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Chapter One; Missing

"What do you mean Sakura's missing!" Snapped the blonde haired Hokage, face flushed with anger as she received information of her apprentice's recent whereabouts or better, lack thereof.

"Well M'lady, she just…" The silver haired copy nin stuttered, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. He really didn't want to be the one to have to tell her Sakura had been kidnapped by the an Akatsuki member,

"The Akatsuki! We have to go get her! Those guys will kill Sakura-Chan!" Naruto growled, his injuries were nearly fatal and still healing. It was hard for Kakashi to admit; but without Sakura there with her medical Ninjutsu on hand they were barely able to escape Deidara with the Kazekage.

Tsunade's face gained a sober expression and she let out a dragged out breath of air, obviously concerned with her student; Sakura was the last person she'd expect to be captured. But because of her ties to Naruto it was obvious what they were going to try do,

"Sakura is a smart girl, she'll be able to take care of herself until the Anbu blackops-" She started, unable to stop the doubt from creeping in to her own voice, she had no idea how long the Akatsuki were going to keep her alive and if she so happened to be used as bait for Naruto knowing him he'd fall right into the trap...

"NO! We have to go NOW! Who knows what the Akatsuki are doing to her!" Growled the blonde haired Kyubi vessel, his eyes crazed and watering with sadness and anger, he blamed himself for her capture- he should have been there to protect his comrade.

Tsunade frowned, seeing the look on Naruto's face meant he wouldn't take no for an answer, She clasped her hands together in determination and stood suddenly from her desk,

"We leave tonight, Naruto, try to gather the shinobi that aren't currently on missions. I'll allow you to do this but… you can't join the search. It is too much of a risk to the-" She started, sighing when she realized the door to her office was thrown open and Naruto was gone.

"Naruto…" The blonde haired Hokage sighed, rubbing her temples in irritation.

Meanwhile; With Sakura.

"Ungh…" I grumbled, my eyes slowly starting to open, my vision blurred and my eyes burning, I attempted to reach up to rub my forehead, I felt horrible. My body ached in every joint, muscle, bone and tendon.

My eyes widened as I realized the earth that was moving faster than light beneath me, I froze out of instinct to assess my situation.

I was asleep, so whoever has me right now wants me alive otherwise they would have killed me while I was incapacitated.

I closed my eyes and slowed my heart, making sure there was no sign indicating that I'd woken. I sensed for chakra, realizing the person carrying me had odd chakra pulses I slightly fluttered one eye barely open, peering through thick black eyelashes.

My heart sped up sporadically.

What looked back at me were the black and red-clouded fabrics of Akatsuki robes,

I let out the smallest of sighs; my chakra wasn't low, not yet at least. Chewing on my lip I assessed my physical condition. Other than the soreness my muscles felt sluggish, I couldn't do a proper assessment seeing as use of my chakra right now would signal the Akatsuki currently carrying me.

I opened my eyes, not making sudden movements in case they were intent on me staying asleep. It would be a very, very stupid decision to shock an Akatsuki member into a state of alarm, in the state I'm in right now I'd doubt I could take one on directly.

My best option was a get-away, if they took me back to the base they would try to torture me into information on Naruto, and I would resist it until they killed me. That much was clear.

I needed to think of a plan.

I could catch them off guard, although there was most likely more than one traveling with my captor, I could attempt to fight them all of, although they would easily advance me if I couldn't even defeat one with Chiyo-

Ah Shit, where's Chiyo?

I squeezed my eyes shut in irritation. Why the fuck was everyone trying to make things harder than they needed to be for me? I couldn't get a goddamn break. My arm stung slightly as if to remind me what'd happened.

Oh yes. I'd given Chiyo the last of my antidote to allow her escape to Gaara. I suppose this mission wasn't a complete failure as long as she reached Naruto and Kakashi they would know who took me and have a good idea of the direction we were going.

As the Akatsuki carrying me steadily slowed his pace I decided we were getting closer and closer to a stop, I would attack there. We were entering a village by the distant sounds, they would rent an inn, but how would they go about dragging my 'unconscious' body around?

"Zetsu-Sempai are we close? Tobi is hungry and Deidara and Sasori won't leave Tobi alone! Can I watch Cherry-Chan first? Tobi is very, very hungry- Oh Zetsu-Sempai how long are we gunna' be here! I think Cherry-Chan's awake, she keeps opening her eyes and-" Suddenly the loud whining voice halted as the figure carrying me stopped.

