" I forgive you for lying, I forgive you for kissing her, I also forgive you for the letter which I read and I read how she felt about you, but that you needed to see her to test how much you felt about me I don't forgive you for that Ron," Kim told Ron while laying on him

"No, you told me to see her Kim you told me to see how I felt," Ron screamed as Kim walked up and hugged him.

Letting go of Ron say "and you listened," as she walks away. Just as Felix goes down the stairs to the restaurants basement, he asks Kim what's the hurry. Kim ran up the stairs and out the door. Felix goes to Ron and tells him," it's going to be ok," Ron just looked at him responding "No… No it won't,"

That was the last time he ever saw Kim, she had gone off to college somewhere he didn't know. He had made the worst mistake of his life to ever go out with that girl to kiss her. She was no Kim and to make the matters worse she still haunts him. Bonnie Rockweller she was the reason all this happened.

Ron was on his way to Middleton for his schools 10 year reunion; he couldn't believe it had been 10 years since he was back there. He was going' to his parent's place where he was staying the night; his parents greeted him at the door.

"Ronald welcome home we have missed you so much," Mrs. Stoppable said kissing his cheek

"Wow son you look great working hard at the school in Japan," Mr. Stoppable said

"Yeah dad I have been working hard how is Hana,"

"She is great she should be getting home from school very soon,"

Ron went to his old room and unpacked his clothes looking back at the pictures on his desk. He smiled as he looked back at his life, until he saw a box that said bad memories. He went to open the box and there in the box were all of the pictures of him and Kim and the ring he was going to give her. While looking at the pictures he thought about Kim, he couldn't believe they ended their friendship. Ron couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the house to his car and went for a drive. He drove for what seemed like for hours until he came to an old familiar place, Kim's house. Ron decided he would see if Kim was there. Walking up to the house was a sad because all he could think about was that day she caught him kissing Bonnie at homecoming. He knocked on the door and the door opened there standing in the door way was Kim. Ron couldn't believe what he saw, Kim was hotter then he remembered her.

"Ron what… what you doing here," Kim asked

"Hey Kim how are you?"

"I'm good Ron, how long has it been since we last saw each other"

"10 years Kim and it's been 10 years to long away from you. Kim I have missed you I want to tell you I'm sorry for what happened, I know it doesn't make up for what I did by saying sorry but I just needed to tell you,"

"Ron I wanted to say I'm sorry I found out that it was Bonnie's fault and I forgive you for testing your love for me by going out with her, but you left Middleton before I could tell you. Where have you been?"

"I have been in Japan in the ninja school training; I never stopped thinking about you not once,"

"Well you look good Ron I mean really good,"

Kim let Ron inside the house and they talk some more, until Kim's parents came home and saw Ron there. They were happy to see him because ever since he left Kim has been emotionally down. They knew that Ron being back was a sign of God telling them that things were going to get better for Kim. Ron couldn't believe that Kim accepted him back so easily; he was mad at himself for leaving if he never left him and Kim would be back together by now. Kim and Ron after dinner decided to go for a walk in the park. It had been a while since they were together alone, Kim grabs Ron's arm and starts resting her head on his chest while they walked. Ron felt like the old days but it also felt weird because they weren't together. They saw a bench and went to go sit; before Ron could do anything Kim kissed him with so much passion. Ron kissed back with equal amount of passion, they both melted into each other it was 10 long years since they lasted kissed.

"Kim, wow what was that for,"

"Ronnie I missed you for so long and now that your back I don't want to lose you again, I forgive you 100 percent about the Bonnie kiss. Ron what I want to ask you may sound weird but I was hoping you will marry me," There was no answer from Ron he was shocked that she had asked him to marry her. "Ron… Hello Ron"

"Did I just ask you to marry me?"

"No I asked you silly so what do you say,"

"Kim before we broke up I was going to propose to you so my answer is yes Kim I will be your husband,"

They embraced and kissed again with another passionate kiss. It was getting late and they both decided that they head home. Ron took Kim home and walked her to the door; all they did was look into each other's eyes. Then she motioned with her eyes for him to come into the house. He hasn't been over for a sleep over in a longtime, she took his hand and they walked up to her room. Kim walks over to her dresser and starts to undress and Ron covered his eyes like he always did. Kim saw is eyes cover and she uncovered then telling him it was ok she wants him to look. He opened his eyes to see her lushes and beautifully naked body Kim was happy to reaction and she walked up and kissed him. She started to take his clothes off and she runs her hands down his six-pack. "Wow Ron is built the training really paid off," Kim thought as she continued to feel up his body. Ron was doing the same he was rubbing her breasts, all he could think of how wonderful they felt.

"Oh Ron don't stop that turns me on,"

"Kim should we be doing this your parents are right downstairs in their room,"

"Don't worry my room is sound proof so they won't hear me moan,"

"Ok then let's do this,"

Ron takes Kim and throws her on the bed and starts kissing and sucking her neck and Kim was in a world of ecstasy. He kissed her down her whole body and worked his way back up and started to kiss her as he goes inside her. Ron and Kim both start to moan and they both climaxed at the same time. Well let's just say they're not virgins anymore, Kim couldn't believe that she waited this long to finally have sex with Ron, but she wouldn't do it with anyone else but him. They kissed each other once again and fell asleep in each other's arms. Ron woke up and went downstairs to cook breakfast; the smell of bacon filled the air which woke Kim up. Kim ran down to see that there was a plate with food on it that was for her. She hasn't had a meal cooked by Ron longtime that she ate the breakfast in like a second. Ron was happy to see her still like his cooking after all these years.

"So Kim what are we going to do about this reunion tonight no one has seen me or you in 10 years, they know we broke up what do we tell people," Ron asked

"Were going to walk in there like we did back at junior prom and I don't care what people think you're my fiancé now and all I want to do is be with you," Kim said

Kim's parents woke up to see Ron was there at the house in their kitchen cooking. They didn't ask him why he was there all they sat down and ate their breakfast which Ron had made them. It was Kim who broke the silence.

"Mom and Dad I want to let you know me and Ron are together again," Kim told her parents

"Kimmy Cub that's great I'm happy you're back together," Mr. Possible

"Kim and Ron I'm so glad you to worked things out after all these years and are together," Mrs. Possible told them both

"Well actually were more than just together were getting married," Ron said

"You are getting married you two just got back together why you getting married,"

"Well Mom and Dad were 28 years old now and after we worked our differences out and I mean really worked them out (winking at Ron) we decided to get married. I mean come on Ron and I are the best of friends and we have know each other for so long why wait,"

"You know your right Kimmy Cub we give you our blessing and Ronald I hope you take good care of my daughter or I will send you on a one way trip to a black hole,"

"You don't need to worry Dr. P I will love and take care of Kim with all my heart,"

They all discussed plans for a wedding soon to come, when it was time to go to the class reunion. Kim was dressed in a blue dress similar to the one she wore when they went to the junior prom, where as Ron wore his blue suit. They got into Ron's car and drove off to Middleton High School. They stood at the doors to the gym and looked at each other looking deep into both of their eyes.

"Ready Ron,"

"Ready Kim,"

They kissed and walked inside hand in hand, to a room with all their old friends.