Season 7 - Episode 2 - "Proof" - Looks #1 & #2

"Now…in a large pan, we fry up our pancetta, keeping a sharp eye that our edges are crisp," Rossi explained as he pushed the ingredients around the pan.

"But," Hotch interrupted, "Careful not to burn the onions."

"Bravo, Aaron! ...Now we sauté until translucence."

Hotch exchanged a quick glance with JJ, remembering their own debacle with cooking the dish that Dave was showing them…

"Aaron, I just got off the phone with your sister-in-law and she said that she was glad to take the boys for the night!"

Hotch smiled at JJ's pronouncement, pleased that everything was coming together for their night in.

He pushed the ingredients of the pancetta around the pan, taking care to pay special attention to the edges, making sure that they didn't burn. As his attention was focused on the red color he felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around his waist.

He grinned, but tried to focus instead on the food that he was cooking.

He then felt a nibble at his ear, further distracting him from what he was trying to do.

"JJ," he said with a note of warning in his voice.

She ignored him and continued to worry her teeth against the soft flesh of his ear. He suppressed a groan at the sensation that shot down his spine as she did it. He struggled to make sure that he was getting it right, but JJ was partially succeeding in her endeavors.

"Aaron," she said in a sweet sing-song voice.

He continued to try to ignore her, but found himself failing miserably. The woman knew his weak spots.

He then felt her tongue swipe along just behind his ear, on his neck, in just the right spot…

He snapped, dropping the spatula into the pan and dropped the pan back onto the stove, briefly noting that it had burned. Quickly, he turned off the burner and turned around, grasping her upper arms in his hands and dragging her lips up to his in a bruising kiss.

The next thing JJ knew, Hotch had hoisted her up onto the counter behind her and maneuvered himself between her legs, wrapping one arm tightly around her waist, the lower halves of their bodies meeting together with just the right pressure.

She moaned as he inched one hand up under her black dress along her thigh, taking the material with it…

"You see…it's all about timing and rhythm. And if you don't feel yourself doing it properly…" Rossi continued to explain, "Please…order a pizza."

JJ and Hotch exchanged another look, Hotch briefly noting that she was wearing the same dress that she'd worn on that particular night, and both of them fondly remembered what had happened later on that same evening…

They lay on the bed, sweaty limbs wrapped around each other, both of them trying to catch their breath.

Aaron was the first to speak.

"I burned the pancetta…Dave would be so disappointed in me. He gave me private lessons, thinking that I was going to be impressing some woman that I'd met at work…"

He gave her a look from where his head lay on her stomach and she grinned.

"Well," she said drawing out the syllables. "You weren't lying…you did meet me at work…" She lifted an eyebrow. "…seven years ago."

He nodded, a grin at the corner of his lips, and absentmindedly began to trace circles on the smooth skin of her stomach with his thumb. His thoughts drifted for a moment, and then the silence was broken by both of their stomachs rumbling at once.

They laughed and he gave her a look, propping himself up on one arm next to her prone body.


She grinned and gave him a quick kiss.

"Pizza sounds great."