They waited for their transportation to arrive, which was on track to show up in 30 minutes so they had a little bit of time to talk, or at least that's what we thought they be doing. Well it ended up being a wonderful make out session when they finally saw their transport so up they boarded the plane and they were off to Middleton for further info on Bonnie and Junior.

"Hey Ronnie I still wet from that make out session you want to join the Mile High Club?" Kim asked her future husband.

"It's like you read my mind Ms. Stoppable," Ron responded.

"Stoppable… Kim Stoppable I like it I can't wait to become your wife and have kids someday,"

"Someday why not now,"

That's all Kim needed to hear to get her going, she was all over Ron. She straddled him while pinning him to the floor like a wrestling match. She threw off her shirt and her pants, Ron did the same. Ron looked at his future bride. All he could think was how beautiful she was and how their bodies intertwine with each other. Ron starts to unhook her bra and slips it off her body to free her lushes' breast. His hands traveled down to her extravagant ass, so round… so firm… so perfect. Then she slips her panties off and takes hold of his "little Ronnie" and puts it inside her. From there she started to move up and down with such grace it was watching a symphony orchestra performing with perfect harmony. Their moans became louder but not too loud to have the pilot hear them.

"Ron I can't hold it back anymore please cum with me," Kim said

"Ahhhh KP I'm about to cum," Ron yelled.

They both fell into a world of ecstasy to where the high was to powerful for their bodies to withstand. Not realizing that they both just made themselves parents. Ever since Ron left Kim went off the pill.

"Well I guess I can cross off Mile High Club off my list before I die," Ron joked

"Ron you're too cute and too funny that's why I love you,"

Both Kim and Ron stood in that same position the whole plane ride back until it was time to land they got fix up. Well as the plane landed they were greeted by Kim's parents. They came to pick them up because it was time to discuss wedding plans.

~Hey sorry it's been a while and this was a short chapter but I promise the following chapters will be longer again.