plane ride. I stuck my carry-on luggage in the baggage compartment ontop of my head and snuggled down into my seat.

Hotaru's P.O.V.

WALKED CALMLY into the classroom in REGULAR clothes. What the hell was going on here? He sighed before he calmly said "Mikan-chan lift for America this morning." There was a long silence as our classmates filtered this little piece of information through thier brains. "NANI?" everyone, minus me and Firecaster, screamed. Oh great. I loked over at Firecaster. He looked utterely shocked as well. Now what have we done? I wondered with tears threatening to spill over ny eyes

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