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It was a rainy Friday moring and a man in a brown coat, wearing a brown hat, holding a brown umbrella was walking down the street to Katniss Everdeen's house. Under his arm was a brown package that was labeled ONLY FOR THE EYES OF KATNISS, PRIMROSE, HAYMITCH, PEETA, AND GALE ONLY.

Katniss Everdeen was very disapionted because she could'nt go hunting with Gale today. She had gotten up super early because it was her first week back from the games. Thinking about it gave her the chills. She had decided that she would invite her three friends, Haymitch,Peeta,and Gale over to her house. She had just finshed inviting them when she heard a voice behind her.

"Why are you up so early Katniss?" Th voice belonged to her little sister, Prim. Katniss turned around to face Prim. Prim was rubbing her eyes and walking to Katniss, still half asleep. Prim made around the Dinning table but tripped over herself and fell. Katniss caught her and place her on the seat next to her.

"Well Miss. Sleepyhead, what are you doing up so early?" Katniss asked teasingly.

Prim smiled sheepshiely,"Well I heard that Haymitch , Peeta, and Gale were coming so I wanted to say hi"

Katniss smiled and said, "Well they aren't coming until 10 0'clock am, and right now it's 8"30 am, maybe you should go back to sleep, I'll wake-" Katniss was interupted by three quick knocks on the door. She frowned, who could be here so early at this time?

The man knocked three quick times on the door. He humself had no idea who Katniss was nor did he know where the package came from or what was in it. He had simply been instructed to hand the package to a girl named Katniss and no one else. Finnaly after several more knocks a girl wearing a long braid opened the door, frowning. He handed her the package and turned on his heal.

"Hey, exuse me, mister , sir. WHAT IS THIS?" He could hear the girl screaming behind him. But he had also been instructed not to talk to her. Besides he didn't know anything about the package either.

Katniss still stood at the holding the mystrious package, confused. So many questions popped into her mind. Who was the man? What was in the package? Who was it from? Finnaly she closed the door and set the package on the dinning table.

"Open it Katniss!"Prim was saying, "It even says all our names". Katniss glanced at it again, Prim was right it did say all their names. In the most perfect handwritting it said,ONLY FOR THE EYES OF KATNISS, PRIMROSE, HAYMITCH, PEETA, AND GALE ONLY. Even though Katniss knew it was dangerous she still opened it.

Inside was a black book.

Katniss gasped.

The front cover said



it had a picture of

the golden mockingjay pin Madge had given her.

Katniss droped the book. Looked at her sister who was staring at her wide eyed and said, " Call all of them and tell them they need to be NOW!"

I know it's a cliff hanger but that's good now you can imagine what is going to happen next ;). Also I havdn't read Catching Fire yet.