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So, a bit about it. It's Rose/Scorpius centred, yet it has many other relationships throughout. I am obsessed with the Ron/Rose relationship (as is very obvious throughout the chapters I have written) and Ron/Hermione are my OTP so there's a bit of them as well. But it all centres around Rose/Scorpius.

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More To A Name

"Um...I was wondering...if Scorpius could stay with us for two weeks of the holidays?" Rose asked nervously. She watched her parents with apprehension. She had been planning this conversation for days now, trying to decide on the best path to take. She had decided the best way would be to ask straight out and hope for the best.

"Absolutely not," Ron answered instantly.

"Of course, he would be more than welcome," Hermione said at the same time.

Rose glared at Ron, folding her arms. "Why not?" she demanded. She had suspected that would be the answer, but it still made her angry.

Although Hermione didn't say anything, the look that she gave Ron made it clear that she wanted an answer to the same question.

"He-he's...a-" Ron began, at a loss for words. Like Rose, it appeared he wasn't expecting Hermione's response. He watched her in disbelief.

"He's a boy," Rose scowled, growing angrier by the minute. "Of course," she gave him a piercing gaze. "Couldn't have that now, could we?"

"No, he's a...Malfoy," Ron answered as if it were obvious. He turned to Hermione for support, but she said nothing.

"A Malfoy!" Rose shrieked, feeling angrier than before. "Is that really your excuse? He's a Malfoy? It doesn't matter that he has been my best friend since the first year, or that I have never asked him here before, because I know how you feel about his dad. Or that I have turned his many offers to spend holidays with him over the years down."

"Well, what's changed now?" Ron asked defiantly.

"His parents are going on a holiday by themselves and if he can't stay here, then he will have to spend the next two weeks with his cousins. And he really doesn't want to do that."

"He is more than welcome here," Hermione repeated, staying calm despite the argument she seemed to sense was coming. It wouldn't be the first time Rose had had disagreements with her dad over her choice of friends.

Ron gaped at Hermione. "You heard her, right? She wants to invite Scorpius Malfoy into our home. Malfoy," he added just to make sure she understood.

Hermione ignored him and continued to speak to Rose. "When will he be arriving?"


"In two days," Rose answered, pleased that at least one of her parents understood.

"Hey, I haven't agreed to this!" Ron interjected, looking grumpily from one to the other. "There is absolutely no way in the world I am letting anyone with the name Malfoy into my house. I don't care how friendly you are with him, Rosie. They're bad news."

Rose opened her mouth to argue, but Hermione cut in. "Scorpius is not his father," she said sternly.

"No, he's not!" Rose agreed hopefully. "He's sweet, he's caring and he's always there for me whenever I need him."

Ron was silent for a few moments, an internal debate apparently going through his head. Then he finally seemed to come to a decision, "Alright," he agreed. "I suppose he can stay, but he will be sharing a room with Hugo. And Hugo has to agree to it first, otherwise, it's not happening."

He looked pleased with this idea, like he knew he was going to win, but Rose and Hermione just smiled at each other. They knew Hugo was rather fond of Scorpius.

"I'd be happy to have someone else to talk to over the holidays," Hugo said, walking into the living room and answering the question before anyone could ask him. "And he knows a lot about Quidditch, too. Just as long as they don't start snogging while I'm around."

Ron rounded on Rose, his mouth slightly open in shock. "Snogging?" he asked.

Rose ignored the question. "So, Hugo's okay with it, then."

Hugo nodded.

"Yes, it seems so," Hermione added. "It looks like that is settled, then. Write to Scorpius right away and tell him of our decision."

Rose was delighted. She kissed her brother's cheek as a thank you (which he wiped away in disgust) and then danced up the stairs to her bedroom. The door shut with a light click.

Ron, who had ended on his feet in his determination to win the argument, sunk back into one of the armchairs, sighing. He went to question Hermione, but she shook her head, giving him a smug smile.

"It was your rule," she said.

Ron simply glared at her.


