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Seeing Grey - Part I - Wane

A crash of lighting lit up the sky, illuminating the outline of a fast-moving figure in the streets. Cloak drawn over his entire body, the man stepped under a tavern doorway before slipping inside. Rain poured down without mercy outside, and a very sodden Remus Lupin sat down on a stool at the crowded bar.

Hey, no kids in the bartender snapped as Remus lowered his hood. For thirteen he was very tall, strongly built and mature looking, but not close enough to count as legal.

Mister, I have no where to go until the rain stops. I'm not drinking so what the hell's the problem?

This place is fer payin' customers only. he said over the hustle as the crowd cheered. A television in the center of the bar revealed a Muggle soccer game that had the attention of most of the men. Many of them were yelling in drunken slurs, and shouting hysterically over a referee's call.

Remus emptied his damp pockets, slapping down a few pound notes. The bartender peered at him for a moment, but pocketed the cash for himself. He smiled at the tattered, hooded boy and shrugged a little.

May I have a soda, or some food? he asked after his stomach gave a violent lurch.

We ain't got nothin' but steak and water, for you.

Alright then. he replied, scurrying for enough money to pay the bill. A few minutes afterward a plate was shoved in front of his face, a less-than-perfect slab of meat and a cup of uniced water. Cautiously, he poked at the fork, and snatched his hand back quickly, sucking on the finger as though stung. Much to his luck, his actions were not noticed, and he slipped the sleeve of his cloak over his hand before touching the silver utensil again.

Haven't eaten lately, eh? the man asked, wiping out a glass. Remus' face was already covered in sauce, and he was quickly and savagely devouring the small portion of meat.

I'm just hungry. he mumbled, slowing down a little. Within minutes his meal was gone, and he was left to wait out the storm on his own. Reaching into his satchel, he pulled out a one of the few possessions he had brought with him, a small calender, and frowned.

August 25th? How will I get there on time, it's been so hard this far... Remus mused. With a deep sigh he checked off another date on the calendar in red pencil.

Hey, you a'right lad? one man asked, tapping him on the shoulder.

Just tired... I've been traveling, for a while. he stammered. The old and slightly drunk man raised an eyebrow, and tilted Remus' chin up idly.

You look kinda sickly, worn and beaten. Get in a fight or summin'?

It was very true, and Remus knew it. Remains of scars lingered underneath his shaggy unwashed hair, and his eyes were shadowed with worry.

No, I told you, I'm just tired. I haven't slept in a few days. The man mumbled something, and left as his team scored a goal and the crowd erupted into a fit of yelling all as one.

Excuse me, mister? Remus asked, trying to get the bartenders attention once again.

Do you know of any inexpensive Inns around here? I need a place to stay for the night.

'Cho a runaway or sumthin? he asked hand teetering near the telephone for a moment.

No sir, I'm visiting my mother, she's ill. I just need to bunk one night before I go visit her. he lied.

Where at?

South Georgetown Hospital, sir. Remus said nervously. The mans hand moved back to cleaning the glasses, and he looked convinced enough.

The Green Dragon, righ' up the street. Sweet old granny runs the place, she'll give ya a room for free if you clean up after yourself. Remus nodded his head, and stood up.

You ain't going out in that storm kid, are you? he yelled. Remus had already opened the door and stepped outside by the time he heard, and his only response was pulling his hood tighter around his face.

Hello sonny, what can I do for you? A short odl lady, in her late eighties with the mass of gray hair to prove, smiled warmly as he walked inside the small Inn. Pulling down his saturated hood, he returned the smile and bit his lip.

Can I get a room ma'am? I'll only stay for the night, I'm leaving very early and-

Certainly sonny, no problem at all... No money I take it? she asked as he stepped up to the desk. Without waiting for a reply, she dug into a drawer and handed him a rusty gold key.

Right up the steps, room twelve. If you need anything don't be shy to ask, I'll be up all night tending to the others. she pat him on the head, and pointed to the staircase.

Thank you ma'am.

Not a problem, not at all. Please don't be afraid to ask if you need anything.

Climbing the creaky steps and fighting with a very old lock, Remus dragged himself gratefully into the fire-lit room. He threw his bag down in the corner, he sat on the edge of a neatly made bed and stared at the flame for a few minutes.

Almost feels like a home. he mumbled, lying down and shutting his eyes. Brief images of his mother flashed before his face, and ones of his elder brother.

