OC Dimensional Journeys: World of One Piece Chapter 1

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FYI: This fic is a continuation from my prequel fic of OC Dimensional Journeys that introduces my OC and what happens before the great journey starts for him. Also this fic has been edited a bit for mistakes and missing things from it, future chapters like this one me be changed to fix certain annoying glaring missing facts and changes that need to be done to it.


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Continued from previous fic - OC Dimensional Journeys: Prequel :-

I walked towards one of the glowing spheres, took off the cloth covering it and look at the symbol of this world for the first time which at the sight of it makes me grin with glee at this world being my first choice which I feel and know will be a great choice.

Just as I am about to touch the orb thinking on when I should arrive in that world so that I can have a chance of meeting them and being a part of their group Isis call's me out "David hold on for a moment," I pause in my reach of the orb as I lower my arm to my side and turn to where Isis is standing now near the centre of the room with what looks like 3 small trunk's standing on 3 separate stone pedestals with Isis behind them.

Curiously I walk up to the trunks and see that they each have an image carved into them. The first one looks like it has a figure of a man surrounded in a circle by different coloured Gem's which I notice have resemblances to rubies and emerald's along with other gem types.

The second trunk has a figure of a man standing tall and proud while he is surrounded by some kind of energy which also seems to be glowing in the man's carved out eyes

The last trunk has the picture of a large and tall black feline like creature that strangely looks humanoid.

I look at Isis and ask in astonished awe "Are these what I think they are?" she nod's and says "Each one of a different type and all very powerful one's too," I stare at the chest's mulling over which to open and decide on when I feel as if the second trunk is calling out to me making me reach out my hand and place it on the trunk's picture, once I had done this the lock of that particular trunk opens up with a 'click' making me then open it up as I view my prize.

It was very much like how I thought it would be, as it was as large as a pineapple but looked like a strawberry except its skin was deep blue and the swirly seed's where white in colour.

I pick it up by hand and sniff it but no scent comes from it, I am about to eat it when Isis stop's me by saying "Are you sure you pick this one?" I nod with a smile and I gently take my first bite but after I swallow it I taste an extremely bitter and unpleasant taste that nearly makes me throw it back up but I force it back down and continue eating the whole thing, grimacing at the taste as I devour the special fruit wondering what gift's it will give me.

Once I'd finished eating it all, I see Isis holding what looks to be a cup of water which I take gratefully and try to wash the taste out of my mouth, noticing the flavour of strong mint which helps me get the taste out of my mouth and hand back to her of which she makes it somehow disappear.

Once she has done so I look at Isis and ask her "Anything else that I need to do?" she shakes her head and says back,

"I had nearly forgotten to give you one of those fruit's as you will need it to survive in that particular world and when you arrive you will find yourself on a specially created Island that I have kept for other's who have journeyed to that world but they have passed away now or are very old and near their end of their life, the Island is situated not far from the large trading island that you may know of and if not then you will remember what it is."

"The Island will be equipped with all of your need's for you to live and be able to work in that world also the island will be in the eastern parts of the ocean's of that world where you will be most needed for some time and may I suggest for the time you wish to arrive at, it should be 8 years before the group you wish to meet have passed by that island where you can meet them there or at the trading island."

I think on this and I can agree on how it would be beneficial to arrive some time before the group's journey so that I can build up a reputation and make myself have a living or a job to pass the time until I can meet them.

I nod to Isis agreeing on it and thank her for the gift and chance to experience all of this which she replies "It is my pleasure and I will only be a call away if you need me" I smile and walk back to the now uncovered sphere and place my hand on it thinking on when I wish to arrive and with a final thought of "Activate" I am soon covered by a glowing light and then I disappear with my last image of the smiling deity wishing me good luck.

Secret Island - East Blue

I wake up on a beach and as I take a moment to gather myself I begin to remember what had recently happened and where exactly am I making me smile wide in excitement as I cannot believe I am in the world of One Piece.

I look around the island to find that it is not very big but not too small, it is just a perfect size for me and I also notice a semi large house that looks like it is well cared for and when I begin to walk up to the house I notice that there is an actual mail box which appears to have mail in it as the red flag is up signifying that mail is inside the box.

I open the mail box and see that there is a envelope inside and as I take it out I see my name written on it in writing that looks to be of feminine handwriting; I open the envelope and see that it is a letter from Isis which read:

Dear David,

I have left this letter to explain a few things, first off the Devil Fruit that you have already eaten was a Paramecia type and is known as the Aura-Aura Fruit, a very special Devil Fruit.

Aura (one of many names for this power and energy) is the known spiritual variation of Life-Force Manipulation, it is the energy that is formed from one's achievement of spiritual power through extreme mental focus and strong emotions. Users of this power are able to increase their natural abilities, attract and repel the aura of others, sense the aura, and project it.

The power/attributes of the aura also changes with one's mood or usage of said aura, There are 7 types of auras, each with their attributes/abilities and colours which are:

Red Aura - Deals with physical nature and aspects

Orange Aura - Deals with emotion and its manipulation of it.

Yellow Aura - Deals with self-energy and willpower over Aura and things related to it.

Green Aura - Deals with psychic healing or mental wounds/scars/illnesses.

Blue Aura - Deals with intelligence and its enhancement of it.

Indigo Aura - Deals with mental communication and all that it entails.

Violet Aura - Deals with awareness of illusions and obtaining a higher consciousness when either blinded or affected by a substance or another persons own powers

Secondly this house has been used by many others who have came to this world much like you have and has became a sort of base or retreat where they can relax and train themselves how to use their power's and abilities for their own journey's in this world.

There is a training room and large empty arena underneath the house through an entrance at the back of the house which can be used to train yourself but also learn how to fight an opponent and if necessary I can help you train if needed but only if you really need me for it.

Lastly If you wish to leave the island to travel to different places then there is a small ship docked not far from the house as it is by a pier on the northern side of the island whereas the house is situated on the western side of the island so it is not that far away if needed, also inside the house it is fully stocked with food and clothes that you can wear along with a large library that has plenty of information about this world and many other topic's for you to learn at your pleasure.

I wish you luck in your journey


I smile at the letter as I walk up to the front door and open it after finding the key for it inside the envelope where when I go inside I find that the house is very nicely decorated with polished wooden floors, comfortable and nice furniture along with all of the rest of the things a house should have. I wander around finding the different room's as there are a few bedroom's but the room at the top floor (as there is three floor's) is the master bedroom where the bed is made from a dark redwood tree with midnight blue bedding along with covers for it, the rest of the room's furniture is made from dark redwood also which he liked as it fit well to him, with all of the dark colour's blended together.

I walk back downstairs to check out the hidden training room, as I go outside to see the entrance for it which is in fact a cellar door and I see that it is locked up. I look around the house for the key to the cellar door and I find it in a drawer in the master bedroom, with the key I go back to the cellar door, unlock it and go inside. I walk down a set of stone steps until I feel like my hand is over a light switch on the wall which when I turn on I see what the training room is like and it amazes me at how large it really is and how useful it will be for me as I think "This is going to be wonderful."

That is it for the moment and I hope you like the beginning of my One Piece fic. I will make the second chapter some time later until I have a few more details and things for me to use for it also certain reviews have made me change some facts like how my characters Devil Fruit was a Logia type but it is now a Paramecia type and how I was not using different sources that taught me about the powers that come with my OC's DF.

Also my OC is 10 years behind the current story-line in the One Piece Anime/Manga - for reference see the Wikia page for OP and search for the timeline.