The Truth of Maximilian. J. J. Russo

Take's place during the end of the family competition. What if Max wasn't happy with how everything ended and had a back up plan if he lost. Poor Alex and Justin.

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Max's POV

How can they all be happy for them. There breaking the Wizard law ! One wizard per fucking family ! It should have been me, I'm supposed to be the family wizard not Alex and how the hell can Professor Crumb's make Justin a wizard but also break the law on top of it. Fine I can't be the family wizard then fine there going to regret this. There going to wish they made me the family wizard with the pain I'm going to make them go threw. What a shock this is going to be , that little dumb Max is going to put his big brother and sister in pain and walk away from the whole family. Thought Max with a evil smirk on his face.

" Well, hate to to ruin this little party but no wait I'm going to have fun . Isn't the Wizard law and I quot one wizard per family. " asked Max as he looked at Professor Crumb's.

" Why yes, it is but Justin is the perfect replacement for me. So I bent the rule's for him." said Professor Crumb's as he smiled.

" Good to know it's okay to break the law. Since you did it I'm going to do it to." said Max as he slowly walked towards his sibling's.

" Max son I know your hurting to but what ever your thinking just stop. You got the sub shop." said Jerry as he frowned.

" Oh, shut the fuck up dad. No one want's to eat there and you fucked it up by listening to Justin instead of me. It's always about Justin or Alex what about me. WHAT ABOUT MAX , HUH !" yelled Max as he glared at his father and mother.

"Max come on stop goofing around and be happy for us. We get to be with Mason and Juliet." said Alex as she rolled her eye's.

" Oh , but Alex I'm not goofing as you call it. Since you got the magic and so did out dear big brother. I'm going to take something from you to FOREVER and make you feel the PIAN I FEEL." said Max as he glared at her. Max pulled out a small vile of a purple and green stuff in it.

" This little thing I brewed up will make you feel lot's of pain but it'll make me feel very happy. With this I'm going to take away your true love's, they'll disappear forever. " said Max as he threw the vile on the ground. The smoke slowly went in the air and vanished.

" Hahaha, look's like it didn't work" said Justin as he laughed. Max smirked and shook his head just like Justin to be a jerk.

" Just wait bro and Mom , Dad I'm leaving this family and don't ever want to see you again." said Max as he smiled at his parent's.

" JUSTIN" yelled Juliet as her feet started to disappear. Justin ran to her and held her.

" MAX STOP IT NOW, I'LL GIVE YOU MY MAGIC. PLEASE STOP IT" cried Justin as Juliet vanished in his arm's.

" Oh here come's part two. Hope it's fun as part one. HAHAHAHA" said Max as he laughed evil and evil laugh. Alex looked at Mason but he looked fine.

" Alex" said Harper as she looked at her see threw hand's.

" HARPER" yelled Alex as she ran towards Harper. Harper looked at Max with tear's in her eye's.

" Why Max, Why" cried Harper as she disappeared.

" Hahahaha, Now that was way better then anything I was expecting." said Max as he had a big smile on his face.

" Bring her back , BRING HER BACK NOW" screamed Alex as she whipped out her wand and pointed it at Max.

" Have fun looking for me and please do have fun knowing that you'll never see your girl's again." said Max as he pulled out a green ball of dripping goo.

" Oh and Alex you should of fucked Harper at least she's hot Mason's nothing but a fucking weak pussy but hell you chose wrong and got the dog" said Max as he threw the ball on the ground. In a flash of bright green light , Max was gone.

" " screamed Alex as she watched him vanish. Justin and Alex where crying and everyone stood in silence never thinking Max would do something so evil.

W.O.W.P Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place

Dun Dun , dun , DUNNN ! Evil Max