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She was no Wendy. This violet-haired beauty with matching eyes – crystal eyes that bore into his soul. The depth in her mesmerizing gaze when she looked his way could melt his heart like ice cubes in the summer heat. She wasn't proper, lady-like or sweet, nor did she smile at him or offer kisses. She was reserved, sarcastic and mean, but he loved that about her; the edge, the cold – the mystery. She wasn't the type for adventure, unless they were the kind written with black ink on crinkly sheets of white paper and bound together with bindings and covers. She'd never smile at his jokes, nor laugh at his crazy antics, but instead scoffed and made a snarky comment about him wasting his time. She kept up this wall around her that no one could break down but him. And he loved that. She was no Wendy – oh, no she could never be – but despite all her faults, she meant much more to him than anything else in the world.

He was no Peter Pan. This green-skinned, jade-eyed young man that seemed to want nothing but her happiness. But she loved that. She loved the smile that reached his eyes and made them twinkle when he laughed, loved his voice that oddly reminded her of the smooth slide of silky fabric, loved his warm calloused hands against her frigid ones when he'd brush against her in the hallway. She'd be mean, and push him away, but he always came back, always forgave. She'd never felt so much love from anyone - her mother, her father, her people – as much as she'd felt from him. He was there, always there to catch her, hold her, protect her. He was no Peter Pan – definitely not – but he'd given her so much more than a paradise world hidden in the sky.

He'd wait until the stars twinkled in the night sky and for everyone else to fall asleep before creeping into her room and sliding under the covers with her. The chill of night was her cover, allowing her to let go of the mask she put on during the day, and letting him break down her walls and reach her. He was the only one who could see past the mask and break down the walls of her heart, and he was the only one she'd ever allow to. He could feel the contentment in her; his arms securely around her petite frame and her head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. She was content to stay there, the steady thump-thump of his heart lulling her to sleep. Her eyelids grew heavier as he rubbed circles on her back, making her feel safe and warm in his arms. He was always there in the bleak darkness to hold her and give her chaste kisses underneath the warmth of her black down comforter, watching the stars come out to bejewel the night sky through the large window in the room with her. Some nights they'd speak, but most nights they'd just love the feeling of being together. And this night just happened to be a silent one, full of unspoken words understood, feelings exchanged, and kisses accepted and rewarded with a few more. He heard her sigh contentedly as she drifted off to sleep and smiled softly down at the top of her head.

She was no Wendy, and he was no Peter, but they belonged together like sand and the ocean. This might not have been paradise, but here, under the silver moonlight and black, down covers was their Neverland.

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