Fuck, stupid motherfucking Akatsuki.

I kept my eyes shut and my breathing small and simple, my heart mimicking a sleeping state perfectly, although I knew that stupid motherfucking Akatsuki had given me away. What kind of Akatsuki member talks like that anyway?

"I know you're awake." Growled a raspy almost mocking tone, by the closeness of it I figured it was the person who had been carrying me.

Oh well, it was now or never.

My eyes shot open as I deflected the hit that blonde haired man attempted to land on the side of my neck, in an attempt to knock me out. I jumped back from the duo-toned man's arms, avoiding the snapping of the large green plant-like dome around his head.

I landed gracefully on my feet.

There were four Akatsuki, standing before me. I knew better than to stay and fight, escape was my only hope.

Two shadow clones appearing beside me as we hopped over the massive stone gates of the small village, separating instantly. I knew I didn't have enough chakra to go far with them, but I didn't need to, as long as they could at least throw them a millisecond I could get away. I was sure of it.

I could sense them close behind me, but they weren't as fast.

I was one of the quickest shinobi in the leaf, if I had any special abilities, speed and agility would be two of my best.

I knew they would eventually catch up with me, although all I really needed to do was make one stop.

I jumped into a dark alley, between two large buildings, taking a moment to heal the worst of my wounds. The one on my abdomen from Sasori's sword, and a few deep gashes on my forearms and thigh and my sprained ankle.

"Shit..." I mumbled, my chakra was low, and when I say low I mean; My shadow clones just disappeared and I was getting lightheaded low.

I quickly bolted from the alleyway, disappearing into the crowds of people, looking around I knew they would find me instantly due to my pink hair being able to be seen from a bird's eye view.

I scowled and pushed past people, the large amount of blood on my clothes was drawing too much attention as it is, besides the fact that I didn't have enough chakra to sense if the Akatsuki were near made fueled my paranoia and agitation.

"Are you alright Miss?"

"Do you need medical attention Ma'am?"

"Oh dear, do you need help?"

Kind villagers were stopping me, although I only smiled at them and gave them a quick 'I'm fine' before making my way as deeply into the crowd as I could get. I soon found a salesman, he was working at a stand, selling shinobi apparel, I found a simple black hooded cloak, searching weakly through a pouch strapped to my left thigh for my wallet.

My breath was coming out in rasped pants, this was bad, Sasori's poison was still coursing through me.

My hands were shaking slightly as I tossed the black cloak onto the counter, the man's eyes scanning over my bloody, bruised form with concern.

I ignored his look out of embarrassment as searched through my panda-bear shaped wallet, until I felt his cool hand stop my motions, I looked up to see his crinkled eyes full of understanding,

"Just take it and go." He smiled,

I smiled gratefully to the kind old shop keep and yanked on the cloak, tugging the hood over my mess of pink hair before disappearing into the crowd, I needed to find somewhere safe to be, but first I needed to send a message to Tsunade-Sama.

Soon I came across a large building, realizing I was in Oto. Great, Just fucking great, I'm too close too Orochimaru, too fucking close to that traitor Uchiha. Sound would not help me, that much I knew. They were no allies to Konoha Shinobi.

Well, what to do now.

My chakra was pretty much gone, so they couldn't sense me worth shit right now, my body was starting to tremble and ache from fatigue and poisoning, and I was horribly dehydrated.

I needed to set camp,

At least if they found me tomorrow, which I'm positive they will, for whatever reason they kept me alive they needed me. So they could face me and kill me tomorrow, at least then I could put up a decent fight. I'm sure Naruto would be proud.

I mustered up whatever strength I could at the moment, considering the state I was in I could pass out at any second.

I took refuge in the woods, the darkness masking me enough to where I could almost feel at ease, almost.

They would find me, that I was sure of.

I started a small fire, small fire.

Not big enough to allow me to see past a six foot radius, just enough to offer necessary warmth, if anything.

I sighed and leaned back against a nearest tree, groaning as it pulled slightly on the still healing scar on my abdomen, I needed to be careful, If I moved around too much I would end up tearing the scar open and possibly bleeding out.