All it needs is a family. Remus frowned to himself, trying to wedge out of the soaking cloak and sweatshirt.

Not that I ever had one. he added. After an unsuccessful motion to wriggle free of his shirt and pants, he landed on the wooden floor with a thump.

Stupid things. he grunted. Minutes later, he was lying with only his shorts under the thick quilted blanket, watching unsettling dreams of far off forests and a lone wolf.

Hey! Hey, you get back here!

Remus bolted off, grabbing frantically to gather his cloak. Turning down an ally, he jumped up to an old emergency escape ladder and plowed through a window to an abandoned apartment with his inhuman strength. Having an unnatural physique was the only advantage to werewolfism, he noted with a smile. He grinned, and peered over the edge of the window. Below, he heard the shouting of a town merchant and a few people he had rallied on the streets. Biting into one of his stolen fruits, he smiled in a guilty manner.

Hey, you damn kid! Get your ass back here! he bellowed, looking around for the missing thief. Kicking at the dirt path, he turned around, swearing all the while as he returned to his produce stand.

Hey, a guy's gotta eat. Remus told no one, starting on a banana.

Excuse me? Hello, can you- Sir? Hello, do you- Excu- Hey, can you dir- Which way is- Remus jumped to the side as he was nearly flattened by a trolly of luggage. All around him people butted by, pushing their belongings and running about frantically, ignoring the lost boy entirely. He sighed, and looked at the ticket in his hand.

Where the bloody is my platform? he mused, looking at the Platforms Nine and Ten signs in front of him. He was about to give up and go back to the streets, but a brief passage of conversation caught his attention.

...We'll be killed this year without a decent Keeper. Bloody Slytherin's knock us off every year.

Running to catch up with the band of trunk-toting oys, Remus tapped one black haired boy on the shoulder.

Hogwarts, ai? You're kind of big for a first year, aren't you?

Pete, mind your own damn business. the other black-haired boy snapped, blue eyes dancing. Sorry bout him, he's a right-o prat sometimes. he said. The first boy nodded, and led Remus through the platform to the Hogwarts engine.

Well, he is kind of right, you are a smidgen tall for a firstie. he noted.

I just moved in the area. he lied quickly, holding his satchel tight. The three boys gave him an odd look, but lost attention as their parents came to wish them goodbye. The first boy though, who Remus would learn was James Potter, stayed behind as the others hugged their relations and promised not to get expelled or kill any Professors.

Where are your parents? James asked, stepping onto the train and taking a seat in the middle compartment. Remus stood at the doorway, looking out the window at all the families, and sighed.

I don't really have a family in the manner you would expect. I live with my brother... he said quietly, beginning to go off for his own seats away. James grabbed him by the back of his torn and patched cloak, and pulled him down.

Stay a while. he said with a shrug as the others came in with their trunks and brooms, one boy playing with a lost owl.

So who are you anyway? the handsome boy asked.

Remus Lupin. came the small reply.

Well I'm Sirius Black. That's James Potter, and the stupid git to my left is Peter Pettigrew in all his idiocy. Sirius said with a smirk, playfully shoving the short, chubby brown-haired boy.

Leave him alone Sir. James muttered, helping Peter regain his balance. A little voice altered them that the train would be departing, and that all belongings should be secured.

Hey Remus, where's all you stuff? James noted, looking about for a fourth trunk or suitcase. Biting his lip, Remus tucked the satchel out of view, and acted as though he hadn't heard anything. James stared at it blankly, and raised his eyebrows.

Where's the rest of it? he asked, looking again under the seats.

That's all I have. he mumbled softly. For a moment the three other boys stared at him, but then decided it was none of their business. Sitting down, they waited as the train began to move, and heard they would be arriving at Hogwarts in approximately three hours.

So, er, Remus... Why're you starting Hogwarts so late? James tried several minutes later as Sirius and Peter went off to chase down a few girls.

I used to live in Canada, but my father died, so I moved back here with my elder brother. he lied, shrugging a bit. James just muttered an and looked around for something to do.

Play any Quidditch? he asked after spotting his own broom above the seats, tucked away.

Never have. Remus said shortly. The snack cart strolled in a few minutes later, and James eagerly bought a stash of candy and cakes. After all his travels, Remus was flat broke and just bit his lip.

Cho wan' som'in? James said thickly, halfway through a pastry. Smiling slightly, he nodded his head.

These are kinda good. he said ten minutes later, on his second bag of Every Flavor Beans and unwrapping a Chocolate Frog.

