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Bailee picked up the bowl of ice from the kitchen, opening the drawer below and grabbing a big scoop, then opened the fridge to grab a beer bottle for her father. The kitchen door was wide open, held up by the trash can. Laughter and incoherent conversation were heard outside. At the grill, her father tended to the hamburgers and hotdogs.

She started to walk toward the door but stopped, taking a moment to really look at her father. His demeanor seemed to improve since the moment she first met him. He appeared more happy, more content in life, of course that could have something to do with a Gothic, green eyed forensic scientist sitting at the round glass table, chatting animatedly with the girls, and her, but who was she to talk? She was just happy that he was finally happy. Ziva had her arms loosely wrapped around Jake, who was watching the younger men play football. Since this whole journey, Tony and Ziva had become a couple, much to everyone's relief, even her father.

"Giblet! Where's that ice?" Her father called. "Are you okay?"

Bailee smiled. Her nickname would never changed. "Yes, Daddy. I'm fine." She answered, coming out onto the deck. Setting the ice next to the bowl of salad in the middle of the table. "Here, Daddy." She offered the beer to him.

He set the metal spatula down on the wooden table and took the proffered bottle. "Thanks, Giblet." He picked up the bottle opener and popped the lid, savoring the hissing noise, before taking a sip.

Bailee moved on to the table, taking a seat next to Abby. Ducky was currently telling one of his many tells from his past, drawing the three girls and young boy in.

"Jake!" The sudden call of Tony interrupted Ducky's story. All five heads turned to the ground nearby. "Come on, Bub! Come play!"

Jake turned in Ziva's arms, looking at her. "Can I, Mommy?"

Ziva eyed Tony, who gave a subtle nod. She turned back to Jake. "Yes, you can. Be careful."

"I will." He said as he climbed off her lap. He took off the porch, running into his father's arms.

Bailee shook her head. Jake had started calling Ziva Mommy a few months after Tony and she became a couple. He called Bailee to ask her whether Jeanne would care; of course, she lied to him, but Jeanne was dead. She wouldn't care by now.

Life seemed to go back to normal and be looking up. They could only move on from here.

"Shalom, Leon." A very familiar voice said in Hebrew, just before setting the office phone back on its base. His advisor sat across from him with a portfolio in his hands, awaiting his boss' next order. "Why don't you go home, Levi? Go be with your family." Eli David suggested, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Are you certain, sir?" Levi inquired.

"Yes." Eli answered, waving his hand to the door. "Go. You have a good night."

Levi seemed relieved. He rose. "Shalom, Director." He bowed his head before turning and leaving.

At the soft click of his door being shut, Eli swiveled around to look out at the surrounding area. On the book shelf behind him, he focused on the small photo of Ziva and Jake. A brief smile passed over his face. He was happy that his daughter finally found someone to settle down with, although he had a child; but that didn't matter to him. Not anymore.

His cell phone sudden interruption of his reverie made him avert his attention to the offending object. Taking a moment to let it ring, he had the half-thought to not answer it; but it could be important.

"Shalom." Eli said as he lifted the handle to his ear.

"Our last loose end was eliminated?" The voice of SecNav Clayton Jarvis displayed anger. "I didn't order a bullet through her skull, Eli! I wanted her alive!"

"Jarvis, it was the only way to end her tyrant. You and I both know she wouldn't have given up until Gibbs' team were dead. I, for one, could not let that happen. We are talking about my daughter, Jarvis." Eli's voice clearly spoke volumes. "Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is mine. That was the deal."

Jarvis sighed heavily, an escape of stress passing through his lips. "Yes, I know. His home is here. You see something in that boy, something I'll never understand. Very well, Eli. Shalom."

"Shalom, my friend." Eli didn't waste a moment setting the handle back on its cradle. He turned once again, returning to the scenery before him.

Yes, Anthony DiNozzo is mine. My daughter deserves happiness. No one gets to mess with that. I will make sure of it. Eli sighed. I will be sure of it, Anthony. You are safe as long as you make her happy.

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