Author's Notes

A symbolic finish. Zebras rolling around. Black and white stripes. Yin and Yang.

And that's it. Hope you all enjoyed.

A is for the Alphabet

It didn't take him all that long, all things considered, to learn the English alphabet. Regardless, a lot of things happened in that time. 26-Pre divorce drabbles, 100 words each.

Kouichi K/Koichi & Kouji M/Koji

26 – Zebra Stripes

Kousei blinked as his sons rolled in the backyard. For a moment, it became impossible to distinguish them, dressed in white shirts (grass stains!) and black pants…until they collapsed side-by-side, laughing.

'What are you doing?'

'Being zebras,' Kouji giggled, a little breathlessly.

'We saw a movie,' Kouichi explained. 'Zebras rolled and rolled, and you couldn't tell which was white and which was black anymore.'

They laughed a little longer.

'Let's do it again.'

'Yeah. Let's.'

They went back to the edge and rolled again, getting rather dirty but looking happy.

''tou-san? Do we make good zebras?'

'Yes, you do.'