Chapter Nine


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Author Notes: What's the future hold for Steve and Kono post brain injury? His recovery has been remarkable and now they get to have a life together. Let's get hitched.

Grace sat on the bed in Kono's old room at home and kicked her feet. She was adorable in the traditional Hawaiian dress with a Haku lei on her head. Kono turned to look at herself in the mirror.

"Kono you look so pretty."

"Thanks Grace. I think you look beautiful too."

Malia and Kono's mother finished her hair and placed a beautiful red flower in it.

Kono's dress was a modern version of a traditional Hawaiian dress. It was strapless and Kono looked absolutely stunning in it.

"Steve is a lucky guy."

"Thanks Malia. That means a lot. I happen to think Chin's a lucky guy too. Mother what are you smiling about?"

"Your young man is squirming like an ant on a hot griddle. He looks so handsome Kono. The white wedding shirt is so debonair."

"Mother, please promise me you won't call him debonair to his face."

Malia and Grace burst into giggles.

"Why not?"

"Steve doesn't see himself as a debonair kind of guy. Getting him to wear white was hard enough as it was."

"What? Would he have preferred camouflage?"

The grins from Kono, Malia and Grace said an affirmative yes.

"Are you serious?

"…as a heartbeat. Can we just leave it at that?"

"Of course honey. We need to go. You've kept Steven waiting long enough."

"He likes to be called Steve, Mom."


Just as the sun began to tease the horizon, Kono picked up the simple flowers she had chosen and walked downstairs to meet her father. He offered his arm to her just as her mother took her other arm. Malia took her place behind Grace and they started across her parents' Lanai and down the stairs between dozens of luminaries to where Steve was waiting for her on the soft grass just at the edge of the sand. Tiki torches lit the entire wedding party and the wooden alter covered in hundreds of flowers. It was breath taking.

Grace grinned as she threw flower petals on the grass and a couple of times into the onlookers. Danny grimaced as he threw his head back and looked at the sky. Only his daughter would be so…free. It was his own fault. He looked over at Steve and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Steve snickering and winking at Grace. He was so happy to see Steve without a cane and not only standing on his own, but looking more and more like the warrior he had once known.

Chin's eyes lit up as he watched his beautiful wife walk towards him. She smiled at him and then winked at Steve looking over her shoulder to where Kono was standing with her parents.

Steve's eyes were trained on her beautiful face as she got closer and closer. He sighed as he took in her hair and the dress she was wearing. Her smile undid him with dimples that were so deep and eyes that twinkled as she approached him.

Her father and mother kissed her and then her mother kissed Steve and her father shook his hand.

They grinned at the person officiating their marriage and turned to take each other's hands and gaze into one another's eyes.

After a brief story about how their love came to be it was time for the exchange of vows.

Steve's surprised her by stepping forward closer to her and slipping his arms around her waist. He lifted her off her feet and brushed his nose affectionately against hers.


"Kono, for a long time now; months to be exact you have been holding me up emotionally and at times literally physically. There were times when I took things out on you. There were times when I was a mess emotionally. There were times when I was distant. There were times when I was lost. You never pushed me away, you never made me feel embarrassed for needing your help and you never held anything I did or said against me. You always encouraged me, always believed in me and always held my feet to the fire when I needed a swift kick in the pants. Even though at times communicating took everything I had you never finished my sentences or tried to hurry me up. I have loved you for over two years, but I fell in love with you these last most difficult days of all. Being with you now is sweeter than anything I could ever have imagined back before the accident. I know that you will always be vigilant, always be faithful and always believe in me. I love you so much. Marry me now?"

Steve sat her back on the soft grass and reached his hands up to cup her cheeks and brush the tears away. She smiled at him.

"Happy tears?"

Kono nodded and just looked at him for a few seconds before she started to speak.

"You have a lion's heart Steve. I knew that before this all happened and I loved and respected you for it. I never thought in a million years that my Lion Heart would take such a devastating blow to his life. I don't know when exactly it happened, but the love I had for you grew into a deeper love, a longer lasting and fulfilling love, an unconditional love that will keep me captive for the rest of my life. I've watched you go from being completely lost as to who you were to coming back literally from the dead. I've watched you struggle and fight all kinds of feelings and all kinds of personal demons to reclaim yourself and come out the other side an even better man for it, if that's possible. I love you so much it scares me sometimes. The future doesn't scare me though. Any future with you is certain to be filled with love, adventure and joy. I don't want to ever lose you. Marry me now?"

