Another fail fanfic from me –sulks-

Mukuro: kufufu stupid woman

She breathed in deeply of Patchouli oil leaning back in the tub. Her eyes were closed and her muscles began to relax. Tonight was the night she thought to herself and she wanted it to be perfect. She ran her hand up to her breast caressing it absent mindedly as her mind wandered on what tonight would entail. She pinched her nipple smiling at the delicious sensation it caused. She imagined it was his hands that rubbed over her body. His hands that slipped over her abdomen and lower. Her eyes closed as her fingers found her warmth.

Her breathing began to accelerate and her body heat rose. She slipped a finger inside herself stroking in and out in even thrusts. Her hips began to move in time with her fingers which in turn began moving faster. She could see him doing this to her. Her fantasy so intense it bordered on reality. She located her g-spot and began pressing and releasing. Her lips parted as she drew in her breath sharply. Then moan escaped her lips as her free hand began caressing her breast. She was completely lost in the sensations that soared throughout her body.

She couldn't think, couldn't breath, all she could do was feel. Her eyes remained closed and in her mind he was doing this to her. He was the one causing her body to arch and tremble as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. The hand on her breast tightened as her orgasm approached. Another moan emitted from her parted lips and her thumb and forefinger began pinching her nipple. Her fingers were thrusting urgently now and her head tilted back. Suddenly the pleasure reached the top and tumbled over. His name passed her lips as ecstasy overcame common sense.

Her body shuddered and spasms wracked her frame as her orgasm rushed through her. She floated slowly down and once again became aware of where she was. A smile curved her lips and she relaxed once more in the tub. She couldn't wait until tonight.

Two Hours Later…

"You look beautiful" he said is eyes burning a trail over her body. They slowly made their way back to hers and they twinkled suggestively. She smiled her body warming in his gaze. "Thank you, you don't look to shabby yourself" his smile grew and he offered her his arm. "kufufu, then shall we?" She nodded and accepted his arm. They entered the restaurant and she glanced around. It wasn't overly fancy but nice nonetheless.

They were led to one of the more private booths in the back where they sat across from one another. Her gaze was captivated by his and the looks he was sending her. All made of heat, there was no other way to describe them. Desire burned brightly in his eyes and she knew that he was thinking about later. She couldn't blame him, it was the only thing on her mind as well.

She smiled politely at the waited when he arrived to take their orders. They both ordered and the waiter nodded and hurried to place their orders. "How was your day babe?" she shrugged smiling innocently "Lonely" his eyebrows raised in a question "lonely?" she nodded her smile growing playful "no one was there to keep me company." She giggled softly. He leaned towards her his gaze heated, "well it will be my pleasure to keep you company tonight. That is if you want me to."

His eyes widened slightly because her foot was slowly but surely traveling up his leg. "really? Well believe me I want you … to keep me company that is." Her foot stopped only inches from the crotch of his pants and her eyes twinkled mischievously. He cleared his throat "Behave(y/n)." She pouted "you know I'm not good at that" then she did something that completely shocked him. She slipped under the table cloth and under the table where she proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants.

"What do you think your doing?" she heard him say. "Nothing" she replied giggling softly. She reached into his pants and pulled out his member and was pleased to see it was already erect and ready for excitement. Her hand stroked him gently as she explored the velvety texture of his manhood. Her tongue flicked out barely touching the head. She heard him mutter something under his breath that sounded like "Damndable women." But she ignored him and gave all of her attention to that task at hand.

Her tongue found him again licking from the base of his penis to the very tip then down the other side. His legs twitched and his hips moved of their own accord. She smiled a moment then took him into her mouth. Her right hand stroked the base while she took as much as she could into her mouth and drew away very slowly. One of his hands tangled itself in her hair.

She sucked him in again this time deeper. He bumped the back of her throat then she withdrew once again slowly. She heard the waiter return and ask where she had gone. "kufufufu,not your business" he said his voice overly husky. She didn't hear the waiters reply but she heard him leave. She giggled softly the sound vibrating over his penis and he twitched again.

She once again sucked him deep but this time he felt himself slide down her throat. The tightness around him was incredible and when she swallowed it was as if she were milking his member. He had to bite his lip to keep from groaning. She began moving him in and out of her mouth faster and the hand in her hair tightened. His hips were thrusting helplessly now and without meaning to his eyes were closed. Suddenly his orgasm hit him and stream after stream of hot liquid entered her mouth and proceeded down her throat.

When she was done she climbed out from under the table careful not to mess up her hair. She sat down across from him smiling naughtily. She noticed an old woman was looking at her weird. She turned her smile to the old woman and purposely wiped her mouth with a napkin. The woman glowered then turned back to her food. Chuckling she turned her attention back to him. He was just sitting there looking at her. "What?" she asked innocently.