I smirked in the light of the crackling fire. I would possibly die tomorrow, well, I would most likely die, did I have anything I needed to say to anyone? Maybe to tell Ino she can keep my green scarf, or Naruto that once my apartment is resold he'll need somewhere else to crash when he gets home from a mission, or tell Kakashi that he's going to grow up old and alone with only his porn for company?

I closed my eyes, my body ached terribly, everything sore and stiff. It amazed me they didn't just kill me in my sleep, although; I knew they were desperate for information in the Kyubi.

Yeah, Desperate enough to Kidnap you. Why not just go with them? You could go back to the way things used to be, don't you remember when we lived in-

Shut up. We will never go back to that. Konohagakure is our home, it has been for almost eleven years now, and you won't ruin it for us, it's where our friends live. It's our village and we're accepted there.

Barley, Need I remind you that just yesterday Tsunade recommended Ino to take over as head medic, I mean, what the fuck? We've been working at this since we were just a genin-

So? If Tsunade-Sama thinks she's more qualified for the job than she must be. She wouldn't put someone incompitant in charge of the hospital.

Sakura, you can lie to anyone, but yourself, or me for that matter. Oba-San wouldn't have wanted this for us.

I don't care Inner, I can't just abandon everything the leaf taught me. Oba-San abandoned us, she surely doesn't care what we do… So I don't care what she would have wanted for us.

You act like you can control it, the curse. It's not going to magically go away just because you ignore it Sakura. It's there, it's thriving and it won't go away. You're not meant to be with people like those in the Leaf Village-

I felt the anger and sadness crawl on my skin as I grudgingly clutched at the grass between my fingers in anguish.

I don't believe in silly little fairy tales, the curse isn't real…

So what mother did to us wasn't real? You don't remember, you don't remember her cursing us? The nightmares, the memories, you can't tell me you can't feel it there. We are the same person Sakura, I feel what you feel and I can feel it here. It's getting stronger and when it peers it's ugly face you're going to lose yourself just like she did.

I frowned sadly, memories that I had suppressed over the years trying desperately to surface, to only be pushed back in anger and the bitter taste of betrayal.

I don't care. I don't care! I'm nothing like her! Nothing!

But it doesn't matter! Because it's not your fucking choice! It'll come for you just like it came for her. If you would have just accept it maybe you won't lose your fucking mind in the process. You could try the one fucking thing no one else would!

I rolled my eyes at the venom dripping from Inner's words. My head aching painfully at the memories threatening to appear, memories carefully locked away through years and years of denial and self therapy-

My heart began to clench painfully as my head fogged, What was going on?

The world spun around me viciously, I leaned roughly on my arm, barley propped up, suddenly I collapsed painfully on my side, ripping the healing wound on my abdomen back open, I yelped.

My vision shook and everything doubled in whatever I could see by the fire's dim light, a flash of silver hair caught my eye and relief washed over me, even for an instant it felt good to hope,

"Kakashi?" I mumbled, my voice weak and barely audible.

A velvety laughter came from the air and my stomach rolled, "What a coincidence finding you all alone out here. Well… Since Tsunade decided she wouldn't heal Lord Orochimaru, perhaps we can try the next best thing." The cocky mocking tone reminded me of someone…

But who…

My mind was darkening, my eyes glassy and fogged and suddenly my heart sped up, dangerously, considering the state I was in, my mouth watered as I resisted the urge to vomit out of distaste and fear.

"…" I whispered, before I lost control of my body and collapsed into unconsciousness.

Back at the Akatsuki base.

"So they failed to retrieve the girl." Mumbled the flat masculine voice of Madara Uchiha, Who was casually tapping on his desk with an amused smirk gracing his pale features.

He looked at the orange swirled mask sitting before him with curiosity, "Obito, would you please send a message to Pein? " The eldest Uchiha smirked, looking at the one so many believed to be himself in disguise.

How pathetic.

"Yes Madara-Sama, Tobi will tell Leader-Sama." The childish voice squeaked, covering his face with the odd orange swirled mask.

"Excellent, Oh, and make sure, they take extra good care of her would you? I wouldn't want the last of the Haruno to perish from Hidan's barbarianism." Madara smirked casually,

He was going to exterminate Orochimaru for getting his dirty hands on the Akatsuki's new plaything.

With Sasuke

My eyes wandered to Sakura, who was lying on the examining table of Kabuto's lab, She was a mess.

