Warning: This story will contain eventual yaoi aka BOY x BOY ! If boys love is not your cup of tea, please leave. If you do like boy x boy continue reading. ^_^

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Chapter : 1 : Feeling

The feeling of being followed, it's still there. I always feel it, feel a pair of eyes devouring me. When I leave school I feel someone following my every step. A never ending presence of somebody walking right behind me and when I turn around I see no one, it's like they vanish into thin air.

I haven't told anybody about my stalker. The reason is because I can't prove it, I can't see who's following me! I've tried going to a mall and seeing through the various windows who is following me, but I don't see anyone. It's like their invisible.

I don't know what to do. I've considered walking with a friend to and from school, but I don't really consider anybody my friend beside Tatsuki. I can't go walking with Tatsuki because we live far apart. Beside I don't want to bring Tatsuki into this, it's bad enough with me being followed.

I snap out my thoughts when I see my house coming into view. I hurry my step when I check my watch. It's almost 7pm and Goat-face doesn't appreciate me being late.

Reality suddenly hits me like a punch in the face. There is no one following me! This should be a good sign but it's not. Usually the feeling of being followed lasts until I enter my house, on rare nights it stays until I go to bed. I start running to my house until I feel something crash into my side. As I look down to my side I see blood sweeping through my school uniform. 'What the-? When did I get hit?'

When I look for what might have hit me I see a giant blurry figure a couple of feet away. Without thinking I make a mad dash to my house not daring to look back. I slam into the door to my house as I fumble with my keys. My shaking hands kept missing the keyhole. "Shit! Open up!" I screamed out.

The door opened and I fell flat on my face. I let out a sign of relief. When I lifted my head up I saw my dad running towards me. "Damn it" was all I uttered before I dogged the kick that was aimed to my face. "Oi! That is NOT how you greet your wounded child!" I glared at him I clutched my side, the one that was bleeding.

"Wounded? Where? Let me see." Yup, this is his I-am-a-worried-doctor-and-father voice. Before I can show him anything he takes me to the clinic. The clinic is attached to the house so we just pass through the door that goes through the living room. My dad sits me in a bed and makes me take off my shirt.

As I look down I see a big open gash in my side. "I'm going to need to sew it shut" Goat face told me with a grim face. I was prone to scratches and cuts because of fighting and surprise attacks from people who wanted to fight me, but non of them led to stitches.

As dad went and grabbed the stuff he needed to sew my side shut I wondered about what could have hit me. I know it wasn't a ghost like the normal ones I see. Those usually have a soft glow to them and are never really aggressive, just scared. I know for sure it wasn't human but I've never heard of -more like seen- evil spirits. I don't notice when my dad comes back and starts sewing me up until he sakes me. "Go to bed, rest, and don't worry about going to school tomorrow you can stay." I give my dad a nod and head to my room.

I barely notice when I get to my room or when I take off my clothes and only leave on my boxers. I don't notice my open window and the fresh air that comes in through it, nor did I notice the hungry gold on black eyes peering in the dark or when the owner of said eyes came through my window.

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