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Aiko P.O.V.

"Are you sure you will be okay dear?"

I sighed as quietly as possible, turning to face my mother. Here we go again, I thought as I pasted on my fake cheerful smile. "I'll be fine, Mother. If I don't leave now, I'll be late." I said, grabbing my favorite school bag, the black one that I had fixed up myself. The other bags that I had were designer bags, and I hated them.

"Wait, aren't you taking the limo?" Mother asked, seeing me run for the door.

"No way-erm, no I'll be fine. Goodbye!" I replied as I slipped out the door. Whew, that was a close one... I thought as I ran in the direction of my new school. Oh, dang it, I'm going to be late! To save time, instead of going through the front, I ran to the back of the school and climbed to the top of the wall. As I jumped down, it occurred to me that it was probably not the best idea to do that in a dress. Oh well, I don't care. Running inside, I stared down the empty hallways. Chemistry class 1/1, where are you? I looked around for about five minutes before I finally found the door.

"Sorry I'm late." I said as I walked in, bowing quickly. "I couldn't find the door." As I looked around the room, I noticed that basically everyone in the room was a guy! The guys stared at me,before yelling "It's a girl!" A lot of them started running towards me, but the first few got a taste of my heavy bag. They fell to the ground, and started laughing, until a boy with short black hair walked up to them and started lecturing them.

"Class, this is Daisuke Aiko. Aiko, why don't you go sit by Hayaka?" The teacher said, gesturing to said girl. I looked around, and saw the empty chair beside a girl with pink hair.

"Okay." I murmured, as I went to sit down.

Hayaka P.O.V.

"GOOD MORNING SCHOOL GANG LEADER!" greeted me as I reached the school.

"Good morning?" I replied nervously, looking between all the boys.

"School Gang Leader, we will carry you to the classroom!" The boys announced happily.

"That's really not-" I started to say, but stopped when Katou grabbed me and ran for the classroom.

"Are you okay Banchou?" He asked once we were safely inside, ignoring the yells echoing down the hall.

"Yeah, thanks Katou!" I replied, smiling. He turned away with a blush, getting up to confront the guys who had just walked in. Once everyone came in and sat down the teacher made an announcement. The teacher said we would be getting a new classmate, but they hadn't arrived yet. Of course, Ichiro and Mirai wanted it to be a girl, as did most of the class.

Another girl would be nice. I thought as I grabbed my books. We were just about to start when the door opened, and in walked...a girl! She was slightly taller than me, with a thin frame, and long red hair. Her uniform(which was originally white like mine) was made up of a black jacket and red dress, unlike my white jacket and dress. She had a black school bag with chains and studs on it, and it seemed to be very heavy. Immediately, the boys ran to get her, but she smacked some of the boys with her bag. Katou immediately got mad at the boys for messing with her, then escorted them back to their seats.

"Class, this is Daisuke Aiko. Aiko, why don't you go sit by Hayaka." The teacher said. Then the girl walked over and sat down beside me, in between me and Mirai.

"Hello, how are-" I started to say, but stopped when I heard the teacher ask us to open up our school books. Interrupted again! Oh, well. I know! I'll just ask her sit with us for lunch! Smiling, I opened up my chemistry book.

Aiko P.O.V.

At lunchtime, I was stuck looking for a place to sit. There were boys everywhere!

"Aiko! Over here!" came a voice behind me. I turned to see Hayaka waving me over to a table. There were already four other people there, the black-haired boy, a boy with orange hair, a boy with blue hair, and a boy that had red hair with a dyed black fringe. I walked over to the table, and Hayaka moved over to make space for me. Once I'd sat down, she made introductions.

"This is Katou," she said pointing to the black-haired one. "This is Shun," the orange-haired one. "This is Ichiro," the blue haired one. "And this is Mirai." the red-haired one.

"You should be careful around here," Katou murmured. "We have fights almost everyday."

Everday? I could hardly believe my luck! "You don't say." I replied, giving him a curious look.

Mirai nodded excitedly. "Here," he said, taking my bag. "I'll put a metal plate in it."

Hayaka laughed. "I need to remove one of mine. I have two in here."

"Speaking of fights," Ichiro put down his lunch, taking a newspaper from his bag. "Did you hear that there was another sighting of Akio?" Hearing that name, I almost choked on my drink. Oh no, not again.

"Akio?" I asked hesitantly, hoping I didn't look too suspicious.

"Yeah," said Mirai. "Akio Hitoshi. He defeated the Takeshi gang four months ago, the most notorious gang in Dechuan. And he was only in middle school!" Before I could say anything, the bell rang again.

"Well, lunch time's over, let's get back to class." Hayaka murmured as she cleaned up her space."Let's go."

"Sure thing." I replied as I followed the group back towards the classrooms. I should be careful at this school. Who knows who's watching.

After school, Mirai walked with me to my house, since apparently he lived near me. On the way there, I decided to ask him about Akio. Anything that made him think I didn't know about the guy.

"So where was he seen this time? That Akio guy?" I asked.

"Well, he was spotted near the beach. He beat up some boys, some of which are students at our school." Mirai answered, before turning to me. "It happened last week. So, Aiko, where do you live?"

I cringed inwardly. Well, since he's walking with me, I might as well tell him. Though I really don't want to. I stopped, and pointed at a mansion a few blocks away from us. He froze, then gaped as he took it in.

"So, you're family is well off, huh?" he muttered awkwardly. I blushed, but quickly regained control of my embarrassment.

"Yeah well," I said, sighing. "Sometimes I wish I could just be normal."

We walked the rest of the way in silence until we reached my house.

"So, do you want me to come by tomorrow?" Mirai asked, stopping in front of the gate.

I stared at him, probably gaping. "Tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Do you want me to walk you to school?" He asked again.

"Sure." I replied, as a smile broke out on my face. "You don't mind?" "

No, it'll be fine." Mirai said, chuckling. "I'll be here at seven thirty, so don't forget!" He threw me a fake salute, before turning and waved to me before starting to walk towards his house.

I couldn't help but smile. He's actually a pretty nice guy. I thought as I walked inside.

"Welcome home Miss Aiko." One of the maids took my bag, smiling at me. "How was your day?" I thought about it for a minute.

"Well... it was certainly different, but is was nice."