Ehehe~ yeah, I thought my account looked a bit lonely without anything on it so yeah try imagine them saying all of this is a funny accent :P (and please don t go too hard on meh, it s meh first fan fic k?) :D

"WHAT LUKE? WHAT IS IT? WHAT?" Layton shouted back, almost falling off the couch in his office, while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and saving his antique tea-cup from falling off the coffee table.
Who said men couldn't multi-task?
"You got a lettah professahhh!" Luke said. (AN: ok, well, more like shouted extremely loudly, but it s a normal thing for him, so I'll just stick to said.)
"Oh my..." said Layton, taking the letter from his rabid self-proclaimed apprentice and leaning back on his worn out couch.
"Who's it from professah?" asked Luke.
"It's from a Lady D-Da-" The Prof. wasn't really sure on how to pronounce Dahlia.
"Well, there's a first time for everything professah!"
"Shush Luke." Layton scanned the letter through, Luke looking at it over his shoulder.
"Look Professah," Luke said, pointing at a particular line on the letter. ",she's a widow, you may have a chance with her!"
"Ohhh, she's a Baroness, maybe if you hooked up with her, you will get the money too!"
"JUST BE QUIET LUKE!" Layton shouted, stuffing his antique tea-cup in Luke's mouth.
Luke went quiet.
"Hmmm," Layton mumbled to himself, "Luke, it seems our destination is St Mystere let s get going."
"Wouu eh aonoile oessah!" replied Luke. (He's saying: To the Laytonmobile professah! )
"Should I be at least a little bit alarmed at the fact that I could understand you?"
"Ouid ae o u ay oesaah?" ( Stupid name won't you say professah?)
"Leave the Laytonmobile out of this Luke, let's go..." Layton replied, mentally face-palming.
The teacup seemed to have moved slightly deeper into Luke's mouth.

Yeah, well .. :D BTW, if I offended any of you guys for making fun of Luke or Layton, do note that it was not intended :P (Though Legal obviously beats both of them ;P)