It's Pancake Day here in the UK, so I decided to drabble about pancakes with Mr Gold. Enjoy!

She brings me the stack, slinking away in her little red shorts. I watch her go. Little Red always knew the power of temptation.

I take a look around the diner, not many at this time of night. Prince Charming sitting alone with a book that he's looking at, but not reading. Granny Hood doing her accounts for the day, chancing worried looks at me like she thinks I'm here to repossess the place. And Red of course, chewing gum at the counter.

And looking at me.

"Pancakes at nine in the evening. Something wrong Mr G.?"

I incline my head politely.

"I had a craving."

She smiles. Her beauty is vicious. I smile back.

I return to my stack, spreading on the butter, but I can see her rounding the counter again, the little shorts coming closer.

"Forgot to freshen your coffee."

"For the third time," I answer, cutting into the stack. "You're really not cut out for waitressing."

She takes the seat opposite me, drinking the remainder of the coffee straight from the pot.

"Tell me about it."

I chew my sickly-sweet mouthful. There are some things about this world I like very much. The food is better. And I appreciate the freedom that women have in this realm. It gives them attitude. Fun to watch. I can see Granny eyeing the table nervously, but she has no power over Little Red here.

"You don't happen to have any vacancies at your place?"

I take her in again, see the optimism in her dark, wide eyes. She smiles hopefully with those perfect teeth. Interesting prospect. I flash her the Dealmaker's smile.

"I'll see what I can do."