Peter, come quick!

They're locking up my windows,
And drawing down the blinds
In hopes that it might make me
Leave you and your world behind.

Peter, please hurry!
I'm pushing agianst them with all my might,
They keep trying to lock my windows,
But I won't go down without a fight!

If you knew what they were doing,
Would you come to rescue me?
Dagger in hand, would you keep pursuing,
Until I'm in your arms, safe and free?

Hurry Peter, please, please do.
They're trying to take away my faith in you.

Peter Pan, can you even hear me at all?
You never answer anymore when I call,
I'm growing tired of these games we're playing,
I'm still waiting at the window, despite all that they're saying.

Peter, take me to Neverland one more time,
I'll hold your hand if you hold mine.
Peter, tell me quick and tell me true,
Won't you take me back with you?

Peter, don't you know I'm wearing thin?
I miss your laugh, I miss your grin.
They're slowly starting to win this war,
I'm not sure what I'm supppsed to do anymore.

My Dearest Peter, please, please, please.
I can't do this much longer with any ease,
I'm growing up too much, too fast.
My childhood to the side they've made me cast.

But Peter, I'd be lying to you if I said,
I'd rather stay here in the warmth of my bed,
Than fly out the window with you hand in hand,
Into the second star on the right, straight on to Neverland.

But I've been waiting so long,
My hope's been diminished.
Here is where I belong,
With all this, I'm finished.

Growing up is an adventure all on its own,
And it's something that I have to choose to do alone.
So good-bye, my dear Peter, leave you I must,
But I'll always believe in you with faith, trust and pixie dust.

Peter, the window will always be unlocked, it's true.
But it's closed - I've grown up,
I can't come back with you.

I cried when I wrote this. No joke. This is kinda personal to me I guess, so I don't really want any flames. Any of my other works you can flame, but just not this one, please. Anyways R&R...


"Even though the magic's gone, the story lives on, and there's a twinkle left in your eye - a tiny remnace of it all. Do you believe in magic?"