Autobot base, 3rd POV

"Optimus! I've just recieved a message, from Megatron."

Everyone rushed over to the monitor, eager and slightly afraid of what it would say.

"He wishes to meet us in two joors. He's sent the quardinates, and wishes to speak with you about ending the war! By the allspark..."

Optimus was silent while the others exchanged wary looks, then nodded.

"I believe that this time, Megatron may be telling the truth. The message left by Jack if proof of that. Tomorow, we shall meet them." He said solemly. He then turned, going to his quarters to think over the new development.

The Nemisis, 3rd POV

"Really, why do you insist on doing this?" Jack asked.

A ghost of a smile crossed holoform Megatron's lips as he continued to run his fingers through the long raven hair of the teen.

"Physical contact is important for Cybertronians, and you don't seem to mind very much." Megatron replied, gently kissing the top of Jack's head. The teen leaned back, proping himself up on his elbows and looking at the holoform (though upsidown).

"Yeah, but I've only ever seen girls have their hair brushed by their boyfriends. I'd rather neither of us are the woman in this relationship." Jack replied, reaching up to absently play with the white hair of Megatron's holoform.

The 'con purred quietly, leaning his head into the touch.

Jack's mind wandered to the 'bots. One joor before (six hours, in case you didn't know), Megatron had sent the message to them, requesting to meet them. Megatron had agreed that they would leave early, two hours early, since Jack wanted to have time to enjoy the fresh air and time off the Nemisis.

Jack suddenly sat up, setting his hands in his lap and staring down at the berth.

"Hey, Megs...? Do you think they'll accept me? Accept what I've become, and...and this?" He asked, vaguely waving a hand between himself and the holoform. Megatron was silent for a moment, smiling sympatheticly at the raven haired teen. He then moved over, hugging Jack close so that the teen's back was pressed to his chest.

"Jack. You are bringing an end to a war that has plagued the universe for eons, you've done so much to aid not only the Autobots, but us as well by healing us. They are your family, and shall accept you, no matter if you are no longer human, or are in an intimate relationship with me." Megatron assured, using a hand to gently pet Jack's hair. The teen smiled before turning to sit sideways in the holoforms lap.

His hands wound around the holoform's neck, and he rested his head in the crook of Megatron's neck. His hair lightly tickled the sensitive nodes, and made Megatron shiver slightly. Chuckling, Jack settled in, deciding that a nap would be nice.

?, Jack's POV

I laughed, ducking away from Soundwave's holoform and running off.

I liked the place Megs had chosen to meet the 'bots at. It was a wide, grassy plain next to a rocky beachside that led to the ocean. When we'd arrived, I'd convinced Soundwave to play tag with me, a fun game to do with him despite it being a little kids game (A/N: No offence intended people, I love tag even though I suck at it!).

"C'mon 'Wave! I know you can do better then that!" I teased, dodging once again.

Megatron chuckled as he watched us, and I grinned up at him before running and jumping down onto the rocky beach (My techno-organic armor summoned and protecting my feet).

I ran down to the edge of the water, turning to watch Soundwave pick his way through the large boulders the sat at the rim of the beach. I laughed when Soundwave hesitated at the sand before remembering he was using his holoform, and in no danger of getting sand in his joints.

I ran off down the beach, Soundwave on my heels.

3rd POV

The Autobot's stepped into the clearing, humans following them as well.

Before them stood Megatron, Knockout, Starscream, Dreadwing and several vehicon seekers. Soundwave was sitting, back against a tree and optics dim, showing that his holoform was somewhere. But Jack was nowhere in sight.

Optimus moved forward, stopping when he was much closer, yet at a safe distance as well. The other 'bots went to stand next to the Prime, ready to protect their other human charges.

Everyone was shock when Megatron smiled.

Not a predatory smirk or a despicable grin, a real, kind smile.

"Optimus. I am glad to see you came." The warlord said, nodding to the Prime in greeting.

"Megatron. Where is Jack?" Optimus asked, warily watching Megatron. The 'con smiled again, chuckling.

"He and Soundwave went farther up, playing that human game called...what was it? Tag." He replied, earning surprised and untrusting glances.

Megatron was about to reassure that Jack was fine when a voice called from behind him.

"Hey Megs! Are they here?"

Megatron turned, smiling and chuckling as a black and white armored form ran towards him. Soundwave stood, holoform now deativated.

"Yes, they just arrived." Megatron replied, moving slightly so that the metalic figure could see the 'bots, who were shocked to hear Jack's voice come from the armored being.


The armor receeded away, revealing Jack to the 'bots and his human friends.

The 'bots and humans couldn't believe what they saw.

Jack stood around 6"2', his hair slightly spikey and long, pulled back with a silver colored hair tie. A smile lit his face as he ran towards them.


The teen first hugged Miko, Raf and his mom, holding them tightly as his mother sobbed in relief and both Raf and Miko tried to ask a thousand questions at once.

Jack then released them and turned to Arcee, who stared at him with wide optics. He smiled softly.

"Hey 'Cee." He said quietly.

The femme reached forward, grabbing the techno-organic and hugging him close.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again, partner." She murmured.

Jack laughed gently rubbing a hand on her arm plates.

"I'll try not to."

Jack gave his last greetings to the other 'bots, then ran over to Megatron and the 'cons.

"Come on Megs, hurry up!" He said, rapping his knuckles against the 'con's shin plating.

The 'bots were shocked at how Jack could so simply go up to the wartlord and call him 'Megs'. Megatron chuckled, nodding and picking up Jack, setting the teen on his shoulder, he then moved forward to Optimus.

"Well then, let us finally a bring an end to this war, shall we?"

2 Months later, Autobot Base, Jack's POV

I snickered as Megatron entered our shared quarters within Autobot base. He looked weary, and slightly fearful.

"How'd it go?" I asked as he lay on the berth and his holoform appeared.

Megatron sighed, sitting next to me and wrapping and arm around my shoulders.

"I'm begining to think you want your partner to kill me." He replied sourly. I laughed.

"Nah, but you should've told them earlier, instead of waiting for 'Bee to walk in on us while kissing." I replied, stuffing the datapad in my hand back into my bag.

Megatron chuckled before laying down, pulling me down with him and hugging me to his chest.



I chuckled, snugling closer to the warm holoform.

Everything was alright now. The war was over, the universe safe for any Cybertronian, and the best part was...

I had Megatron as my sparkmate.

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