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Chapter 1: In Which Demyx's Water Clones Irritate Xion

"Who else will I have ice cream with?" She'd love to answer, but she had already left her body, and now, she's returning to Sora, where she was supposed to be. What would it be like in Sora's heart? Maybe as bright and happy as he was? Or maybe it was as lifeless and empty as the castle. either way, it was where she was supposed to be.

Xion opened her eyes. Strange, she thought. Sora's heart was colorful. Pictures of his friends were on the floor, each in a circle and blue, with him on one side, eyes closed and colored fully. Recalling who she'd heard of, she recognized Riku, Donald, Goofy and... was that her?

No, that's Kairi, she reminded herself. Xion took a few steps forward to get a better look at the girl, when she heard a low whirring sound, and stopped dead in her tracks. One of the crown symbols next to Goofy was disappearing, and black stairway became visible from under it. Curious, she walked that way instead, asking herself where in The End of the World those stairs could lead to.

She was so shocked at what she found, she had to push her jaw back up to make sure no flies got in and threw a party in her mouth.

The staircase led to a luxurious living room, set with two wide couches and a multipurpose table at the center. On one side, a television set as wide as the glass portion of the floor in the Grey Area, and as thin as the handle on her keyblade showed her reflection, looking good as new. One corner had a small, round table adorned with a golden shade lamp, where a telephone – likely unused – waited to be picked up.

It appeared to her that Sora's heart was actually just a fancy hotel with an extremely fancy rooftop. Underwater.

Xion took a seat on the left couch and picked the remote up. Just before she pressed the power button, a door at the corner opened, and out popped a boy bearing a striking resemblance to Roxas... except without a shirt. The door shut immediately, while Xion stared and listened to rushed footsteps, likely going away from her. Seconds later, the same person came back, now fully clothed, in a white shirt and cream-colored shorts, while his feet were in fuzzy green slippers.

"Roxas?" Xion blurted out.

"Kairi?" Ven blatted.

She pointed to herself. "Xion."

"Ventus." His thumb pointed at him.

"Oh, sorry," Xion muttered shyly, "It's just, you look so much like him."

"Roxas, you mean?" Ventus responded, a little less nervous than before. "You look like Kairi. Which is a creepy coincidence."

"Yeah..." Xion wracked her brain for something to say.

An awkward silence hugged the room like a little girl would on a stuffed toy and refused to let go. It ran away, luckily, when Ven made a suggestion. "Wanna go play some games with me?"

"Sure," Xion replied, her eyes bright. They both made their way through a door on the right side of the room to another room, which had a door with "NO KEYBLADE, NO ENTRY" written in black marker. "Keyblade?"

"Yeah..." Ventus said, looking at the floor, "I had two friends a long time ago. The three of use practiced using Keyblades together, but we got seperated at some point." He paused. "I haven't seen them since." He recalled two people one boy and one girl, with brown hair and blue. "I hope they're still okay."

"I used to use a Keyblade, too," Xion said brightly. Ven perked up at this. "Roxas and I both used Keyblades, but Roxas was always a week of practice better than I was." She turned to him. "What are your friends' names?"

"Terra and Aqua," Ven answered.

"'Terra sounds like a girl's-"

"Yes it does," he suddenly interrupted. Xion understood and let a small smile play at her lips. "Y'know, I'm really glad I got someone else to be with in here. this place is so... lifeless." He smiled at her and walked into his room. She followed and closed the door behind her, and they began to play a game of Mario Kart, then Kingdom Hearts 2, which Xion was shocked to discover. Ventus, however, explained that it was just a very peculiar and unlikely coincidence, and the two began to play, taking turns every now and then. A few hours passed, but the last half hour yielded less fruit than the last few, for Xion and Ventus encountered a boss that they both considered extremely difficult. Finally, Xion shouted in a fit of frustration.

"AARGH! Why is it so hard to beat those water clones?" she exclaimed angrily, "And I thought Demyx was a wimpy slacker!"

"Guess Sora and company aren't that fast," Ventus said.

"Great. Now what?" Xion crossed her arms and dropped the controller, thinking about something to do. If they were in Twilight Town, she'd have no trouble dropping a half-eaten ice cream on the head of an unsespecting passerby, but they were alone, and she wasn't seated high enough above Ventus to drop anything on his head. In fact, he was using Xion's head as a popcorn stand while he sat on the bed and watched her fail at beating Demyx.

Suddenly, Xion remembered something. "Why weren't you wearing a shirt when you saw me?"

Ventus nearly choked on a seed of unpopped popcorn as he heard 'shirt'. He coughed it out and cleared his throat before speaking. "When you stay alone in a hotel for, ahem, ten years, you stop caring."

"Well, you're not alone now, buddy-that-looks-like-my-other-buddy," Xion warmly said, forgetting about that one boss that neither she nor he could beat no matter how much level grinding they did.

"I know," he answered, smiling. He popped another piece of popcorn into his mouth.

"...And another thing, Ven."


"Please stop eating on my head."


Shortly later, Xion felt something cold atop her head, followed by a slurping sound.

Recently, I have defeated the Vanitas Remnant. It was hard, and needed jumping, explosions, and ice cream.

...Yeah, I beat the most evil force in the game using a keyblade made of Ice cream. I didn't even hit him, because I swear, ice cream flew out of my keyblade and KILLED HIM. Yeah, so apparently, you can beat him by flinging a scoop of blueberry ice cream at his face.

Oh, and tell me if this is worth continuing, 'cause I'm not sure if the concept is okay or not. Thanks for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your time reading this.

..If this is continued, however, I will try to make it better.