After your cute messages and PMs, I decided to give you a little smutty/fluffy Epilogue. Hope you like it!

Just wanna the end is inspired by a story of Mario Benedetti called "Vaivén" ("swing").


It was easy letting their hands explore former territory. They knew the places proficient of eliciting the most exquisite sounds. Gasps, moans, even giggles and sighs. His hand made their way to her waist, loving how tiny she was; her mouth encouraged him to follow his instincts by capturing his upper lip and sucking it slightly.

They walked, tangled as they were, towards the bedroom, to tumble on the unmade bed. He would make it later, he had said; but there they were, getting undressed between the messy sheets, tossing each garment to the floor.

"This is gonna be your bed from now on," his voice was husky while curling his arms around her belly and she giggled.

"It is. I like it"

"You do?" he was playful while squeezing her softly.

"Yeah," her reply came out more of a breath when feeling his lips closing on her nape and his lower body pressing on her behind.

He had no idea how they had got to be laying like that. Probably because Emma had been teasing him and trying to get rid of his grip. But, oh no, she wouldn´t. He caressed the bare skin of her tummy and a little higher where her breasts were and her chin lowered. It felt good, so good to be touched like that; so gently, lovingly and yet with such desire.

"I love when you hold me like that," was her whisper when the gap between their bodies disappeared and Will grasped her securely.

"Like this?"

"Yes, it´s so hot… to feel you like this"

He let out an imperceptible chuckle and pressed harder on her butt, while pillowing her head on his upper arm. "You´re so beautiful," he coiled one of her ginger locks with his fingers, playing with it and let his free one to fall in front of her hips, to that patch of skin where he knew she would moan if he touched it, "And lace suits you so well…."

Emma breathed jaggedly and bucked forward on his hand, and he bucked forward on her ass, trapping her so seductively she gasped and looked at him above her shoulder. Her eyes were hooded, dark, and yet beautifully sparkling. "I love you. I´m…," her hips waved again, "I´m so in love with you."

"So am I," he slid his palm through her underwear and she shifted in her place, allowing him to remove it.

The warm of his fingers never ceased on her and she captured his lower lip again, "Mmm, Will…"

"Yeah, baby?" he felt the seam of sweat forming on his chin, behind his knees, on his neck. She was on fire.

"Feels so good…"

"Does it?" he teased as he heated her nub of nerves, making sure to run across then and moist her completely.

"I want you," her pants were low while her hand flew to his behind to slip his boxers down; but couldn´t conceal the desperation in her voice, "I want you so much. M-make love to me. Please, make love to me."

"Like this?" slowly he entered, pressing himself fully on her tiny back and Emma mirrored his actions.

"Oh, yes… Like that," she moaned and swayed her hips leisurely, and he groaned when feeling her completely.

Spooning sex. It was mind-blowing. They had never done it before. It was hot; different. He had never noticed how perfectly her back was defined until that afternoon.

Emma linked one of her hands with the one resting on her head. Her breathing was labored, heavy, turning into sharp pants after every passing second, every time he drove in her. It was the most excruciating rhythm they had caught before. Slow, sensual, silent, focused. They would be together; they stared and panted; they would be together. It became faster, intense, slightly frantic and Will growled holding her hip with his free hand. He pushed harder, partially letting his chest to hover over her and Emma moaned, burying her face in the pillow. He was hitting that spot; that spot he knew so well how to find.

"Will.. Oh goodness…," he was throbbing inside her, ramming faster.

"Emma…," his voice was hoarse on the shell of her ear.

Her name rolling out of his mouth caused Emma to toss her head around to meet his eyes; his beautiful, tender, hazel eyes. Their lips crushed instantly. The angles of her mouth couldn´t possibly provide him more perfect access. It was wide, and welcoming and so wet he could do nothing but to push harder.

"Ughh…," she whined breaking the kiss when feeling him move inside her, "Oh Will…"

"Oh my god, you´re perfect," he captured her lips again, skating his tongue inside her, brushing her teeth, her palate, twirling with her excited flesh. He enveloped her whole body, grasping, clutching every delicious portion of skin he could reach. Her hips, her legs, anything; he wanted Emma just for himself, forever. "You´re gonna be with me," he was possessive as thrusting harder and she arched and nodded, biting her lip hard, so hard she feared it could draw blood, "You´ll be just mine"

"Yes…Oh yes, Will…, " she was rocking wildly, stealing kisses every time the air was enough, "More, Will…," she was tempestuous, passionate, "Oh my G-God, I love you. I love you so much", she was whining; the intensity of the moment was overwhelming and felt her insides clutching around him.

