Bee Has a Twin?

By: DesignationPhoenix

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Transformers, by the Characters or anything! I only can lay claim to my OC's Cairi Williams* and Bee's Twin: Burnout

I've mostly based Cairi off of myself, dress-wise and attitude wise, so this is going to be heck of fun! 8D

AN: I have no beta so I'm doing the best I can to edit the work myself, so sorry for any mistakes ='^(

Chapter One: New Car

Cairi was bored out of her mind as she and her family went to a small car dealership. Her parents were helping her to get her first car. When they got there the salesman was on them like a vulture! Cairi just wanted to look around the lot in peace and quiet. While her dad was trying to get the man off their back she saw a flash of dark red out of the corner of her eye.

Silently she went over to is and saw it had black leather seats, a beautiful new radio and she wanted it. Looking around she opened the door and got into it. She was in love with the car. It also was in their budget range which worked in her favor. She ran her hand over the steering wheel lovingly and noticed a symbol in the middle of it, but before she could check it out further her dad tapped the window and motioned for her to get out of the car.

"Daddy this car is perfect!" she clasped her hands in front of her, causing her dad to smile. "Very well, lets ask you mom then you can take it for a test drive."


Needless to say, she got the car she wanted, and once she had the keys she took off back to her house in Tranquility, California. Pulling into the driveway she saw her best boy friend, as if male friend, had his new car as well.

"Hey Sam! I see you got your baby too huh?" she walked over to his house and ran a hand over the hood of his car. "I love it! It reminds my a... a bumblebee! I guess it's the paint job huh?" she smiled. Sam just nodded smiling then looked over and saw the red car. "No way! We got the same kind of car!"

"Ya but mines just the new model. It was a steal too! Said the car was, and I quote, 'haunted' and I was the first person actually able to get into said car." Sam looked at her funny. "Odd... similar thing happened with mine..."

"We be special!" Cairi snorted softly and shook her head, "Sam you going to that party tonight?" he nodded. "Cool, I'll see you there then! I'll follow you there in my baby!" laughing she walked back to her house and went straight to her room to get read. The thing most people didn't know was that Cairi was actually Sam's cousin. Their parents didn't get along at all, but for the sake of the two cousins they dealt with each other.


Once in her room Cairi slipped into she grabbed a pair of jean, and black long sleeve, off the shoulder peasant shirt before slipping off to the bathroom to wash up. Humming she hopped into the shower and then was out in about 5 minutes after washing up. Pulling her hair up in a simple half up half down style she quickly got into her clean clothes and made her way out of the house and over to Sam's. Humming she lopped over to his car and popped inside, knowing he wouldn't get onto her for it.

Cairi smiled, but it turned to a small frown. "That's weird..." gently she brushed her fingers over the center of the steering wheel. It was the same symbol that was in her car, a robotic face. Glancing up she saw Mile's come up and groaned softly.

"Dude, you wish you had a car this sweet down you Cairi?" he asked leaning into the car, invading her personal space.

"Back away unless out want me to smack you." He jerked back, knowing she would do it. Stepping out of the car she places a hand on her hip, smiling sweetly. "I do have my own ride babe." grinning she pointed to the red Camaro, "That's my baby!" Mile's mouth was agape, causing Cairi to snicker and push said jaw up. "Careful, I don't think you want any flies to get in there." It was then that Sam exited his house and after he and Mile's piled into his car, Cairi jumped into hers, taking off after them.


Cairi made sure to park away from everyone else to she didn't steals Sam's attention away from him. She pulled a car cover over her car as well, just to keep him safe from scratches. She walked the rest of the way there which was two blocks and got there just as Miles climbed up into a tree. A small snort left her lips and she shook her head.

She heard a few whistles and rolled her eyes, pointedly ignoring those who did it. Smiling she ran over and said hi to her friend, and Sam's all time crush. Mikaela had been her friend fro a long time, but that's one thing she never thought to tell Sam. Hugging her friend, she didn't see Trent come up behind her until she felt someones hand where it didn't belong.

With a shriek she spun around and smacked the offender across the face. Mikaela shook her head and long story short, she let him know it was over and she started walking.

Growling at Trent she shoved him back against his truck. "Touch me again and I'll kick your ass to Hell and back!" with that she turned to see Sam taking off and leaving his friend behind.

"Come one Mile's, I'll give you a ride home." his spirits pick up and when back to her car, taking off she dropped him at his house before going home and straight to bed.


She wasn't sure how much time later is was that she woke up, but it was to Sam shouting that someone had stolen their cars. Pulling a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers she took off after her cousin and their cars.

