A/N: While I perfect some more chapters of my other Community fic, I decided to write this. This is kind of a collection of drabbles, kind of a re-imagining of the series, and kind of one of those '50 words of (insert pairing here)' type fics. There will be 10 chapters, each with 10 movies each. Bits from the episodes I use in this may be slightly re-imagined. AbedxAnnie, JeffxAnnie, AnniexVaughn, and one-sided AnniexTroy.


100. Yankee Doodle Dandy

Abed sat alone on the lumpy couch in his dormitory, as he had done ever since the day he'd come to Greendale,with the small color TV opposite him playing a black-and-white film for a change. The film's title card read "Yankee Doodle Dandy." Starring James Cagney, Abed had discovered on the DVD cover, which was now sitting adjacent to a stack of 99 other films he'd collected.

"Abed?" a voice called out, and in that second Abed realized he'd left his door open. He paused the film, which was still displaying the opening credits. He craned his neck to the left and examined the girl. She had short, brown hair, and was rather short compared to Abed. He stood up so as not to come off as apathetic, and walked over to her.

"You're Annie, right?" she seemed anxious, but she cracked a nervous smile. "We have Spanish together. I recognized you because I memorized everyone's names and faces the first day." Annie responded with a put off look, and after a second asked:

"What were you watching?...Before I interrupted, that is?"

"Oh, 'Yankee Doodle Dandy.'"

"I thought that was a song?"

"Me too. It's actually a movie about George M. Cohan, who composed it."

"That sounds pretty interesting. I'll leave you to it," she turned to leave shyly.

"Wait! Why don't you watch it with me?"

"Um...okay," Annie smiled again. Abed smiled back. When the two turned into the room, Annie almost tripped over the stack of movies.

"Be careful!" Abed cautioned her.

"What are these all for?...'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'...'The Searchers'..." she read a few of the titles. "I've never even heard of half of these."

"Those are the 100 movies originally on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest American films. I'm going to watch them all."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll watch a few as well," Annie replied simply, then sat down on the couch next to her new acquaintance. Abed pressed the play button on the DVD remote, and the film resumed.

99. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Jeff stormed out of the study room, having been humiliated by Britta during the group's first study session. After an awkward pause and a couple minutes of pretending to study, Pierce and Troy packed up, uttered a brief 'see you,' and exited. Britta and Shirley soon followed them, leaving Annie and Abed to themselves. Abed was glad she had accepted his request to be in the study group, seeing as Jeff, Britta, and Annie were the only three people he knew personally since coming to Greendale.

"We should probably follow them," Annie got up soon after the other two girls left.

"Yeah. You know, I really like this set up. It would make a great sitcom."

"Abed, you know that when you say things like that, you alienate yourself from other people?" Annie was still weirded out by his "Breakfast Club" inspired outburst.

"Sorry. Do you want to watch the next one?" he inquired as he pushed open the study room door.

"The next what?" she asked as they strolled towards the main doors of Greendale.

"The 99th movie on the AFI's list. 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.'"

The two reached the main door of the school and pushed it open to find Jeff and the others gathered on the steps. Annie caught the last few words of Jeff's speech about being smart, and mouthed the words "He's so sad," and drew a line down her face at Britta, trying to urge her to talk to him.

Abed asked "What's going on? Can you guys hear me? Am I deaf?" to which the three girls replied that he wasn't. Britta reluctantly invited Jeff to continue studying with them.


At the end of the study session, Abed exited the study room, prepared to leave for his dormitory again, when he heard, "Abed, wait up!" Annie came running over to him. "You're going to watch that movie tonight, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah. Do you want to watch it with me?"

"Yeah, I think I do," she smiled at him.

The two walked in silence to Abed's dorm. Arriving in the room, the two sat down on the couch and Abed popped in the 2nd DVD.

98. Unforgiven

"Abed, I'm going to protest!" Annie swore to him out of the blue as Clint Eastwood abandoned his children about twenty minutes into the movie.

"Protest what?" Abed asked, turning to her.

"Did you know that journalists are being murdered by the Guatemalan government just for expressing their opinions! It's just so terrible!"

"Hmm," Abed replied, focusing his attention back to the movie. "If you organize it, I will come," he promised.

"Thanks, Abed," she smiled, smoothing out her clothes for the 90th time that day.

About half an hour passed, and just as English Bob was getting pummeled by Gene Hackman on-screen, Shirley knocked on the door. "Annie, I finished the cupcakes! I've got a table and everything outside and people are starting to gather!"

"Sorry Shirley, I'm in the middle of-"

"Annie, it's fine, we can just pause it," Abed paused the film and got up.

"Oh. Alright. We should practice our conversation in Spanish for tomorrow while we set up, Shirley." Annie got up and the two walked out. "Bye, Abed," Annie smiled back at him.


