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"A proposition? I'm curious to hear it." Elizabeth sat down across from Abdizur, smiling at her glass.

"I could not help but notice your lack of interest in your swains, what might be their faults?"

Setting down her glass Elizabeth sighed, "You as well Scree?" Abdizur shook his head and looked softly into her eyes.

"I am merely making an observation, I apologize if I seemed to give off the impression of being yet another nagging advisor. No doubt you have plenty brisling on the matter."

"Indeed I do, but please tell me what this mysterious proposition is." She says leaning in with curiosity.

"Well to be quite honest, your grace is not the only ruler in this situation. Before making any decisions know this; he is neither a Wraith nor an ally to Chaos." Abdizur explains making Elizabeth raise a fine brow.

"Hm, What is his name?" She asks.

"His name is Jared, and may I also mention he is King of an entire Realm." He adds with a smirk. He cocks his head though when she sighs.

"Scree, that man whom I dismissed to see you is an heir to a very prestigious clan. Titles are of little interest to me save for when they are on books."

"Well put Milady, I'm actually quite relieved to hear you say that. It only proves my judgment in your ladyship's grace. That being said, would you care to meet this young man? I can assure you he is unlike any who have dared think themselves worthy of your time."

"Can he not come here?"

"I'm afraid that Jared is quite bound to his realm as of late."

"Very well, GARRETTE!" Elizabeth says loud enough for an advisor to hear from the far corner of the room.

"You summoned me?" He says after bowing before her.

"Fetch Rosina and Yvette, I will be going away on a private trip and will require their aid with preparations. I do not expect to be longer then a month but all the same, my home will need your guidance in my absence."

"Of course Milady, it will be my honor to perform these duties for you."

"Milady I recommend you dress warmly, and nothing white or else you'll blend into the scenery." Abdizur says as he rises from his seat with all the grace of a jungle cat. Elizabeth in good manners rose as well with a mixed look of curiosity and amusement.

"Oh, how so?" She inquires making Abdizur chuckle.

"You shall see, I must depart if I am to make sure that your arrival is met properly. How soon will you expect to be ready?"

"Rosina and Yvette are quite capable handmaidens, so I would say no longer then three hours."

"Excellent! I will await your party at your Nexus gate on this side at that time." With that Abdizur and Elizabeth bowed respectively and set to their tasks.

At Solum

It took Scree nearly an hour to find king Jared and when he did he nearly smacked himself from what he saw. The prince, although admirable in deed was covered horn to hooves in dirt and grime from assisting dig a ditch.

"Your majesty, please you must clean yourself up at once! I have arranged for a meeting with you with a very important guest!" He says making the king stop digging so that he could have his full attention.

"What?" He asks unsure exactly what his friend said making the being groan in frustration.

"Please your majesty, I have invited on your behalf a most extraordinary individual. She is surely to be unlike any female you have ever seen." Abdizur tried again, this time getting his message fully across.

"Scree," Jared began but Abdizur huffed and dragged him to his home.

"Argue later young sire; you don't want to waste any more time!"

After much grumbling the king was clean and dressed in clothes befitting his rank. Abdizur had him wait along with two of his guards, by the Nexus gate while went to bring over the Wraiths.

In Aetha

"Ah Scree! Right on time." Elizabeth greets him as he appears through the gate. On her left stood a young female wraith with flecks of green in her eyes wearing a heavy red coat. On Elizabeth's right was an equally youthful female wraith with a heavy green coat and silver rimmed glasses. Both curtsied in greeting while he returned the gesture with a bow.

"These are my hand maidens Rosina" she gestures to the girl on her left, "and Yvette" she finishes gesturing to the girl on her right.

"The pleasure is mine dear ladies. Now then, shall we?" He says and with Yvette's help, starts up the gate.

In Solum

"Sir, are you alright?" One guard asks making the king realize that he was shifting in place. He chuckles and nods his head.

"Yes, I suppose I am just a little anxious is all."

"It's to be expected sire; last time Abdizur came with a companion she was a half-ling. In my opinion she was quite a poor sight in her mortal form." Jared frowned at this and began to wonder which realm he'd be receiving when the gate whirled to life.

"Well men, here comes our guests." Jared says as he and the two straighten up Abdizur steps through carrying luggage making him smirk. Then his jaw dropped as three figures stepped through after him with hooded coats over their dresses. They stepped lightly barley sinking into the snow making the Ferai king even more curious as to what sort of creatures he was dealing with. The three stopped a few feet away from the males and curtseyed.

"Gentlemen I present the Countess Elizabeth, accompanied by her handmaidens Rosina and Yvette." He finishes and gestures for the three to lower their hoods making the Ferai gasp.

'They have no horns, nor fur but their eyes!' Jared thought as he straightened himself. Elizabeth's thoughts were quite the same in curiosity.

'He wears odd shoes…they're hooves! And those horns…I wonder if they are sharp?' She likewise regains her composure before the other could be aware.

All this did not go unnoticed by Abdizur however, and inwardly he smiled.

'It would seem that things are going better then I thought.'

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