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Chapter : 7 : Tears and a Lover?

Sobs of anguish had filled that night. Tears that could not fully express how broken Ichigo felt. The words that Shirosaki had said didn't help and the angry sex just made it even worse. Unlike the other time Ichigo didn't curl and wrap himself into a cocoon of sheets. He stayed in the position he fell into after Shirosaki was done with him. His arms thrown carelessly over pillows scattered around, a thin silk sheet barely covered newly bruised hips, and ochre colored eyes looked blankly at the ceiling. Ichigo looked like a broken doll who had fallen from its owners safe hands. Broken, left to wither and rot.

Ichigo had finally shut down. Everything had come crashing down on him. It was true, what Shirosaki said. He had blocked out the event of the rape and anything remotely sexual. His thoughts were blank. His body limp, not wanting to get up.

At the moment nobody was in the room. Shirosaki had left after satisfying his need and taking a nap. Ichigo waited. Waited for anything, anyone, to come and do anything. Just to relive him of his dazed state. It was hours before a knock came to the door. Ichigo didn't get up to answer, not even when the door started to jingle and open.

"Yo, I brought you food. You want it?" It was a boy around his mid teens, somewhat feminine. He had short choppy hair with a small braid at the back of his head. A saber tooth like skull sat on top of his head that strangely went well with his look. Nodding Ichigo stat up on the bed and took the plate of food from the teen. The food was pretty simply, about three ham and cheese sandwiches and a glass of orange juice. Ichigo dug in hungrily. Half way though his food Ichigo noticed the guy hadn't left yet and was just staring at him. Remembering his naked state Ichigo casually pulled the blanket further up his hips.

"So, uh, what's your name?" The strawberry awkwardly asked to the boy so he could stop staring. "Ggio Vega, Arrancar numero veintiséis, Barragan Luisenbarn-sama's fricción." Not really understanding what half of that meant Ichigo nodded his head regardless. "Are you the person who always brings me food?" Slowly taking a bite out his last sandwich Ichigo waited for an answer. "Nah, this is my first time. Usually it's one of the lower Numeros, but this time I volunteered. I wanted to see what was keepin' Shirosaki on edge lately. Turns out it was just a human."

"Huh? What d'ya mean human? Aren't you human?" Smirking Ggio headed towards the door, over his shoulder he shot back "Ask Shirosaki 'bout it, he'll probably tell you." and slammed the door.

"Ask Shirosaki?" Ichigo thought out loud. "Ask me what, Ichi?" Came the watery reply. Jumping in surprise Ichigo nearly dropped his sandwich. "Uh, what are arrancar?" Slowly tilting his head to the side Ichigo waited for an answer. Rage flashed in Shirosaki's eyes, then slowly and unemotionally looked at Ichigo straight in the eye. "Who brought you your food today." Now this kind of surprised Ichigo, granted Shirosaki's normal slang and chopped up words weren't there. "Ggio Vega." Was the slow nervous reply.

"That son of a bitch!" Suddenly slipped of Shirosaki's clenched teeth. Turing sharply around Shirosaki left the room with a slam of the door. Outside Shirosaki pulled out his zanpactō which he normally hides from Ichigo and heads towards Barragan's wing. Once there he goes straight to Ggio's bedroom. Slamming the door open he finds the fricción casually leaning against one of the walls waiting for him.

"What a surprise to see ya Shiro." Ggio slurry said as he walked up to Shirosaki. Standing on the tips of his toes Ggio circled his arms around Shirosaki's neck and pressed his body tightly against Shirosaki's. "I miss seeing you. You don't come round here no more." Tilting his head to the side Ggio waited for Shirosaki to respond.

Pushing the Arrancar off himself Shirosaki glared in disgust. "Forget about that. Anyway, did you bring food to m' room today?" On the outside Shirosaki looked quite relaxed, his earlier anger seamed to have vanished. "So what if I did, you got a problem with it?" Under the layer of indiference was pure boiling anger, ready to spill over.

"What d'you tell Ichigo?" Ggio was now laying down on his bed, quite comfortable with his arms spread out. "Now that you mention it I seam to recall something." Getting feed up Shirosaki grabs the Arrancar's neck tightly. "Don't fuck wit' me Ggio. I could easily kill ya an' nobody would complain."

The Arrancsr thinking he still had the upper hand glared at Shirosaki daring him. A smirk suddenly appeared on Shirosaki's face and a sinister laugh escaped through his lips. Tightening his hold Shirosaki stares down at Ggio as he gasps for air. Kicking his feet wildly while also clawing at Shirosaki's hand, Ggio struggles to breathe.

"Shirosaki Ogichi, release my fricción." Came the booming voice of Barragan Luisenbarn. Loosening his hold on Ggio, Shirosaki tilts his head to the side. His fingernails sink deep into Ggio's neck, drawing blood. Shirosaki thinks it over. "Che, fine. Just cause I like you. Make sure he don't go anywhere near my wing or I will kill him on the spot, got it old man?" For good measure Shirosaki lifts Ggio up and chucks him across the room. The teens back slams against the wall breaking it.