Title: Bullet to the Leg

Disclaimer: Me no own, you no sue.

Warning: Slash, language

Pairing: Derek/Stiles (est. relationship)

Note: Sheriff's 2nd POV; the sheriff knows about the werewolves.


The first thing that crossed your mind was: fuuuuck.

The second thing was that you needed to go see Allison's father and get two of those special bullets. Because – honestly? – there was no way in hell that you were going to let Derek-fucking-Hale get away with screwing your son without at least one bullet in the shoulder.


Okay, Stiles loved the (much older) man – so you would take it easy on Derek-fucking-Hale and just shoot him in the thigh.


You ignored Stiles and shot the Alpha werewolf once. You then tracked the rifle so it was pointed between Derek-fucking-Hale's eyes and snarled,

"You hurt my boy the next one's going in your brain. You hear me?"

You didn't wait for a response as you tossed the second bullet to Stiles and told him to clean up his boyfriend.