The smacking of a file folder on to an oval table interrupted the silence of the room, jerking the unsuspecting older man out of reverie. He snapped his head to the door where a small band of business people filed into the room, automatically taking their seats.

A brown-haired woman with striking blue-green eyes emerged into the room, an aura of importance surrounding her. Her icy eyes focus on the older man's frightened brown ones.

"Ms. Benoit, I'm sorry." He apologized, trembling under her cold stare.

"I've given you enough time to find him." She responded with equally cool tone as her stare. "He shouldn't be that hard to find." She moved to the head of the table.

His eyes dared to glance at the file folder before him. One name reminded of his mission – a mission he'd currently been failing. Anthony D. DiNozzo, Jr. With a gesture from her, he slowly opened the folder, thumbing through its contents. His biography, news articles, locations, etc lined the several pieces of papers. He knew she was right; this man whom she desperately wanted shouldn't have been so hard to find, but he was. This DiNozzo guy had gone off grid, along with his team members. None of his contacts seemed to know where they had gone. He'd had people doing electronically searches, but it's as if they disappeared from the system.

They didn't exist. That was impossible.

Six other file folders landed beside the one he was currently searching through. He jumped at the similar sound that the other folder had made. Spreading these out, he read the list of names. Names he'd been trying for weeks to locate. It seemed these were the only proof that they existed.

"Where are they?" She asked, anger clouding her tone. He wouldn't be surprised if one of the people with her pulled a gun on him. She had changed that much from being the innocent doctor to arms dealer like her father.

He decided the truth would be the best. Gulping, he leveled his eyes with hers. A renewed confidence streamed into his system. He rose from his seat, closing the file. "They boarded a private cargo. To where, I wasn't told."

She sighed hard, obviously not pleased with his answer. Coming closer to him, she locked her eyes with his. "I'm gonna give you some more time to find them."

His eyes softened, relief settling in his system. "Thank you, ma'am. I'll get right on it."

"You better, Hanson. That team is mine."

"Yes, ma'am."

She gestured to the group to leave. They did. As she lingered behind by the door, she commented. "I have some unfinished business with them. They can't slip through the cracks that easily. This isn't Hollywood." Then, she walked out of the door, slamming the door behind her.

The resonating sound bounced off the walls, making him shudder at the sound. He finally sighed from relief that she hadn't off him yet. His eyes fell to the folders. I'm trying to keep her off the scent. Hope you guys find a safe place quick. She won't let me have much more leeway. Be safe guys.