Dear Scor,

They said yes! Mum and dad agreed that you could stay with us while your parents are away. As expected, dad wasn't too thrilled, but mum was okay with it. She said you were more than welcome. You will be sharing a room with Hugo (that was dad's condition) so I hope you don't mind. Just bring your stuff around when you're ready. But I suggest knocking and not using the Floo Network, or Side Along Apparition. I don't think dad will take too kindly if you just appear in our house when he's not expecting it.

Can't wait to see you!

Love Rose.

Rose sealed the letter and attached it to her owl, Quinn's leg. He hooted and nipped her fingers affectionately. "Get it to Scor as soon as possible," she whispered before she took him to the window and watched him fly away in the direction of Scorpius' house.

She couldn't wait for him to arrive. Her best friend, her boyfriend, her everything. He was the one who was always there for her, the only one who could comfort her when she was upset. Words never had to be spoken between them; they just knew. Her dad would have to accept that they were in love eventually.

Her thoughts were distracted by a loud stomping up the stairs and moments later, Ron appeared in her doorway. He had a disgruntled look on his face. "There will be absolutely no kissing in this house," he said, making it clear it was not up for discussion. "Not from you."

Rose snorted. "As if I would while you're here, anyway," she said, laying down on her bed and staring at the ceiling where four candles bobbed gracefully in the air.

"So, you have kissed him before!" Ron exclaimed, infuriated.

"Well... we are together," Rose stated as if he should have known that, when in truth, she had never bothered to mention it to him.

Ron gaped. "You're what?" he asked quietly.

"We're together. We were for most of last year," Rose told him. "Anyway, what does it matter? You barely know him, you can't judge him. He's really sweet."

"He's a Malfoy," Ron emphasised. "You're a Weasley. Malfoys and Weasleys don't... interact."

For the first time, Rose looked at him, her eyes narrowing in anger. "Is that all you care about?" she asked. "A stupid name? You don't care about how I feel about him, do you? As long as it makes sense to you. You accuse the people like the Malfoys of being prejudiced against people like me, but really, it's you. You would have been ashamed if I hadn't been put in Gryffindor, wouldn't you? What would have you done if I had been placed in Slytherin? Would you really have 'disinherited' me? Would I have been an embarrassment to you? God forbid that a Weasley isn't in Gryffindor. Are you planning on disowning Dominique because she is in Hufflepuff, too?"

Ron didn't answer. He seemed to be lost for words.

Rose continued. "I get it, okay." Tears were rolling down her cheeks now. She had always been close to him, but Scorpius Malfoy was something they could never agree on and had caused plenty of tears over the years. "You and Scor's dad hated each other. He was horrible to you and mum, but he's not Scorpius. Things have changed. Scorpius is... different."

"Rosie... I'm not ashamed... never..."

"Just leave!" Rose cried. "Get out and leave me alone!" she buried her face into her hands, sobbing silently. She heard the door shut and then reopen moments later. She was embraced by warm, loving arms – her mother.

Rose cried into Hermione, who held her, stroked her hair and rubbed her back comfortingly. Neither of them said a word, the only sound being Rose's crying.

It felt like hours before she finally stopped and was greeted with an understanding smile from her mother. She wiped the tears away from her daughter's face and continued to stroke her hair.

"He hates me," Rose said. This was what she had been afraid of once she revealed her relationship with Scorpius to her parents. Fighting.

"No he doesn't," Hermione assured her. "He hates that you're growing up. He hates that you're not his little girl anymore. But he doesn't hate you, he loves you."

"I just want him to understand that I-I... love Scorpius. I really do."

Hermione kissed the top of her head. "He understands, but it doesn't mean he likes it. As far as he is concerned, nobody will ever be good enough for you. It doesn't matter whether they have the last name Malfoy or not. Nothing you can do will make him see things differently."

"But if it wasn't Scorpius, he wouldn't care," Rose said.

"Yes he would," Hermione promised. "He'd just find another reason to not like the boy you were interested in. But once he sees that Scorpius makes you happy, he will come around, because in the end, that is what he cares about. Your happiness. We both do."

"He does make me happy," Rose smiled. "Even if sometimes I wish he didn't."

"I know."

"Thanks for understanding."

Hermione held Rose close. "I understand that sometimes, no matter how hard you fight it, you can't help who you fall in love with."

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