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"Your majesty," Jared looked up from the design plan for the slums restoration, and raised his eyebrow at the unfamiliar voice.

"Have we met?"

"Ah! Forgive me! I believe we were introduced in my gargoyle days. I had a companion.."

"Scree! I'd heard you were in a new form!" Abdizur chuckled "I had thought you looked familiar, you know it took about a day to recover the statue." Jared smirked as Abdizur rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"I apologize, the situation was... "

"Its alright friend, how is the hybrid?"

"Ah well the two hybrids found eachother in Mortalis, though the male is still recovering." Abdurzir grinned.

Jared sighed, "What a waste, if only she was pure."

"I doubt she would tolerate the climate long. Although she might approve the change in traditions."

"Yes well I feel we can control chaos with more law." Jared smiled with pride. Abdurzir smiled, then frowning he points to a building toward the left. Jared looks to where Abdurzir was pointing, then looked back with a look of confusion.

"Upon our visit that building was burned out,"

"Oh yes I remember, it was a tavern before my capture. I decided it would be of more use as a medical facility."

"Ah I see, it was hardly inviting as a pile of rubble. Your majesty I must say it was quite a shock to hear that you have yet to take a bride. Surely the women of this world are not fools?" Jared sighed. "They are not the fools I fear, I confess that none interest me. Gillina for example would make for a fine mate, but she is far too hardened and too serious. I fear that she would judge too quickly and that is not the kind of queen my people need."

"Surely there are others of nobility that suit you?"

Jared shook his head. "

Hmm well I must attend to another realm, but perhaps we can resume this conversation later?"

"Of course."

"Your eyes are intoxicating, I feel myself being.."

"Corrupted? Poisoned? I am not venomous, I feel offended by this little declaration of attraction."

Elizabeth was now at the age of marriage, so naturally she needs to entertain gentlemen of a certain agenda.

"Uh excuse me, I request an audience with her eminence."

"That voice, Let him in!" To her suitor she said simply:"we're done here." Reluctantly, the Wraith man left the audience chamber. On his way out he glanced at the one who dared cut short his audience after Months of waiting...only to go bug eyed in fear.

"Scree, I've missed you" Elizabeth rose from her chair and ran over to embrace Abdizur. Laughing he returned the hug,

"I've missed you as well. You've grown into quite a lovely young woman, I am very proud of you." Blushing Elizabeth let go of Abdizur and straightened her skirts.

"What brings you to my home," she gestures to a servant with glasses who then nods moving towards the pair. Accepting the glass, Abdizur was surprised when Elizabeth poured the wine herself.

"Thank you, to answer your question I have a proposition for you."

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