I was tired of being me. People wonder why Buttercup, the most stubborn of the powerpuff girls would join a retired gang in a band. No one cares that I can sing. No one cares that the band is actually gaining momentum outside of Townsville. No one cares that I'm not just "The Toughest Fighter."

I guess I wanted to prove that I can be more than a fight-crazed tom boy. I can put heart into music, and I do. I am being super, without help from my powers.

And yes, I left for Ace, too. I still don't know how that happened. I guess I'll get to that. Let me start at the beginning.

It was just after another battle with another monster. Boring, and easy. And some kid in the crowd, he couldn't have been more than ten, pulled his mom's sleeve and pointed at me as we flew down. He said something I couldn't hear, but as I got closer I heard his mom reply, "That' Buttercup. She is a Powerpuff."

I was close enough to hear what he whispered to her next. "But why doesn't she smile?"

I looked at Bubbles and Blossom. They were both so happy about the dumb monster. I hadn't realized I was frowning. I tuned back into the conversation.

"Bubbles can speak Spanish, Blossom has ice breath, and Buttercup can curl her tongue."

I turned away, embarrassed. I looked at my sisters. They were so proud. I suddenly felt horrible. I wasn't like them. We were graduating in two months. I didn't know about them, but fighting monsters every day was not part of my plans for life. I went home thinking the problem over. For a the first time in a while I didn't feel like hitting something. I felt... empty.

I waited until Blossom and Bubbles fell asleep that night, and I pulled out a notebook and a pen. After about twenty minutes, I had a list. I fell asleep satisfied that I had what I needed. I needed change, and I was going to start the next day.

I started small. I didn't want anyone to notice, in case they made a big deal about it. I went over #1 in my head again. I was glad it was Saturday. I left an hour before anyone else would wake up, and flew to a drug store. I got what I needed, and flew home. I still had enough time. I went to our bathroom and locked the door. I stared at the hair dye for awhile before I opened it. I put on the gloves, and got to work.

I was in the shower when Blossom woke up. I knew that because she was banging on the bathroom door.

"When are you going to be out?" she whined. "Buttercup!"

I got out quickly, making sure to cover my hair with a towel. "All yours," I said cheerfully.

Blossom blinked, and then walked past me to the bathroom without saying a word.

At her vanity, I took out her straightener and got to work.

Everyone was quiet at breakfast. The Professor came in talking about some project or other. Then he saw me and hadn't said anything since. Bubbles smiled at first, but saw the look on Blossom's face and fell silent.

Blossom couldn't decide weather to be mad, sickened, or scandalized. I almost laughed at the expressions she kept making, but thought better of it.

The Professor broke the tension, slowly saying, "Honey?"

He was staring at me, but I still gave him a Who, me? look as I said, "Yes?"

"Why are there green streaks in your hair?" he sounded like he wanted me to shake my head, and have all the dye fall out.

"Because I dyed streaks in it," I answered simply.

Blossom got up abruptly and left. I guess she picked mad.

I tried not to start yelling or to start hitting something.

After breakfast, I flew out to the Townsville Park. I started to worry about what I was doing. I made myself stop thinking it. I rummaged in my pocket, feeling for the piece of paper that held my reassurance. I read the list again, thinking about the final result. I saw a world I could live life by my own rules. I was done being a Powerpuff and done with Townsville. I felt better.

1 Change my hair- Add green and straighten

2 Stop dressing "super"-dress how I want to

3 Don't use powers unless I have to. Or try.

4 Change my name- Belle? Belladonna?

5 Find something to do- Fix bikes? Join a band?

6 Leave Townsville. ASAP