There's really not much to say here. I'm clearly on an Austin & Ally kick. I've still got at least three more one-shots planned (all of them Auslly in nature). So, um, I hope you guys are prepared for them haha.

The inspiration for this from listening to The Butterfly Song way too many times. And because I read way too much into things. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Austin knows something is wrong when his mother, who has never even met Ally before, calls him and tells him to get over to Sonic Boom immediately and that she'll see him in a few days (it's this last part that confuses him the most-his mother hasn't mentioned having any travel plans and, as far as he knows, he doesn't either.) When he asks why he needs to rush over to the store (truth be told, he was on his way there anyways), his mother replies with a simple, "It's Ally."

That's all he needs to hear. He hangs up his phone before his mother can even finish explaining what has happened and speeds the rest of the way to store. He's not a particularly religious person but he asks everyone and everything he knows for Ally to be okay because he's not really good at handling emergencies and panicking (or decisions, but he doubts this will have much to do with him making decisions). When he makes it to Sonic Boom, however, he finds that everything is perfectly normal. The store is, perhaps, a bit busier than normal, but he doesn't see any sign of the emergency he heard in his mother's voice.

"Hey." He walks up to his partner turned best friend and when she looks up at him he can immediately see what's wrong.

She's pale, well paler than normal (as she's always been a touch on the light side) and Austin's jaw drops as he takes in her disheveled appearance. "Whoa. You look like death!"

Her eyes narrow and he realizes that perhaps that wasn't the best thing to say (but then, he's always been a speak first, think later sort of guy). He holds up his hands in surrender. "Are you okay?" He tries for more tactful this time.

She seems to literally deflate as he asks this and he realizes with a shock that, while the rest of her is shockingly pale, her face is bright red. "I'm fine." She sounds anything but fine to Austin though. "It's just a stupid cold."

As soon as she finishes talking, however, she is wracked by such a violent coughing fit that he's actually a little concerned she might cough up blood. Or a lung. He pulls hand from her mouth as soon as she's finished (half to catch her attention and half to check for blood. Or a lung.) "You're not fine, Ally." He informs her and he surprises them both by sounding stern. "Now go up stairs. I'll take care of the customers that are here and then take you home."

She shakes her head, but it's weak and they both know she wants nothing more than to listen to him. "No. There's no one here to look after the store. I can't just-"

"Ally!" Austin steps behind there counter, trapping her between himself and the cash register, "I know you're dad is out of town at that convention, but the store will be fine if you close it for a few days. Besides," He adds as she doubles over from another coughing fit. "You can't work if you're like this."

She glares at him for a few minutes, but he straightens himself until he's as tall as possible (he's always towered over her, and this time he's using it to his advantage) and glares right back. Finally she sniffles and her whole body slumps forward as she rest her forehead against his chest. "Okay." Her voice is slightly muffled by his shirt, but Austin smiles all the same.

"Good." He steps back and points up stairs. "Now go rest. I'll come get you when everyone is gone."


"Thanks!" Austin calls as the last customer takes their leave. "Come see us again!" He grins happily and locks the main doors. It had taken longer than he had expected to clear out the store, but at least now he can take Ally home and take care of her.

"Ally." He calls as he opens the practice room door. "I'm finished. Let's head-" He stops at the sight of her curled up on the floor, her head resting on one of the chairs, and sound asleep.

"Nevermind." He smiles gently down at the sleeping girl before carefully picking her up and cradling her against him. "Let's get you home.


He puts Ally to bed, making sure that he's got tissues and a bowl (just in case) near her bed for when she wakes up. He makes his way downstairs and turns on the TV, making sure to keep it low enough that he can hear if Ally wakes up. He spends about an hour like that until Ally's phone suddenly goes off. He sees that it's Trish so he picks it up, holding to his ear.

"Guess who got a job at the sunglasses store!" Her voice sings out before he can even answer.

"Sunny's Shades? Sweet!" He grins. There's a pair of sunglasses there that he's had his eye on a Trish's employee discount could definitely come in handy.

"Austin?" His friend sounds confused. "Where's Ally? And why is Sonic Boom closed?"

Austin sighs, sprawling himself even further out over the Dawson's couch. "She's really sick. I made her close the store early and took her home."

"You left her home by herself?"

"What? No!" He's offended that she would even think that and can hear the defensiveness in his own voice. "I would never do that. I'm here now."

"I'll be over in ten minutes." Trish informs him, hanging up the phone before he can argue with her.

Almost ten minutes later exactly, the Dawson's doorbell rings and Austin moves to get up from the couch. His feet barely hit the floor before the door bursts open and Trish bursts in, a very stylish pair of shades resting on her head. "Where's Ally?" She asks.

Austin gestures to the stairs. "She's in her room. Sleeping peacefully. Why-"

Before he can finish his question, Trish brushes past him and makes her way up the stairs. "Hey!" Austin calls out as he follows her. "What are you doing?" He plants himself between Trish and Ally's door. "You're going to wake her up."

Trish rolls her eyes and pushes him lightly out of the way before opening the door. He follows her into the room and they both stop short as they see Ally curled in a ball, clearly not sleeping as peacefully as Austin had suspected. He rushes over to her and gently shakes her awake. "Ally? Ally-cat?"

She looks up at him through half closed eyes. "Mommy?" She whispers, clearly still half asleep. She sounds so small and fragile that it nearly breaks Austin's heart. "It's me Ally. It's Austin. I'm here." He grabs her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Go back to sleep, Ally. Everything's okay."

The words barely leave his mouth before she's already fast asleep again. This time more peacefully. Austin settles down on the floor beside her bed, her hand still clasped in his. He turns his head to face Trish who is smirking at him. "Okay, I thought she was sleeping peacefully. It's just a cold. How was I supposed to know it was going to affect her this badly?"