Sniffles could be heard from almost everyone there. Kono and Steve turned to look at Danny who was being especially loud and grinned.

"You okay, Brah?"

"Yeah…I…I'm okay, just happy."

This was followed by another round of tears from their short, blonde adopted brother. Grace skipped over to him and hugged him.

"It's okay Danno."

Kamekona grinned at Danny and continued the wedding ceremony. That's right he was a minister along with everything else he did. He winked at Steve and Kono before he led them through the exchange of the rings.

Both of them trembled as they slid simple gold bands on each other's fingers. Inside of each was the inscription 'no wave too big'.

Komekona smiled and in a loud voice proclaimed, "I now pronounce you husband and wife, Commander and Detective, Lovers and friends."

Cheers and screams interrupted the tranquility of the scene as Steve bent Kono over his arm and kissed her with all he had. Kono threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back. When he finally pulled her up right again, he kept his hands at her waist and kissed her some more. It was like they were the only two people on the beach.

Two hours later and after hugging the entire wedding party, Steve pulled on Kono's hand as he tried to get her in the horse drawn carriage Komekona had provided for them. It sure helped to have a cousin with so many businesses on the side.

The big guy stood holding open the door of the coach and dangling a set of keys in front of them.

"The driver will take you to your honeymoon location. Here are the keys. She's all gassed up. Everything you need is already there including your bags. You trust me don't you?"

They looked at each other and finally shrugged.

"We guess so."

"You're gonna love it."

Komekona scooped Kono up in his arms and hugged her.

They jumped in as fast as they could while being pelted with birdseed. Grace ran after the coach for about five houses and finally stopped holding her side and waving with all she had.

They turned to wave back at everyone and then sank into each other's arms, softly nibbling and kissing. They were totally unaware that the carriage had pulled up to a pier where there were dozens of small, yet over the top yachts. They looked at each other and remembered what Komekona had said about being gassed up.

"He didn't."

"He did."


Their coachman smiled at them and pointed to a gorgeous one in the fifth slip.

That's your ride. He left suggestions for places around the islands to set anchor over the next two weeks. He wanted me to give you this."

Kono looked at the gift card he handed her.

"It's good for all the gas you'll need over the next two weeks. He stocked it with steaks and enough food to last for a while. Congratulations you two."

Steve lifted Kono down out of the carriage with his hands at her waist. He took her hand and led her down to the boat. Once they were on the boat, they explored. The top was set up for light dining and lounging, but it had water skis and a variety of scuba gear and snorkeling equipment too. This was exactly the kind of honeymoon the two of them would want. They were always so busy protecting Hawaii that they hardly ever got to explore the rich islands that made up the state they both loved so much.

Steve went down first into the lower deck and swung Kono off the ladder into his arms when she followed him down.

He held her close and whispered to her.

"It's late. Let's stay here tonight and plan our trip in the morning over coffee. Right now I just want you."

"I want you too."

Steve looked at the lavish bedroom as he set Kono down and reached for her again. He slowly slid the zipper down on her dress while placing a soft, warm open-mouthed kiss to her shoulder.

Kono squirmed around as her dress pooled at her feet. She slowly unbuttoned Steve's shirt and pushed it off him while she placed the same open-mouthed kiss on his shoulder.

"I always wanted to make love while being rocked on a boat."

"Me too. This will be my first time."

"Every time with you is like the first time."

Steve lifted her onto the bed, shed the rest of his clothes and then divested her of the rest of hers. When they were finally lying together completely naked, Steve pulled the hand with her ring finger up to his mouth and kissed it before placing their entwined hands beside her head on the pillow. As they slid down more into the covers they exchanged a heated kiss and Steve smoothed Kono's hair back from her beautiful face. This was the beginning of an incredible life together. Both of them had a little moisture in their eyes as they just looked back at each other for a long time. Kono finally broke the sweet moment between them.


"Forever starts now."

The next two weeks were heaven on earth.

Steve was back. Really back.

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