The Nemisis, 3rd POV

Megatron stared down at the planet known as Earth.

He was obviously thinking about something, so none of the seekers dared to disturb him, the last time a seeker had, his wings were ripped off. So, deciding they valued their wings, all seekers stayed around twenty feet away from the Decepticon leader.

'That human boy, there's something about him...He is more Cybertronian like than any other annoying insect of his kind...' Megatron thought to himself, completely befudeuled.

Since the time in the mines, when the boy with raven hair, known as 'Jack' had refused to destroy him with the drill, Megatron had himself wondering why he found the human...intriguing.

'Most mortals are disgusting creatures, but there's something about him.'

Megatron suddenly turned to Starscream, who had been standing at a safe distance for some time. Starscream jumped in surprise when Megatron went up to him.

"Starscream, I have a new mission for you."

"Yes, Lord Megatron?" Starscream asked, bowing (Though he was scowling as well).

"That boy, the Autobot's friend. Bring him to me."

"Lord Megagtron, there are two human males, which do you wish for?"

"The eldest, and if you do this in plain sight of the Autobot scum, or harm the boy in any way, I will rip out your circutry."

Starscream stuttered a little before taking off quickly, Megatron watching him with a smirk.

In Jasper, Jack's POV

I sat on the swing with a sigh. My mom and I had another fight, and I'd stormed out of the house to blow off steam.

So I'd decided to go to the one place no one ever went to, the old abandoned park at the edge of town. I always went there when I needed to think or unwind. There was something about the old, rusty chains of the swings and the hazardous play equiptment that I found strangely...comforting.

Maybe it was the fact that it reminded me of when my dad would bring me...

But then he died...

And then the playground was shut down, deemed unsafe.

I began to pump my legs, the swing chains squeeked as I began to feel my feet depart the ground. The cool breeze made me shiver, but it was in a pleasant way.

I hummed softly, the song that my dad and mom had both taught me (It's like Pan's Lullaby from Labrynth). It felt natural for me, since I knew the song by heart.

But then the peace was abruptly stopped.

By an explosion a few feet away.

I flew off the swing, hitting the tree. A pain burned through my spine as I fell to the ground with a small yelp of shock and pain.

The whir and clank I associated with Cybertronians came from in front of me, and then the ground shook as there was a large thud.

I slowly looked up as my insides twisted with fear. When i saw who it was, I nearly passed out in fear.

It was Starscream.

I quickly stood, ignoring how my back protested, and ran.

'Why?' I asked myself as I heard Starscream cackle and follow behind me.

"Now fleshy, running won't do you any good, you should know that by now."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled over my shoulder, though I knew it wouldn't work.

I screamed as Starscream grabbed me roughly and lifted me up to eye level. I struggled, trying to free my arms.

"Hmph, why Lord Megatron wishes to see you is beyond me."

My eyes widend, Megatron had asked Starscream to kidnap me?

This could not be happening.

I took a deep breath, then yelled.