Sinful Rose: Wow, I have been writing for Disgaea lately. Now back to Beyblade. Anyways, this is basically where you get to hang out with the characters in Metal Fight Beyblade. You can choose certain characters if you don't want to hang out with all of them. You can hang out with OCs my friends and I have! Here's the available ones (Sorry, their all female :/)

Hokaru Rose

Celeste Russo

Maria Russo

Isabella Russo

Diva Saundarya

Ruby Smith

Naomi Isabella Megurine (not related to Megurine Luka)

Raikou Sora

Amber Carter

Thalassa Blue

Victoria Valentine

Lilybeth Valentine

Lila Lovette


Meili Hanatan

Mujakina Utsukushi (Who can't love a tsundere :P)

Alice Hawthorne

Sinful Rose: You can also hang out with my real life friends

Alexis (anon reviewer Black Rock Shooter)

Lindsay (anon reviewer Black Gold Saw)

Marie-Luise (anon reviewer Miracle Midnight Rose)

Chloe (anon reviewer Gold Snake)

Trinity (anon Silver Snake)

Catherine (anon reviewer .)

Sinful Rose: This is only info ;-) You can send in your own OC and go as yourself. Or just send an OC. You can also go as yourself. Also, the scenario is your choice. Bye~