"I can't believe he lit himself on fire! I live in a bad neighborhood, and I've never seen anyone do that before!" Annie wondered aloud as she and Abed sat down. "Other than that, do you think it went well? The protest, I mean?"

"It's the best protest I've ever been to. Although I've never been to any protests before, so it was also the worst." Annie chuckled as the film resumed.

97: Bringing Up Baby

"Why would you willingly try to raise a leopard? That's almost as odd as whatever it was Jeff and Pierce just did!" Annie laughed. She was talking over films more and more often, which Abed had discovered didn't irritate him. He liked hearing her talk. She was smart. "Still, Jeff was pretty selfless putting up with that ridiculous script. You know, I didn't like him much at first, but he actually seems to be a pretty good guy."

Abed felt a little twinge in his stomach.

96: The Searchers

"This is really important to me Abed. Could you please go as my friend? My really good friend?" Annie pleaded.

"Well, I didn't realize we were really good friends. I figured we were more like Chandler and Phoebe; they never really had stories together. ...Sure, I'll do a Chandler."

Annie was a little shocked. Was Abed actually oblivious to all the time they'd spent together watching those movies. She left the others, trying to conceal her confusion. Abed still managed to pick up on it, and furrowed his brow, wondering if he'd said something wrong.


By the time of the experiment, Annie was in better spirits. Through the monitor, she watched Troy with a dreamy look in her eye, all the while trying to avoid Abed's gaze each time she went to delay the experiment that wasn't going to happen. The hours passed, and as Troy departed she became more and more frustrated with Abed. Why didn't he leave? She paced angrily around the room, and delayed the fake experiment for hours as he sat there, complacent. When Duncan snapped, she'd had enough.

"Go home!" she slammed the door open. Abed shuffled out of the room shyly.


"You said we were really good friends," the words stung as she replayed them over and over in her mind. She wanted so badly to apologize. Her finger moved along the row of DVDs lined up on the store's shelf and chanced upon Abed's favorite trilogy. Purchasing the three films, she darted back to her apartment, which was just across the way, to package them.


"Because the fourth one blows," the two finished. The two sat in silence, then "Annie, I'm sorry. I know that you were angry because I said we weren't close. I don't know why I thought that."

"You don't have to apologize."

"'The Searchers' is next. We can watch it now if you want," Abed changed the subject, urgent to continue their tradition. The two walked down the hallway, talking happily.


"I don't like John Wayne that much," Annie confessed as she reclined on the sofa.

"I don't really mind him. Would you say this is your least favorite so far?"

"No. This is probably the best," Annie proclaimed, not really thinking about movies when she answered, for it was right then that she was happiest.

95: Pulp Fiction

"I've seen this one seventeen times," Abed stated enthusiastically as the movie started up. "I hope some day someone throws me a surprise party based on it."

Annie sank into the sofa, exhausted both from trying to inspire Pierce and the possibility of failing Spanish. "I must have looked pretty stupid screaming like that in class today," she covered her eyes with her hands and rubbed her face tiredly.

"Yeah, well, at least you're trying in that class. Most of those people don't really seem to care, but you're driven. I admire that," Abed remarked plainfacedly, without the slightest hint of flattery. "It's a good thing he didn't fail us all. You wouldn't have deserved that."

Annie blushed, and let her form recede even further into the couch's lumpy material.

94: Goodfellas

Troy. Troy. Troy. Troy. Annie couldn't stop talking about him, and it was beginning to irritate Abed. He usually didn't care when she talked about him, and Troy was Abed's best friend in the group. Maybe it was the fact that she seemed so crazy about him.

"Then Troy said..." she began, with utter euphoria in her voice.

"Shhh. Annie, watch this, it's a really good part," he cut her off, maybe a little too forcefully.

"Oh. Sorry," the two sat in silence for the next two hours, and when the movie had finished, Annie got up and walked out immediately. "'bye," she said casually, closing the door behind her.

93: The Apartment

"I hate them both!" Annie sat down across from Abed in the cafeteria.

"Who?" Abed asked.

"Troy and Jeff! Troy's been ignoring me, and Jeff is the reason why. Troy's been playing football again," Annie sulked. "I've never told you this, but-"

"You like Troy, don't you?" Abed observed her startled face. "I listen to the way you talk about him. It's pretty obvious. Look, I don't know much about this kind of thing. Maybe you should talk to Shirley?" he offered as she got up. He didn't really want to get into Annie's relationship with Troy.


"Hey Abed, over here!" Annie waved to Abed, who had entered the gymnasium as the pep rally began. He darted up the bleachers, sitting in between her and Jeff. The two had obviously made up.

