"Can you really blame me?"

I asked Dean as I peered out the shattered and rotting window. Hordes of infected host human beings (A.K.A Zombies) gathered at the entrances and exits of the deserted 3-story Victorian mansion that mw and my partner were now occupying. We wandered in circles in the cramp and stuffy guest quarters, which was now a guest room to welcomed spiders and cobwebs. At each passing minute, between the howling winds and the constant bone-chilling groaning from our company outside, the little bit of hope we had left was diminishing. Their thirst for blood in flesh radiated throughout their large numbers and it was just as sickening as it was frightening.

"Yes I can." Dean said glaring back at me, giving me his famous death stare, like he was seriously considering shooting me before we met our impending doom, " but I'm not goin' out without a fight!"

I smiled at him, an unknown new energy source coursing through my body, intensifying my emotions and my urge to make it out of this crap alive! I made a silent promise; I swore on my soul that I would get us BOTH out of this mess alive.

"So," I said, ejecting the magazine in my pistol,

"How's our ammo looking?"

To my disappointment there were only two bullets left in the slots and I suddenly regretted shooting those first three zombies and ran alternative scenarios through my brain. Dean removed his backpack, rummaged through it for a quick second and turned to me.

" If we get out of here 'alive'," he added extra emphasis on the "alive",

" We'll be good for two more days."

He glanced out the window into the vast quantities of the undead and grimaced.

" I seriously doubt we'll make it."

I stared at him for a long minute, a bit longer than necessary, and shunned him. He seriously thought we were going to die, well I couldn't blame him though, but I had a plan.

" Quit being such a pessimist." I said.

I went into Deans backpack and took two fully loaded magazines and a grenade, since I thought it would come in handy.

"Well," I said, exchanging ammo packs between my two pistols, " Let's get this party started."

I pondered for a short while. The zombies were getting restless and it would only be a matter of minutes before the doors gave in and I became fourth meal. The entrances and exits were inaccessible so the only plausible way out was through the window. We were on the second floor of the Victorian height and even then it was a long drop so if I were to jump down I would have to land just right or I would forever have the posture of a frog. Our car, which was hidden in the woods across the clearing, was about a football field's length away and if we ran fast enough, we could just make it.

I smiled to myself and turned towards Dean.

" You said you ran track in college right?"

I asked while juggling the grenade between my unoccupied hands.

"Yeah," Dean replied quizzically,


"Because you're gonna be doin' a whole lot of runnin',"

and with that, I unclipped the grenade and tossed it out of the window. Quickly after, I raised the frame and perched myself for my oncoming jump.

"I'll clear a path for you, then you jump and take off."

He gave me a knowing nod and only seconds later we heard and felt an earth shaking "BOOM!"