"What the hells happening?" she yelled at Sam, she got no answer but him flipping out, which in any other situation would've been funny.


They lost sight of the vehicles and Cairi cursed colourfully. There were able to track the car to a junk yard then lost sight of them. Not a moment later Cairi fell silent and just pointed. Before them were two large forms. "Sam... do you see what I see?"

Growling was heard, slowly looking over her shoulder she shrieked, "RUN!" She and Sam took off, junk yard guard dogs hot on their tail. They ran jumping on top of some barrels, trying to get the dog to leave them alone before their cars came crashing in and scaring the dogs away. Sam chucked his keys at his car then drug Cairi off with him, only to be met by the cops.

"Shit..." that's all that needed to be said from Cairi to know they were screwed, and royally!


At the police station she listened to Sam explaining to the officer what happened, only to be asked to give a urine sample because of the pain pills he found in Sam's pocket. Her parents were away on business again so her Aunt and Uncle were the one's who baled both her and Sam out.


Needless to say, her parent's where pissed off about what happened, and she was on restriction from any computer, texting, or calling. Not that it bothered her that much she hardly did any of those things at it was. She also has to stay at her aunt and uncles house so they could make sure she did as she was told. So much for trusting your child...


Cairi was hanging out with Sam in his room when the roar of two engines caught their attention. Jumping up they ran outside, seeing their cars, they panicked and took off. Sam on a girly bike, her aunts if she recalled correctly, and she took off of foot, keeping pace with him easily. After he spotted a Cop car he leapt from his bike and over to it flipping out, even banging on the hood screaming about how his car was possessed. "Sam you idiot! You'll piss him off!"

Too late for that... with a series of click, whistles and bangs that cop car turned into a large robot and pinned her cousin to an unused car. "SAM!"

"Are you username LadiesMan217?" a deep gravelly voice demanded. She saw red eyes and began to panic, "!"

Sam was clearing still in shock from being pinned on a windshield, all he could do was babble incoherently.

"Are you username LadiesMan217! Where are the glasses!" the robot slammed a fist down, smashing a part of the car Sam was up on. Then Sam shrieked like a little girl, unable to stop herself she snorted. A moment latter a flash of red and yellow zoomed past her, knocking the robot off of Sam, a scream was heard, and it wasn't Cairi this time! "Mikaela!"

Sam pulled both of the girls away, going at a full out neck breaking run, only to be cut off by the two Camaro's sliding in front of them, doors open. With out waiting, Cairi jumped into her red baby and it took off, just as Sam and Mikaela jumped into the older yellow Camaro. The two cars sped into an ally and shot off their light, as well as killing the engines. Just after the cop car went past the ally the Camaro's shot out of the ally, heading to an a power plant, before dumping the humans out and changing back onto their robotic forms.

The Cop car came speeding at them, changing quickly and tackling the two down. A few moments latter a small robot seemed to come out of the once cop car, charging at Sam. In a moment of panic when the small thing grabbed hos pants he chucked them off and them Mikaela came, saw a blazing! Needless to say, she cut the dang things head off only fro Sam to punt it while saying...

"Yeah, not so tough without a head, huh?" Sam growled.

"Sure get it while it's down..." teased Cairi before going up to the two robots after they had chucked they had chucked the the cop car bot onto a power conductor. It was down for the count, that mush was obvious.

"What is it?" Mikaela asked softly, keeping next to Cairi.

"It's a robot," Sam said softly, "You know, a really advanced, um, super-robot. It's gotta, you know, be Japanese," Sam sputtered, a look of wonder on her face.

"Did you not see the giant droid death match?" all Cairi could do was nod mutely.

"Can you talk?" Sam asked, Mikaela let out a small groaned and stepped up next to him, followed by Cairi.

"XM Satellite Radio…" the yellow one shifted around as the red one nodded, the next bit coming from him this time, "Digital cable brings you… Columbia Broadcasting System…"

"You talk, through the radio?"

"Thank you, you're beautiful. You're wonderful, you're wonderful," Yellow clapped and pointed at them, while the red just smiled before continuing for the other. "Message from Starfleet, Captain…Throughout the inanimate vastness of space…Angels will rain down like visitors from heaven! Hallelujah!"

He pointed to the heavens, a seemingly longing look on their faces. Mikaela moved closer to them before asking, "What are you, like, an alien or something?"

They turned, pointed to her and nodding together; As they turned back to Camaro's, gentle music began to play.

