I looked around the room; there were seven of us in total. I wasn't entirely sure who was who, but I had heard a lot about these people, I could kind of figure it out. Rumours say three of them volunteered for this. One of those three, standing on my right, was Guy Dangerous; a fairly average guy, in amazing physical shape, incredibly attractive, and a total jackass. He was an explorer, and so was Montana Smith. Mr. Smith was probably in his 30's; he was like a polite, tanned version of Guy. If it weren't for the current situation and the age gap of probably approximately 15 years, I could have found myself attracted to him. The third one to have supposedly volunteered for this was a really creepy-looking guy named Francisco Montoya. I knew very little from him other than he was legitimately wearing metal armour at the moment and he said his official title was 'the Conquistador'. I guess he's Spanish or whatever.

Barry Bones used to be a police officer, then he received the same notice Karma Lee, Zack Wonder and I received. We were either to become part of this group called 'The Temple Runners' or be sentenced to death. Barry seemed like a funny guy, but he had an attitude that I wasn't sure I could put up with. He seemed like the kind of guy that would have been really popular in High School, and I have never been too popular. Karma Lee like in the east, she was probably faster than all of us combined from what I've heard, but that just made me question her endurance, how long would she last? Zack Wonder was a name no one could go the week without hearing at least once. He was a star footballer player, and though I never had time to keep up with sports, I had seen his picture in magazines. Sadly, he wasn't as attractive in person as he was in the pictures.

As for myself, well, my name is Scarlett Fox. Some people call me a criminal, others don't know what to call me, and so they just go with 'escape artist'. They can call me what they want, I'll continue to call myself Scarlett.