"I don't know if they actually deploy things in football," Abed pointed at her sign.

"Well, it rhymes," Jeff pointed out, which made Annie laugh, having her own words thrown back at her so plainly.

It was then that Abed revealed his actual intention for coming to the pep rally. "'The Apartment' is for tonight." he told Annie.

"Oh, all right, cool. Cool, cool cool," she smiled at Abed knowingly. "Jeff, you can watch it with us too, if you like!" she remarked enthusiastically.

"Nah, I've already seen 'No Vacancy,'" Jeff hadn't been listening.


Annie was asleep by the time the movie was over. Abed thought of waking her up, but decided against it. "Good night," he said. He realized how happy he was that the two were friends.

92: A Place in the Sun

"Can I count on you to come to my Dia de los Muertos party tonight?" Annie asked Abed, extending an invitation to him.

"Sorry, Annie, but I can't," Abed replied. She looked disappointed. He watched her run into Jeff and invite him in the same way. Watching her response to whatever it was Jeff had said, Abed felt another twinge of anger towards the ex-lawyer.


"I thought you said you weren't coming Abed!" Annie smiled as Ab-Batman strode into the room.

"I am the one who stalks the night, hunting for the beings of night, in the...night," Abed faltered. "I do not know this 'Abed.'"

"Alright, 'Batman,'" she replied jokingly. Abed noticed Jeff arrive, and Annie seemed happy to see him. Abed loitered a bit as more and more people filed into the room. "Abed, can you get iTunes up? The dance is going to start in just a second," Annie came up to him 30 minutes later.

"Alright," Abed broke character for a second. "But I'm not Abed," he regained focus. "If you want, I heard he's invited you to watch 'A Place in the Sun' after this is over."

Annie walked into the center of the room as Abed manned the computer, searching for the right playlist. After her speech, Annie realized Jeff was gone. People began to leave. "Abed, they're leaving!" she complained.

"I'll go find Jeff," Abed promised. Seeing that Chang was gone as well, Abed headed to the cafeteria, where the staff party was being held, and where he guessed Jeff was. Upon entering, Abed found Jeff talking to Professor Slater. He'd been trapped by Britta already, and he acted flustered. Abed ran up to Jeff and announced, "Jeff, you must return to Annie's party. She's feeling unpopular!" Then Troy came in, followed later by Pierce, who, as Troy put it, was 'tripping balls.'

Angrily, Jeff told the group he wanted them to get out of the party. "Abed, you're not Batman!" he said as he dealt individual insults to each of them. Abed felt anger rise within him. First he'd abandoned Annie, and now he was trying to abandon the rest of them. When Jeff attempted to calm Pierce down, Pierce ran from the room, followed by Britta, Troy, and Abed, who told Jeff coldly,

"I know I'm not Batman. You could try not being a jerk," Abed half-smiled, happy he'd told off Jeff Winger.


"Hey, Batman!" Abed turned his head downwards. He was still standing on the roof outside the school. It was Annie. "I'm going to head over to Abed's dorm, so let him know I'm waiting for him!" Abed jumped off the roof. He pulled off his mask.

"Your party is over," he told Annie, who seemed surprised he had dropped his Batman persona.

"That was pretty cool of you to save Jeff and Pierce," Annie began as they walked together.

"That was Batman," Abed was still set on that, which concerned Annie, but she didn't say anything. "Jeff was a jerk to you tonight," Abed said as they entered the building with his dorm room in it.

"Oh, it's no big deal. He made up for it. And I'm not really one to hold a grudge," Annie replied.

"Yeah. Me neither," Abed opened the door to his dormitory and the two sat once more on the sofa. Abed felt his rage recede as the movie began. He was happy that it was just him and Annie again.

91: My Fair Lady

Annie slouched into the dorm room, deflated. "What are we watching again?" she sounded nonplussed.

"'My Fair Lady,'" Abed noted her despondent expression. "Your tone is moodier than usual. What's wrong?"

"It's Troy. He's going to that stupid 'Night Under the Stars' thing tomorrow with some other girl, and I offered to help him plan the date! I'm so stupid," she buried her face in her hands. Awkwardly, Abed patted her on the shoulder. She smiled and looked up at him. "You can start the movie now," she sniffed and sat up as Abed placed the DVD in the player and the movie began.

"Come here tomorrow, then," Abed proclaimed when the movie was over and Annie continued to look depressed.

"...Alright," she smiled again. "You're sure you're willing to put up with that? I'll probably be a wreck tomorrow."

"Sure," Abed smiled. "After all, you're one of my best friends. I've grown accustomed to your face. 'My Fair Lady,'" he stated what he was referencing even though they'd just watched the movie.

Annie laughed a little. "Thank you Abed."