"Any more questions you want to ask?" the doors of both car swun open for them, Cairi got into the driver seat of her Red Camaro and caressed the steering wheel. "I knew you were special."

She looked out the window just in time to see and head Sam say, "Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get into the car?"

Mikaela seemed to hesitate before agree and getting into the car.


Humming Cairi leaned back in the drivers seat as was just about to nod off when her car jerked to a stop. "What the?" looking out the side view mirror she saw Sam and Mikaela pushed from the car, only for said car to take off. "Hey bud, pull over please?" he car listened and pulled off of the road. Cairi got out of the car and walked over to the two. "What the hell happened?

"Yeah, see, now you've pissed him off!" Sam pulled at his hair groaning about four thousand dollars just driving off. While he was ranting Cairi saw a Camaro pulling up the same colour of Sam's car, "Sam, your car got it's sexy on!" Said car seemed to like the words as the door opened again. Shaking her head, Cairi went back to hers and once inside they took off.


A few minutes later they pulled up into an old warehouse. Once the cars stopped they exited them. Not a second later a Solstice, Topick truck, a Rescue Hummer, and Peterbilt semi pulled up. Forming a half circle around them.

They all began to transforms into alternate forms. Cairi was fascinated with it all, her vibrant blue eyes taking it all in. The Peterbilt, which was also the largest knelt before Sam, his eyes were bright, almsot neon blue, yet darker.

"Are you Samuel James Witwicky, descendent of Archibald Witwicky?" the voice was male, it held a calm tone in it which made all three of them relax as he spoke.

"They know your name." Mikaela said softly to Sam.

"Yeah,"was Sams slow answer.

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron." He spoke calmly.

"But you can call us Autobots for short." that was said by the Rescue hummer, who was also yellow. "Autobots." Sam repeated slowly.

The silver Solstice came up and said "What's cracking little bitches?" His words made Cairi jump a bit, but she smiled.

"My first lieutenant. Designation, Jazz." the one who said his name was Prime said as introcustion before Jazz spoke again jumping up with a fancy spin onto a large piece of scrap metal "This looks like a cool place to kick it."

"What is that? How did he learn to talk like that?" Sam looked confused as he asked. Optimus stood up before speaking.

"We've learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web." was his simple explanation; Cairi snickered, "So you can learn anything on the Internet these days..."

A whirlign sound cauhg Cairi's attentions ans she turned, face to face with a Cannon, "GAH!"

"My weapons specialist, Ironhide." introduced Optimus as Cairi hid behind her cousin.

"You feeling lucky, punk?" he asked, Cairi bit back a laugh; she didn't want to test her luck with those large cannons.

"Easy, Ironhide." advised Prime, causing Ironhide to shug away his cannons. "Just kidding. I just wanted to show him my cannons."

"Our medical officer, Ratchet." The Rescue Hummer sniffed the air, then looked between Sam and Miaela pointedly, before stating, "Hmn, the boy's pheromone level suggests he wants to mate with the female."


Cairi couldn't take it and fell onto the floor laughing, Sam glared at her but it made her laugh even harder. After a few moments she stood panting, still snickering at her dear cousin Sam.

"You already know your guardians," Prime continued, "Bumblebee" he nodded to the yellow Autobot, who was dancingabout slightly, then the red one, "And Burnout. they are twins.

"Check on the rep, Yep, second to none," he punched the air happily, Burnout finished his twins statement grinning.

"So you're our guardians, huh?" asked Cairi walking over to Burnout and touched his leg smiling.

"Their vocal processors were damaged in battle. I'm still working on them." Ratchet stated before he aimed a laser at both of their throats and sapping them. Bumblebee coughed a bit and Burnout just rubbed his throat after.

"We are here in search of the Allspark, and we must find it before Megatron does." the way Optuimus spoke was very solemnly. the teasing mood from before was gone as the Autobot leader continued to speak, "Our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just," he started, touching something on the side of his head. The three of them shifted, as the ground seemingly opened underneath them; a scene of what once would have been a great beauty was now only a scene of death and devastation.

"Until we were betrayed by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. All who defied them were destroyed. Our war finally consumed the planet, and the All Spark was lost to the stars. Megatron followed it to Earth. When he went to retrieve it, however, he crashed into the Artic and entered a frozen stasis. Where your grandfather discovered him," Optimus looked her cousin dead in the eye before continuing.

"Samuel Witwicky, you hold the key to Earth's survival."

It was them Cairi and Mikaela spoke up at the same time, "Please tell me, you have those glasses?"