Blood covered her clothing, drenching her completely. Her shoulder length hair seemed a paler pink, and her skin was still soft and fragile porcelain colored. Her face flushed slightly as her breaths became more ragged, rapid puffs.

Kabuto had said that she was terribly low on chakra, thus already in the submissive state she's in now. I snorted in distaste, of course she is. When isn't she like this?

A scowl crossed my face as I looked over her figure, slender, long legs. Small fragile looking arms and a thin, fragile waist, normal for a girl of only eighteen.

"Sasuke, Are you alright?" Mocked Kabuto, too close for me for comfort. I scowled and turned from the unconscious girl, wanting her out of my sight and away from me as soon as possible.

"Why is she here?" I demanded, just wanting her to leave so I can be rid of these emotions she was surfacing, stupid Konoha ninja. Pitiful.

"This girl may be able to heal Lord Orochimaru. She's a fine asset to us, and if not, Lord Orochimaru could use her as a temporary vessel-"

My hands wrapped around his throat in pure fury, His eyes widening as he realized I was choking him, a scowl twisting my features as he looked up at me, a fearful, yet smug look in his eyes.

"She will not be a vessel." I growled on instinct… but, why?

Suddenly I released him, my face returning to it's usual blank irritated complexion as I shot glance back to Sakura, now breathing evenly on the operation table. Candlelight revealing her blood soaked form.

I don't know what just snapped.

I let out a sigh of air as I remembered why I was here, if he needed a vessel for a while to get stronger I didn't care. As long as I got my revenge nothing else mattered, not even old, annoying teammates.

Kabuto grumbled behind me, I heard the swirling of his medical chakra, and leaned casually against the wall. I watched as he pulled up the lower half of her familiar red zip-up shirt, revealing a large gash that was seemed to be the source of all the blood covering her, it appeared to be a stab wound, you could almost see completely through the wound, had there not been so much blood.

"What do you think happened to her?" I sighed, crossing my arms as Kabuto's glasses hid his eyes, he poked and prodded around her body for a while, assessing her wounds.

"Multiple stab wounds. She's been poisoned but I was able to flush the small amount left out of her system with a transfusion. It seems to be almost out of her system." He mumbled, it sounded like it was more to himself than me, but I shrugged, my eyes fixed on the slowly disappearing wound.

"What will you do with her if she refuses Orochimaru?"

A dark chuckle escaped Kabuto's lips as he wiped the blood from his hands, "Does it really matter to you, Sasuke? Here-" He laughed, tossing a white cloth to me.

"Clean her up and bring her to Lord Orochimaru when she wakes up."

I scowled as he disappeared through the doorway. I would protest to that weakling daring to give me an order but I felt an odd discomfort in allowing Kabuto the duty of cleansing her himself.

I scowled, pushing the odd anger back and staring down at Sakura, she really was a mess, although with the cuts and bruises clean she almost looked… appealing. She's surely matured since they were genin, but that was to be expected.

I wetted the white cloth in a bowl of lukewarm water before returning to the sleeping girl. I lifted her shirt slightly, wiping away the brownish dried and new blood from around the wound, arching my eyebrows in surprise as I realized how slim she was.

Her baggy clothing hid that factor, odd for Sakura. He remembered her appearance had been very important to her at one point. She had soft yet mature curves on waist, I ran my hand along her side, her waist was incredibly small, compared to her full hips.

I broke away from the thoughts threatening to surface. Finishing with wiping the blood from her body and turning to wipe the specks of dried blood and dirt from her cheeks.

Once she was clean I looked at her clothing, it was ruined. What did Kabuto expect me to do with her looking like this? They were falling off of her in shreds of dirty, tattered fabric.

I stepped out of the room, catching the attention of one of Orochimaru's lap dogs. A redheaded woman by the name of Karin.


I swirled around and stepped to the side, just in time to dodge her awkward attempt at trying to wrap me in an uncomfortable embrace. She pouted and turned to me,sticking out her lower lip as if some kind of child, If she were worthy of my time , I'd kill the annoyance of a girl.

"Spare clothes. Get them." Was all I'd said before returning to the room where Sakura was, I rubbed my forehead.

Sakura was becoming a problem-

Wait, What was that?


spun around, a loud explosion could be heard from outside of the building, it shook the floor of the underground hideout violently.