He just shook his head and began eating his dinner. "I told you I wasn't good at behaving" she said a smile still lingering on her lips. He smiled then "kufufu, I wasn't complaining" he said. They ate in silence but both knew what the other one was thinking. Tonight…

One Hour Later…

They sat in the car now neither of them talking as he drove. "So where are we going?" she asked softly. He glanced at her a smile still lingering on his lips. "well I knew you would want some privacy and we didn't really have a place that is completely private for the entire night so.." he pulled into a parking lot then. "I rented a hotel room" she looked at him in surprise then up at the hotel. "You didn't have to do that" she said completely stunned. "I know but I wanted us to be alone, really alone" he exited the car and opened her door for her. She accepted the hand he offered smiling feeling suddenly shy.

When the arrived at the room she smiled in delight. There were flowers littering the room. On a table there was chilled wine and beside the wine was an assortment of treats. Strawberries, pastries, even whip cream was set up. The only lighting in the room was the candles he had lit. They produced a romantic glow that a light bulb could never accomplish.

She turned back to face him "You didn't have to go to all this trouble you know" but her eyes glowed with her happiness at this gesture. "I know I didn't but your worth it, that's all I can say" he knew he had said the right thing because she suddenly closed the distance between him and pressed her lips to his. The kiss was soft and tender but held an undercurrent of suppressed desire that was fighting for release.

He gently and reluctantly pulled away his eyes dark with promise. Then he turned towards the table. When he turned back around he held two glasses of pre-chilled wine. She accepted her glass and took a healthy drink to calm her nerves. The taste filled her sense and a warmth seeped throughout her body. He was watching her intently and her gaze became riveted by his.

She said the first thing that came to her mind "What are you thinking?" he chuckled the sound causing anticipation to unfurl within her. "I'm thinking about how much I want you. Beneath me, on top of me. I'm thinking about how much I want to feel your legs wrapped around my hips as you scream in ecstasy. I'm thinking how beautiful you will look with your hair spread out upon a pillow your body arching into mine. And now I'm thinking that if you don't stop looking at me like that then I'm going to prove all those things to you right now."

She felt her knees quiver as his game became liquid fire. His words caused a her fire to flare and desire to well up inside of her. Her senses were on overload, her breathing was accelerating and she was sure she was about to melt right there. He reached up tracing her lips with one of his fingers. "I want you so badly I can taste it" he brought that finger to his lips slowly his gaze holding hers.

She could take this anymore, she was going up in flames. She turned and slowly set her wine on the table. Her mind was set of her task and as she grew lost in his eyes she knew that this was right. She pressed against him her arms around his waist. For a moment she just rested her head on his chest savoring this feeling of being loved, of being wanted and protected. His arms tightened around her, he seemed content just to hold her like this, but she wasn't content. She wanted him to much at the moment.

She tilted her head up her gaze once more locking with his. Her ran his fingers through her hair and her eyes closed her skin tingling under his fingers. His gaze drifted down to her lips which in turn trembled and parted. There was a moment of tension then he best down and claimed her lips in a soft kiss. As sweet and gentle as the kiss was it held a great deal of leashed passion by a sheer thread. His lips claimed hers again and again his hand gently holding the back of her head the other rested on her waist.

His kisses intensified and her world tilted on it's axis. A shudder passed through her body as she kissed him back with equal passion. Her hands gripped his shoulders and a soft moan escaped her mouth and his arms swept her up hard against him. It was a good thing he held on tight because her knees grew weak and gave again. He held her up as if she weighed nothing his mouth ravaging hers.

He swept her up walking towards the bed his lips never leaving hers. Her thought process was a wreck and her breathing sounded harsh to her ears. He gently laid her down and leaned back his eyes lost in hers. Her lips were swollen and red from his kisses and she felt thoroughly ravished and yet completely ravenous. He pulled his shirt over his head her gaze went to his chest. She licked her lips wanting so badly to run her hands all over his chest, to taste him, to drive him wild with desire. She had never felt these urges before and she reveled in the awakening of such base urges.

He lowered himself beside her and gathered her close to him. Then he proceeded to give her one of the most erotic open-mouthed kiss of her life. His hand roamed over her back as his kisses continued. Her thought process shut down and all she could think about was this man and the way he made her feel. She never wanted this night to end. He reached around and unzipped the back of her dress. She shivered as his fingers brushed bare skin

He gently pull the straps off her should his lips caressing the skin there. His hands traveled down her arms taking the straps with them and soon she was bare from the waist up except for her lace strapless bra. His lips had traveled down her shoulders to her chest. He placed soft kissed on the skin between her breasts as his hands reached around and unclasped her bra. He tossed it to the end of the bed and gazed down at her chest for a moment. "your beautiful(y/n)" he murmured before claiming her lips in one of his soul destroying kisses once again.

