They call me many things, the dark Angel, the ender of life, and the unstoppable one. But to the Supreme One I am Ali. At a young age I was told I was the last of an ancient warrior race. When I was a baby my planet was invaded and my people killed. The Supreme One said he risked his life to save me and in return I needed to study hard and become a great fighter so I could repay his kindness, and maybe one day I could become his body guard.

I trained hard and by the time I was 8 years old I was ready to go into battle. I enjoyed the battles. The only rule we lived by was take no prisoners. I was very skilled, and fighting came naturally to me. I figured this was because my people had been from a warrior race. At the age of ten I achieved my goal and became the personal body guard for the Supreme One. By 13 not only was I his body guard but I was his go to assassin. If there was a ruler that was not doing as they were told I was sent to eliminate them, if a person of his own court forgot their place I put them back in it. I never lost a fight thanks to my abilities.

I was loyal to the Supreme One and did as I was told because I thought I owed my life to him for saving me as a baby. However this all changed when I turned 16. It was a normal mission, something I had done a million times. I was to remove a problem King from a nearby planet. There I found out that the story of the Supreme One's generosity of saving me from death as a baby….. was all a lie.