The problem with stupid comments is you live to regret it. Written for TuesdayNovember and Gamma Orionis who forced my hand :P. Yes it is cracky. What else could it be?

Nagini slid through the immaculately cut crisp lawn on the Malfoy estate, her yellow eyes wide and shining bright in the reflection from the windows above. She was silent as she always was from practice and from being a serpent.

At least that was the same.

This was not.

She did not feel normal.

She had left her master's side to watch and observe.

Yellow eyes found her target and she moved closer as the albino bird seemed to glow strangely mythical in the moon light. Sticking out her tongue, Nagini tried to taste the scent of the creature, but she was not yet close enough.

She had to draw nearer.

She slithered only a little further, unwilling to get caught and for the peacock to flee.

Every other night she had crept a little too close and her target had escaped. He must have feared for his life.

He should not have.

She would never hurt him. How could she? Many times she had been with many creatures, but none had made her serpentine heart beat like the creature before her. With his finely formed wings and luscious feathers, the bird was nothing less than perfection.

Yet, he would never feel the same way. He would only flee.

Perhaps it was because Nagini had killed some of her kin. Maybe that might have made an impact... maybe.

Nagini moved a little closer. However, at the same time, the peacock raised its elongated neck. For a split moment Nagini thought she had been spotted and her chance to watch her perfect peacock had gone, but no, the reaction was spurned by another.

A man strode across the impressive grounds. His presence and appearance may have changed in the past few months and after Azkaban, but there was no mistaking her Lord's servant, Lucius Malfoy.

He headed straight for Nagini's precious. Nagini longed for her peacock to turn away, but, instead, it covered the distance and rubbed its head against Lucius' outstretched. She wished he would do the same for her... well to her head or tail, but alas, it was not to be.

Lowering her head slowly, Nagini turned her diamond patterned head away.

She could not stand to watch the display any more.

Sliding away, she moved back to her master's chambers like she always did every other night her attempts to watch and woo the peacock failed.

At least her Master's embraces and hands were always there.