"Em… Em, love," he couldn´t hold out much longer; her tremors were pushing him to the edge and she came, writhing beneath him and he came moments later as watching her expression relax and her eyelids closing in ecstasy.

Their humid breaths mixed and he kissed her passionately, bringing her to rest on him. She was still panting and silence fell upon them.

His fingers stroked the soft skin of her lower belly. It was smooth and warm.

"You don´t have a scar from Andy´s birth," he observed tracing slow patterns on her immaculate abdomen.

"No… It was a natural birth"

"You never told me about it," he was obsessed with the whole idea of pregnant Emma.

"There´s not much to tell….It was a regular pregnancy," she smiled on his pec and planted a light kiss there.

"And you? How were you?"

"I was fine… you saw me the first months… I was moody," she giggled, "And had cravings all the time. I wanted peanut butter at any minute of the day. I spent the last semester eating that. And that was exactly how I looked at the end of the whole process…," there was curiosity in his eyes, "like a peanut butter jar"

Will burst out into laughter, "I doubt you looked like that… and even if you did I bet you were a beautiful jar," he was always sweet and she snuggled into his chest, "You know, you could have come seen me… Can´t resist peanut butter… I always have it in my fridge. Are you sure there wasn´t a glutton mini-me inside you? Stealing all the peanut butter?"

She sniggered softly and added low, "I wished it once"


"I wished it was your kid I was expecting"

He sat up, bringing her with him, "Emma…," his heart hammered so hard in his chest; he feared she would heard it.

"I wondered what would you have done if I told you I was having your baby," her cheeks burned and he felt them on his skin, "You´re gonna think I don´t love Andy, but I do with all my heart-"

"I know you do-"

"But I wanted him to be yours…"

"Emma…," he could only keep repeating her name.

"I wished he would look like you"

He kissed her so passionately, she melted in his arms, while whispering his name and falling back on the bed.

"I wanted to bear your children."

"I want you to be the mother of my children," she smiled; a warm, shy, loving smile lines her lips, "We could, Em. We could do anything you want"

"I want to be with you."

"We could do that."

"I want to marry you."

"We could do that too."

"And I want to hum in your ear until you fall asleep. And I want to wake up next to you for every day from now on. And I want to make you feel good and help you grow, and spend time with you in any way, I don´t care," the mumbling wouldn't stop, "And then I want you to get me pregnant. And I want to give you a curly kid with brown eyes. And I want to make love to you until I have no more strength."


"Can we do that?"

"Yes… yes, Em…," all his body rested across her length, "But for now, I´d say we start with last thing you mentioned"

She giggled, "And then we can keep doing that?"

His voice was playful, "I think…," a kiss on her jaw line, a tickle on her belly, "You´re gonna be asking me to stop soon"

"I think… I would never ask you such thing"


The darkness of the dune casted her eyes; the roughness of the ocean did the same with his. They were the same as before, printed with time and life, with experience and death, only forty years had elapsed.

"Can´t you sleep?" it was 2 am in the morning and she was sweet while asking, resting her head on her palm.

"I don´t think I want to sleep," he moved closer; the sheet had fell from her body on that summer night. The veteran brushed a snowy strand of hair that used to be ginger and Emma smiled when his hand caressed her cheek. There were no pores, only wrinkles and yet softness and warmth. He took a moment to contemplate the wreck havoc time had left on his body. The slacken belly, the excess skin of his chin, the weakness of his knees.

"You´re so beautiful, Will," she was looking at him so intensely, still finding the young man she always loved. Maybe he had misheard, but she spoke again, "always will be."

The wrinkles around her eyes, the fallen cheeks, and the slackness of her neck failed when trying to make her look deplorable. Their fingers found each other; not the same fingers forty years ago. They were bonny, and slightly rougher. But they fitted as perfectly as every time and they watched their interlocked hands as watching and old and familiar landscape. Recalling old times, they realized that passion now was the legendary, the normal corollary of an ancient passion; just there, their chests engorged and he leaned forward to kiss her. She smiled in to the kiss and moved closer.

"I can´t believe you´re so beautiful," his vocal cords were jagged after years of teaching, "I can´t believe you´re with me."

"I love you"

"I love you too, Em." He fell asleep minutes after, holding her aged body while she clutched on his skinny arms. They were the same; they would always be the same.

A/N: I just want to thank everyone for the encouraging words. They meant a lot, especially when having some hard time with certain people regarding this story not being a Wemma fic. I ALWAYS write Wemma. Always will. It was amazing having your support when taking a chance with this plot; I can´t hardly begin to describe how thankful I am. Really. THANK YOU. And thanks to Nicole, for helping me with this. I bet it wasn´t that good if it wasn´t for her amazing contribution.