I raced out the door, shielding my eyes from the heavy layer of black through the air. The hallways were full of smoke, As it started clearing I realized two figures were racing to me. I unsheathed my katana.

As one raced past me I sliced my katana through his arm, their large, broad figures made it obvious it was two males, although suddenly, the arm of the one I had just severed was being connected once again by what appeared to be... tendrils of some sort.

I snorted and activated my sharingan, it appeared to be two Akatsuki, one carrying a large triple bladed scythe, the other's face was half covered by a white cloth, his odd pink and green eyes were narrowed in my direction.

"Leave." I said flatly, casually running my finger down the blade of my katana, lightning sparking through it brightly,

"Ah, an Uchiha." The raspy voice of the half masked man barked, from his eyes I could tell he was grinning.


"C'mon Kakuzu, let's just get the fucking bitch and go." The silver haired man growled,

Were they talking about...Sakura?

"What business do you have with Sakura Haruno?" I questioned, placing a hand on my hip to stare at the odd-looking men.

"So that's her name? Damn, I just realized; I don't give a flying fuck, move aside fag." The silver haired man snorted.

Ignorant men like this were always the one's to die first, wasn't this the one who killed Asuma? He looked somewhat like he could put up a fight.

"I'm sorry, You can't have her."

The black tendrils wrapped around my wrist, attempting to make me drop my katana, I sighed and pulsed my chidori through it. forcing back the tendrils. I charged forward, with one quick swipe decapitating the masked Akatsuki.

I looked around and realized the second man was gone and turned on a heel to re-enter the room, the door now swung wide open.

"Ah Boy, don't turn your back on me, I don't take rejection well." The tendril man chuckled behind me, the black tendrils were coiled around my body and began squeezing harshly on my rib cage.

Using thin pulses of chakra to break through the bindings, only for them to be replaced an instant later by a secondary grouping on the annoying black limbs.

A sudden loud explosion sounded through the room behind me, smoke filling the air,

"Sakura!" I growled, entering the room once again, the ceiling was gone!


whipped around, prepared to demand the man where he was taking her; but he too was gone.


While the fucking kid was mouthing off to Kakuzu I snaked into the room like the amazing fucking man I am. Pein told me she had fucking pink hair, I mean, how could I have missed her.

Who the fuck has pink hair anyway? Was it a disease? What the fuck was wrong with-

There the bitch is! She was fucking asleep! Is she fucking retarded or something? Who the fuck falls asleep in-

Holy Jashin! What a sexy ass body! Fucking perfect round tits,tiny waist, perfect hips, full lips, and fucking damn when I had her in my arms, I swear I could feel how round and nice her ass was.

I shivered, she was fucking mouth-watering. I'd fucking love to cut this sexy cunt open, spill her blood everywhere. Oh this'll be fun!

I grinned and jumped through the ceiling and out into the clearing, Orochimaru must have been really fucking stupid to have left her un-fucking-attended while that fuckin' Uchiha brat, just as stuck up and girly lookin' as Itachi. I bed he couldn't even give this babe a good time. I mean… doubt that kid back there could take a fucking sword to the heart!

And damn did he look mad we were taking her, was she his bitch? Nah, He wouldn't have had to kidnap her, unless that's what she's into or some shit.

"Hidan, You know it fucking costs a shit ton of money when we take this much time on a mission!" Snapped Kakuzu's tight ass.

I chuckled, "Does anything not cost you fucking money?"

"Yeah! When you don't spend two fucking days looking for one fucking chick!"

"Well it wouldn't have taken that long if fucking Sasori could just bring her back like he was supposed to! Fucking Kazekage was a shitty motherfucking distraction anyway! You should have just used her fucking boyfriend back there! Fuckin' kid was gayer than Orochimaru! He'da probably followed me just to get a look ay my sexy self no kidnapping needed!" I laughed, jerking a thumb back in the direction of the hideout we had just blown up a sky fucking high.

"Just make sure we get her back in one-piece! I won't be patching your stupid ass up." He growled,

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever, fucking tight ass."


Alright, I fixed most of the spelling mistakes in this one. Cleaned up the story a bit, I'll be making a few changes to the plot. When I first began writing this I didn't have a deadset ending so it's pretty messy so there WILL be changes in the plot of the original story but they won't be too big.

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