1 Change my hair- Add green and straighten

2 Stop dressing "super"-dress how I want to

3 Don't use powers unless I have to. Or try.

4 Change my name- Belle? Belladonna?

5 Find something to do- Fix bikes? Join a band?

6 Leave Townsville. ASAP

Two down, the world to go. I wasn't sure how to handle three. One of the main reasons I've never left is because I relied on my powers so much. I needed to get in the habit of not using them, or I wouldn't be taken seriously. So, I tried my very hardest not to immediately tackle Ace.

"Very nice," he said, smiling. "I need a singer like that." He leaned against the brick wall, begging for me to use my laser vision on him.

Instead, I contained myself. I felt a word slip out from between my gritted teeth. "Why?"

He glanced over his sunglasses, surprised. He expected a beating almost as much as I wanted to give him one. "Oh, uh, my band just signed for a tour, and our lead vocals had a little... ah, accident." He said, regaining his cool facade.

I thought about that. Surprising both of us again, I shrugged and muttered "Fine," before I walked around the corner onto the street.

I was getting too impulsive. Quickly, so as not to do anything (else) I might regret later, and to follow goal number three, I ran home.

It would take awhile, so I decided to sort out number four. I liked five names: Belle, Belladonna, Beatrice, Bree, and Brina. I went through the list on the way, and eventually got it down to the one that would not only seem like the least likely for me to choose, but also the obvious choice.


A/N Sorry it's short, but this chapter took a long time in my head, (almost a month! [sorry about that]) and there really is no better way to construct it. Other than the length and time, I apologize for nothing.