Uh huh. Cho ave um b'fore?

Not very often... We never have the money to buy sweets. he said, cheeks tinting red. James remained indifferent, and thought nothing of it as he swallowed his treat.

When my parents died, they left me a whole lot of money. I've always had everything I wanted, so... If you ever want something, just ask. Don't worry about it. he assured. I'm loaded.

Well anyway, are you going to Hogsmeade this year? You are a third year, righ'?

Yes, but I don't think I can go, exactly... I've had trouble with legal guardians lately, with the parent situation. he said, shuffling his feet a bit and gazing out the window at the passing landscape.

Eh, Dumbledore'll let you go.

Taking in a breath sharply, Remus simply nodded.

This is such a mistake... I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be making friends. They'll desert me, as soon as they find out...'

Jamsie! Sarah wants to talk to you for a minute! Sirius had stuck his head back into their compartment, a pretty blonde giggling behind him. He shoved the sliding door open, and James dragged himself into the room full of gitty girls. He came back a moment later, face flushed, eyes locked onto his feet.

Are you alright? Remus inquired quietly, nibbling on the remains of a Cauldron Cake.

Oh? Hm? Me? Yes... Just fine. he said, still blushing furiously. Remus shrugged, and decided to catch up on his lost sleep.

Hey, new kid... Wake up. Someone was shaking Remus, and he snapped back to reality. Wiping away a bit of drool, he gathered up his satchel and headed out the train into a flood of chaotic students.

Find Dumbledore... he muttered to himself, remembering the directions. After much shoving and jumping, he managed to catch a glimpse the smiling elder. After a breif greeting, he was led off by private carriage to the school.

Headmaster, sir, are you positive this is safe? he said after an uncomfortable moment. Dumbledore smiled, and nodded his head.

We've taken every precaution to ensure the safety of the students. And of yourself... Do not worry, everything will be fine. Remus swallowed, hoping beyond anything that he would not let it slip.

As long as I don't make any friends I'll be fine.' he reminded himself.

I've alerted a few of the professors you will have this year, and the Infirmary is fully prepared to move you about every month. Kind blue eyes gazed into Remus', and he felt oddly optimistic about the whole situation.

Now, on a more cheerful note. the Headmaster said, resting his hands on his lap. You are to be Sorted at the end of the first years, like a normal student. Which you are. he reminded. I wish you luck Mr. Lupin, and do try to make a few friends this year. From what Romolus tells me you are quite the lone wolf. He smiled warmly as the carriage stopped, and shuffled the boy out the door into the castle. He was greeted by a young, irritable raven-haired woman yelling at the first years to hush themselves. After a few odd glances and an explanation, he was following the mob of four-foot mages into the castle.

I do hope this all works out. Dumbledore muttered thoughtfully as the gigantic doors closed themselves.

Zalbash, Cameron!

Remus choked on his breath, a cold sweat breaking out all over his face. As his name was called, and he walked forward, a ripple of whispers spread throughout the Great Hall. He caught James' eye, and looked away sharply as he sat on the stool, waiting for McGonnagal to give him the hat.

Mr. Lupin is joining the third years, he moved in from Canada. she said shortly, placing the tattered headpiece over Remus' eyes.

Ah, a werewolf?

He nearly fell off the stool in fright. His eyes went blank, and his heart was threatening to tear through his flesh. Surely the school had all heard? But he noted with relief that no one was shouting, nor did anyone appear to be frightened. Peter Pettigrew, the shy bullied boy, even smiled up at him encouragingly.

They cannot hear you. the hat whispered in his ear.

Oh.' he thought, catching on to the mind tap.

To be burdened with such a curse has given you much to debate. You have a strong desire to fit in at all costs, and would do well with Slytherin for that.

That would be nice. Those boys wouldn't become my friends then, they couldn't find out about my problem.'

But you have a great mind, and you're loyal to a fault. You could do well anywhere.

Put me where I will have a lesser risk of being discovered. I have five years to go here, I do not need the extra risk.'

I would say Slytherin, but they will destroy you if you ever were revealed. it mused. Or Hufflepuff; they would not hold grudge for what you are, they will stay true.

Then put me there.'

No, it would not work. You want to be with your friends, deep down. You need to. it said, smiling to itself.

I want Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.'

Are you prepared to take that risk? It will decide the rest of your life.
Before Remus could think a protest or tell it off, the hat declared his fate.

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