His lips left hers only to blaze a trail down her neck nibbling and kissing along the way. When he sucked softly and followed that with a small bite she moaned her pleasure. His lips traveled over her throat then downwards towards her chest. Her back arching in anticipation but he seemed to be in no hurry. He kissed and licked slowly towards the peeks. Making sure to adorn every inch of skin with his lips.

Finally after much teasing his lips and tongue found her nipple. She immediately moaned arching into his mouth. He licked circles around her nipples nibbling the crests before quickly soothing them with his tongue. Fire raced throughout her body and she was sure she was about to die from the pleasure.

He slowly pushed her dress lower until it slid over her hips and to the foot of the bed. His lips left her breast and took her mouth in a passionate kiss filled with promise of the things to come. His hand traveled slowly south teasing her breast momentarily then heading lower. It lingered on her stomach tracing circles as it continued very slowly down. She moved restlessly against him "Please" was all she could say and she wasn't even sure what she begged for. She just knew that if she didn't get it soon she would be nothing but a pile of ash.

His hand drifted to the place between her legs brushed against her inner thigh. He ended a kiss so that he could gaze down at her. Her eyes were heavy lidded with passion and her lips were parted as she breathed in sharply. He grinned at her and her heart did a flip within her chest. Then out of no where he brought his hand to the place that craved it the most. He cupped her firmly but didn't move his hand just rested it there.

Her hips moved impatiently, she could feel the heat of his hand through her underwear and it was driving her crazy. His fingers began to curl ever so slowly pressing the fabric of the underwear into her. She bit her lip to keep from moaning. "Please" she said again reaching out for him, she needed to feel him inside her. His eyes met hers and she almost gasped at the heat and fire that flared within him.

He licked a path up to her lips where he kissed her with all he had. Her hands tangled themselves in his hair as she arched against him. "I need you" she whispered brokenly her body craving his. Soon his pants were discarded and they were laying skin to skin. His hands were everywhere, inside and out. His breathing was harsh and his body hard as a rock.

His kisses became urgent as he parted her legs with his knee. Their gazes met and held, intense emotions radiating between them. He was the one, her first and she couldn't be happier. He rubbed his member over her lips moistening himself with her juices. Then he positioned his self at her entrance and she knew that the time had come. She forced herself to relax as he began to push it. She moaned at the pressure and tensed when she felt pain.

He stopped when he felt her tense giving her a moment to adjust to his invasion. "Are you ok?" he asked his eyes concerned. She nodded her eyes lost in his. She placed her hands on his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist as sign of surrender and trust. He groaned softly then began to push deeper. He began a rocking motion each thrust bringing him deeper within her. Her gaze never left him, she knew she would always remember this night. He was all the way inside her now and the feeling of being filled, of being possessed by this man overwhelmed her.

Then all thought fled as he began to thrust. He started out slowly, pulled out until just the head remained then pushing himself slowly back in. The pain had receded replaced by a minor soreness and something else. Something she couldn't name, she only knew that if he stopped she would surely expire. The sensation continued to build and she reached for something elusive.

He was thrusting easily now and picked up the pace, yet he was still careful not to hurt her. His breathing grew harsher and his hips churned faster. Their bodies strained together in a dance as old as time. Sweat mingled between the too and minds raced towards completion. Her head tilted back and her body met him thrust for thrust.

The feelings escalated and her moans became more pronounced. She couldn't breath, couldn't think. Her nails dug into his shoulders and her legs tightened around her hips. Their bodies were a writhing mass of feelings, pleasure and pain all in one. The pleasure builds… and builds… then it hits her. An explosion of light behind her closed eyes. Ecstasy rushes through her along with a feeling of relief. "Cum for me" she whispered in his ear.

Her whispered command is all the encouragement he needs. With one last hard thrust he stiffened and shuddered a groan issuing from his lips. The room is silent except for the moans of wonder and fulfillment coming from the two as one. Slowly they both float down from the cloud they were on and their gaze once more met.

He kissed her lips tenderly and stroked her hair as his breathing returned to normal. "kufufu,Was it good for you?" he asked with a huge smirks. Her heart swelled and she kissed him savoring the moment. "It was perfect" she said. His smile turned mischievous "That's all? I think I can do better then that" and he proceeded to show her that he indeed could, and would… all night long!