The Truth of Maximilian. J. J. Russo

Take's place during the end of the family competition. What if Max wasn't happy with how everything ended and had a back up plan if he lost. Poor Alex and Justin.

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" Dad , what happen. Why is Harper gone and not Mason" said Alex as she wiped her tears away from her eyes. She was confused, hurt and felt betrayed by her baby brother. When Alex saw Harper disappear she felt like someone ripped out her heart and set her on fire.

" It seem's Harper is your true soul mate." said Jerry as he frowned , it hurt him so bad that his son did this to his brother and sister.

" What about me" asked Mason as he looked at Alex. Alex looked at him and for the first time she could say she didn't feel anything for the werwolf, all she could think about was Harper.

" I need to get Harper back Mason, I'm sorry but I need her" said Alex as she stood up and looked at her wand. She needed to think of how to get Max to bring her Harper back.

" Let's look for clue's in Max's room. Maybe we could reverse the potion or find out what it is." said Justin as he flashed everyone into Max's room. It was a mess, food everywhere, clothes on the floor and just random pile's of garbage in the room. It smelled so bad that it made your eye's water.

" It smell's so bad in here, how could he live in this." said Theresa as she covered her nose.

" There's a note" said Alex as she went to the bed. She picked up the letter and it was from Max.

Dear , Family

I bet your all surprised at how thing's happen huh. Well good, screw you guy's it's not like you guy's deserved to be happy. To Justin I bet your pissing in your pant's now, your so fucking smart I bet you can't even figure out what happen now can you ? To Alex for everyone saying I'm the dumb one, the stupid one, the odd ball but they should of said that about you. Hahaha, you had your soul mate by you all this time and now she's gone. Sure it made me feel a little bad what I did to Harper. That look she gave me was something I didn't think would affect me but your in more pain is worth having me feel a little bad. Lastly Mom and Dad I hate you . Plain and simple, you showered Justin and Alex with more love in one day then you ever gave me in my whole life. The only fucking time you notice me when Alex and Justin fucked up and turned me into a fuck GIRL! yet when I turned back you went back into forgetting me and watching you two love children and helped them out. Even you cheered for them. I heard what you said that I didn't have a chance to win the competition or that someone had to cheer for him. I didn't want you pity . So I took everything for the wizard lair that I needed and I'm going to live my life away from you guy's.

From Maximilian . J.J . Russo

P.S. Since I made the spell when I was a wizard, only MY magic can undo it. To Bad you guy's didn't make me a wizard too.

"Justin is there anyway we can undo his magic with our magic." asked Alex as she handed him the letter. He was in deep in thought. He it was near impossible to un-bind another wizard's magic with out that wizard allowing it.

" I Don't know, I need to read some book's and figure out what to do." said Justin as he walked out of the room.

" I'm going to the lair to no one follow us." said Alex as she flashed out of the room. Her mind was fighting it self between thinking of Harper and how to get her back. She never though Max would be like this , they made a promise to be a family no matter what happen. She wonder if she would do the same, no she had Harper to help her be mortal. Alex felt sad that Max had no one to help him or any friend's to just talk to. How much she wished she could go back in time and help him, help her self , her Family and to have Harper safe.

W.O.W.P Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place

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