Trish's smirk falls off her face and she joins Austin on the floor, resting her back against Ally's bed. "Ally hardly ever gets sick." She says after a moment. "So when she does, it really wipes her out. She can barely function, even if it's just a cold."

Austin looks back up at his best friend. "Poor Ally."

Trish nods. "Yeah and these are the only times she ever wants her mom."

Austin turns to face his other friend once more. "What happened to her? Ally's mom."

The petite girl sighs, brushing back some of her curly hair. "It's not really my place to talk about it." She sees Austin face fall at her words. "But Ally will tell you someday. I know she will."

"Yeah, sure." He doesn't mean to sound bitter, honestly. But Ally is one of the most important people in his life (slowly creeping up to the position of most important) and he hates that there are these big things he doesn't know about her. That she won't talk to him about.

"It's true!" Trish admonishes gently. "You're one of the most important people in the world to Ally and she trusts you completely. You just need to give her time."

"Uh-huh." He can't help but sound disbelieving. "That's why she can't even tell me why her mom isn't around or why she has stage fright."

Trish sighs. "Look." She says finally. "I know Ally trusts you. You want to know why?" Austin cocks his head to the side and looks over at her. "Because you're the only person she sings in front of."

Austin looks taken aback by this. "What?"

"Ally doesn't sing in front of anyone. But she sings with you all the time. You're the only person she's comfortable opening up that side of herself with. And you know what a big deal her music is to her. So you've got to be able to see how much that must mean she trusts you. Even her dad and I haven't heard her sing since-" She clamps her mouth shut, as if just realizing that she was about to say something she shouldn't have.

Austin can't even be upset that she cut herself off right before revealing whatever it is that had caused Ally's stage fright. He also can't fight off the dopey smile that slides across his face at Trish's words. "Are you jealous?"

Trish shoots him a look, but her eyes soften after a moment. "Kind of. I mean, you're awesome and I really like you, you know as a friend, but it's been almost eight years since I've heard my best friend sing and you come along and get her to break down her walls in the course of a week."

Austin's pretty sure he's got what has to be the goofiest looking smile on his face right now, but he can't be bothered to care. Trish's words have sent a warmth spreading through his chest and he squeezes the sleeping Ally's hand subconsciously, his gaze lingering on her sleeping face. Trish smirks at this action, but he doesn't notice it. "It's just like The Butterfly Song." She tells him.

He tears his gaze away from Ally and faces Trish with a quizzical look. "Huh?"

Trish gestures vaguely towards their friend. "Ally can seem so small and shy that sometimes you don't realize, or forget, the incredible things she's capable of."

"Like the caterpillar!" Austin's face brightens up as understanding settles upon him.

"Yeah." Trish nods. "And you," she looks pointedly at the blonde singer, "you and your friendship are kind of like her cocoon." He's starting to look confused again, so she elaborates. "You're bringing her out of her shell. Transforming her into this outgoing and much happier Ally Dawson. And someday, it's going to break open and she's going to be this amazing butterfly."

He understands Trish's metaphor (mostly because Ally sat down and explained metaphors to him after the whole "goose" fiasco) and he can't stop the happiness that bubbles up inside of him, breaking to the surface in the form of another ridiculously dopey grin. "Wait." His grin falters as her choice of words sinks in. "Break? You think Ally and I will stop being friends."

Trish gives him a look he can't decipher before smirking at him again. "Something like that."

Austin turns to face Ally and his smile is suddenly back in place. "Well, as long as it helps Ally, it will be worth it." He brushes some hair out of her face as his smile softens and he completely misses the knowing grin that Trish is shooting them.

"It's funny." Austin turns back to face his friend when she speaks. "She didn't even know you in kindergarten, but she was already writing music about the two of you."

He shrugs. "It must just be a coincidence."

"I don't know." Trish raises her eyebrow at him and smirks again. "That sounds like destiny to me."

Austin feels his face flush at the suggestion, but he grins despite the redness in his cheeks. "Maybe you're right Trish."

"Well." Trish stands up, dusting herself off, "it's look like you've got everything under control here."

"You're leaving?" Austin is slightly confused by her sudden change in attitude. Not even twenty minutes ago she had almost knocked down the Dawson's front door in order to get to her friend.

"Yeah, well, my fifteen minute break ended," she checks her watch, "about an hour ago, so I should probably head back. Besides," She grins at him, "she's in good hands."

Austin shakes his head, laughing silently at his friend and her questionable work ethic. He pulls his phone from his pocket and calls his mother, requesting a few different changes of clothes (he gets why she said she'd see him in a few days. She clearly knows him, and knows that he would never leave his best friend sick and home alone). He remembers to ask her at the last second why she was even in Sonic Boom early that day. She laughs and tells him that she was shopping and wanted to stop by and say hello the famous Ally Dawson she'd heard so much about (she has the same tone of voice that Trish did when she'd been talking about what would happen to his and Ally's relationship, but he brushes it off).

He hangs up with his mother and thinks about destiny again, grinning. He shifts a little to get more comfortable and grabs his iPod from his jacket so that he has some music to listen to while he waits for Ally to wake up. He closes his eyes as the chords from his favorite song fill his ears, his heading falling back onto the bed behind him.

His eyes slowly drift close as he slips off into a peaceful sleep, lulled there by the music and warm feeling of his best friend's small hand still wrapped in his.

Well, tell me what you think. I wanted to try my hand at Trish's character (I have a one shot planned where I want to try writing Dez's character to). I really love the groups overall friendship, so I wanted to explore some of that too. I know this wasn't full out Auslly, but I thought the moment was sweeter this way.

Also, in my head cannon, Austin's mom totally knows, even if her son doesn't realize it quite yet.

Well let me know what you think! :)