Author's Notes

Felt like doing more drabbles, and the twins deserve some cuteness and happiness after all the Hell I put them through. Each drabble has something to do with a letter, starting from A and ending at Z, and each is 100 words. All of them take place before the divorce as well, so the Minamoto family is as happy as can be…hopefully.


A is for the Alphabet

It didn't take him all that long, all things considered, to learn the English alphabet. Regardless, a lot of things happened in that time. 26-Pre divorce drabbles, 100 words each.

Kouichi K/Koichi & Kouji M/Koji

01 – A is for Apples

Tomoko carefully peeled the apple and finally cut it, with one twin plastered to each side fascinately watching her. A year old, they were maturing…slowly.

'Here,' she said gently, handing Kouichi the first piece.

Kouji, unhappy at being left out, plopped himself onto his mother's lap and snatched the piece.

'No Kouji,' she scolded. 'You don't snatch.'

Kouichi's face scrunched up.

'There there.' She patted the elder twin's head, before gently prying the apple piece out of Kouji's hands and giving it back to Kouchi, giving the other another piece from the plate.

They ate happily. She sighed, relieved.