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Mogami Kyoko gets to star in a new drama called 'Can It Be? Will It Be?'. She doesn't really like her part but Lory is making her act that character and guess how her character has to be, a sweetheart that falls in love with a rich guy and she acts all lovey dovey with him. Horrible isn't it? Kyoko then finds out who she has to act all lovey dovey with. Another character that loves Kyokos character in the drama slowly sways her heart. Poor Kyoko, will she fall for one of them? Will she not? Just when Kyoko thinks it couldn't get any worse, another guy comes into the drama and is like a rebel and loves Kyoko's character in the drama. Who will Kyoko's character in the drama fall for? Will Kyoko also fall for that person too? Only one way to find out, read 'Love Triangle Much?'!

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Chapter 1

What Happened To Hana!

Mogami Kyoko was in her room, starring at a small bright orange envelope that was on her little brown table brown table. She was sitting criss-cross by it. That bright orange/special envelope contained some information on if Kyoko had a part in the new drama called, 'Can It Be? Will It Be?'

Kyoko auditioned for the role of one of the main characters. An innocently evil girl named Hana. Kyoko admired how Hana wanted to take what was rightfully hers before a girl named Suki came along and ruined her bond with a guy named Takaya. Kyoko doesn't really know why she admired Hana like that but it was probably because Hana was a very rich girl who lives in a mansion and would always wear dresses. Kyoko thought she lived like a princess!

Kyoko slapped herself in the face, and yelled at herself, "Idiot! Just open the damn envelope and see if you got the part in the drama or not!"

"Alright here I go!" Kyoko slowly reached for the bright orange envelope. She took a deep breath and slowly, but carefully, opened the bright orange envelope. She closed her eyes and with one hand, reached inside the envelope and opened her eyes slowly. She had pulled out a folded shiny light purple letter. "Whoa, it's so shiny! Why is it so shiny? Doesn't that cost too much to get paper like that," Kyoko slapped herself again, "Kyoko stop stalling! Just open the envelope!" Kyoko closed her eyes again. Her fingers were shaking when she unfolded the shiny light purple letter. Kyoko opened her left eye a little and peeked at the letter. Kyoko decided she was acting silly so she opened both of her eyes wide. She then read the shiny light purple letter.

It said...

To Mogami Kyoko,

We absolutely adored your performance of the character Hana! You were so sweet when you played her so she would seem all nice when she would be talking to the other character Takaya! Then you showed us her evil side when she was with the other character Suki! An absolutely amazing performance!

You were such a skilled actor that we want you to act one of the main roles in 'Can It Be? Will It Be?'! We want you to act as Suki! You had such a sweet adorable when you acted out as Hana when she would be talking to Takaya! When you acted when Hana would be acting with Suki, it was a bit too scary for the character Hana. We want you to act as Suki even though you auditioned for Hana!

Please call me if you agree to be my actor for the main role Suki! My cell number is just right down there under my name. Please call me as soon as you are done reading this letter so I can start when I should call everyone else who auditioned for the other characters in 'Can It Be? Will It Be?' to tell them when we can get alltogether and start on the drama 'Can It Be? Will It Be?'.

If you have any questions please email me. My email is also under my name but under my phone number. Please call me ASAP! Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you in the future and being your director!

Again please call ASAP! Thank you very much once again Mogami Kyoko!

Sorry but also if you have any questions about Suki, either call me or email if you are thinking about acting as her!

Sorry but once again thank you very much! Really hope you will act as Suki!


Chang Maru director of 'Can It Be? Will It Be?'!



When Kyoko finished reading the letter from the director of 'Can It Be? Will It Be?' Chang Maru, she slapped the shiny light purple letter on top of her little brown table.

"I'm Suki and not Hana? Suki is such a too sweet girl who is like an angel and falls deeply in love with this Takaya character! I can't act all lovey dovey with someone that will also act the same way, I think! I gave up all that lovey dovey crap!"

Kyoko quickly stood up and grabbed her letter from her brown little table, grabbed her shoes, put them on, grabbed her block red colored purse, walked towards her bedroom door, opened the door, stepped out, ran down the stairs and went out the restaurant, which she lived in, without saying goodbye to Taishou, his wife, and his well known customers.

Kyoko grabbed her bike and immediately pedaled to L.M.E. the entertainment agency to yell at Takenori Sawara and complain to him about her role as Suki!

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