This is my first story. so go easy on me please :)

We just finished band rehearsal for the performance tonight. I was pretty excited! I get a little bass solo in it!

"Hey what about we get some smoothies before the show tonight? I'll buy!" Zander asked.

"You guys can go! I got some…homework to do." Nelson said with a face that was pretty weird. We nodded and we left. I got a strawberry smoothie and the others got a combination of flavors. I went ahead of the group because I had to change for the show. I got out of the restroom and when I reached our band room. I heard the most beautiful melody. It was on piano. I took a peek and it was Nelson. Playing his heart out. I was in complete shock and dropped my bag of clothes. It made a noise enough for Nelson to know. He turned and saw me.

"Uhh…. How long have you been… uh…. standing there? He stuttered.

"Umm… long enough." I replied. "It had a beautiful melody! Did you compose that yourself?" I asked.

" Yeah, it's a… uh…. love song." He looked to the floor embarrassed. He looked suspicious.

"A long song aye…. Who is it for?" I asked curiously.

"Uhh… um… a girl…." He replied with a nervous voice. Before I could ask another question the others came laughing about the joke that Kevin said.

"Oh Hey guys what are you guys doing alone in here?" Kevin asked smiling about the joke he said.

"OH nothing much just practicing my piano skills" He said nervously and walked out of the room with his keyboard and some cords in hand. Still curious on whom the song is about. I followed after Nelson. I hurried to catch up to him. I saw him there sitting on the stage head down. I felt guilt that I asked him private questions. I sat next to him patting his back.

"I'm sorry Nelson. I shouldn't have asked you some personal questions." I said with a worried face.

"It okay." He sighed then got up and starting hooking up the cords to his keyboard. There was silence between us.

"Soo….umm I'm still curious on who it is…" I mentioned.

"Maybe I'll tell you if you give me your cellphone number." He smiled and punched me playfully and left the tell the others only 20 minutes until show time. We preformed and the crowd was screaming "Encore! Encore!" and so we did 'Only You Can Be You'. After we had a party in the band room only us five. After that we parted ways. I said bye to Kacey, Zander and Kevin. I caught up with Nelson because we both headed the same way.

"You still haven't gotten my number yet." I said sneaking up behind him.

"Woah sneak attack!" he screamed and tried to punch my shoulder. But I dodged. I handed him my cellphone number

"Here's my number. Why do you want my number?" I asked

"So I can't have someone to text and stuff." He smiled and ran away to his house. Before I knew it he was gone. I giggled and started walking home.