Story Title: When Two Are One

Author: ..35

Summary: Jade has broken up with Beck again, and this time it seems serious. Beck has been too quiet, too unemotional lately. Will sparks fly between Beck and Tori as she tries to console him? Will be multi-chaptered, each chapter either Tori or Beck. Rated T for moderate language.

Author's Note: Sooooo, I'm back! . Aren't you glad? I recently saw the Worst Couple Episode, and I got this idea. That episode was sooooo sad. T_T I'm not even into Bade, but that episode was heartbreaking. Seriously. Even so, I'm 'gonna obviously use this opportunity to give Bori a shot! X) I'm warning you, dear readers, it's 'gonna take me awhile to update, what with 7 hours of school and 3 hours of homework. But please, review! I love reviews! They serve as motivation, so I definitely do not mind if you give me some constructive criticism. No hate on the pairing though. Please? By the way, the title of the story comes from the song by Atreyu. If you haven't heard it, you should. I doubt you'll like it though. :p Alright, I'm ranting. On with the story!...Oh wait, I forgot to inform you that I am not Dan and I don't own Victorious. You obviously didn't know that, right? *rolls eyes* Okay, now you can read!

Chapter 1: Tori's P.O.V.

Beck had been strangely stoic since his split with Jade. He was indifferent to everything. He was always there, but at the same time, he wasn't. Beck wasn't crying his eyes out like Jade was. He wasn't throwing insults her way like she was. He was being much too quiet about the whole thing. It wasn't like him.

We were all so worried. Robbie was crying all the time. Rex had stopped harassing me. Cat was all always just a flash of red, rushing between Jade and Beck. Andre couldn't write or play anything. I had even lost my usual perkiness.

I was pissed off at both of them. How could Jade dump Beck for something so small after years of dating? How could Beck let Jade walk away after she broke up with him? Why didn't he chase after her like in every bad romance movie? Still, there was a very small part of me that was glad he hadn't followed her.

I had steadily fallen for Beck since the moment we kissed on my second day at Hollywood Arts. It had all felt so real. His smile before the kiss, his hand on my cheek; everything was too realistic. Beck was one fucking amazing actor. Shit, he convinced everyone that kiss was real!

No matter how much I fantasized about Beck and me, I knew it could never happen. Beck and I were friends; nothing more. Only one person made him happy, and that was Jade. I didn't understand it. She treated him like her dog, bossed him around, and got jealous of everyone. As if anyone could catch Beck's attention. Jade was gorgeous! Somehow, they seemed to work. Jade and Beck were that one couple in school that were supposed to be forever, and now they weren't.

I was more than upset on this particular morning. One glance at Beck brought my mood down about 50%. He hadn't been sleeping, he ate very little, he wasn't talking, and what's worse, he didn't care about his classes. Even Psychowitz noticed.

"Good morning, Sunshine! What's with this bright disposition? Cat's got your tongue?", Psychowitz asked sarcastically. From the back of the class came a squeak.

"Me? Why is it always me?", whined Cat to no one in particular. We all ignored her. Beck glared at Psychowitz and he smirked back.

"No? Don't 'wanna talk about it? Okay!", he said with his abnormally loud tone of voice, "Class, today we'll be doing…." I kind of lost track of what Psychowitz was saying once he stopped talking to Beck. I only snapped out of Dream Land when I heard my name.

"Whaaaaaat?", Beck and I questioned in unison, annoyance clear in our tones. Psychowitz rolled his eyes dramatically and glared at us.

"Well, if you two love birds hadn't been daydreaming, you would have heard me say that you'll be writing me a script together. Something angst-y and dramatic….Ooooh! Yes, I loves me some drama!..", he rambled. I quickly gathered my things and quite literally dragged myself over to where Beck was now sitting. He was sitting in a chair, facing the ceiling with a blank expression. I sat quietly and tried to smile.

"Sooooo", I started nervously, "What do you think our script should be about?". He shut his eyes, still facing the ceiling, and clenched his jaw. He then looked down at me wearingly.

"Look Tori. I honestly don't care. Can't we work on this later at my house?", he asked in an annoyed tone. I nodded quickly and said "sure". He looked at me miserably as a tear escaped my eye. I'm not 'gonna cry. I'm not 'gonna cry. I hated when people were mad at me. Even though Beck was probably not mad at me, he sounded mad, and that was almost the same. Beck opened his mouth to say something, but closed it before anything came out. He absentmindedly wiped away the trail the lone tear had left behind.

"Sorry", he muttered miserably. I just nodded. I couldn't really say much. I was putting in a lot of effort not to cry, and I was sure I would cry if I said anything.

One and a half hours after school let out, I walked over to Beck's. I kept internally yelling at myself for not suggesting my house instead of the RV. The tightness of the RV was 'gonna make things even more awkward. It was too late now; I was standing in front of his door. I reluctantly knocked on the door. I was surprised at what I saw.

It's insane what an hour and a half can do to a person. Beck's hair was well done, he had showered, his clothes were ironed, his eye bags had slightly subsided, and he was smiling. This was my Beck. The Beck I had grown to love, and had been missing so much.

"Hey there, Tor!", he greeted casually. "Oh, and before you do, please excuse my room and my self's sorry appearance. I fell asleep." I grinned. He looked better now than he had in a week.

"And yet, your hair is as perfect as ever!", I mocked. He smirked.

"What can I say? The look comes naturally.", he responded sarcastically. I threw my stuff on his couch and jumped on his bed. He followed.

"Your bed is surprisingly comfortable for something in an RV.", I complimented. He pretended to be offended.

"What's that supposed to mean?", he accused in a surprisingly well-done imitation of Cat. We laughed for a while, then just lied there.

We lied in his bed for so long without talking that we ended up falling asleep. In my sleep, I turned so that I was facing Beck, then buried my face into his toned chest. I guess my body figured this was all part of some dream. Beck's hands actually ended up somewhere under my shirt, but again, I figured this was all in my head. It didn't click that this was all real until I started waking up. I yawned and stretched, and that's when I bumped into another body.

I'll admit, I'm paranoid of thieves and rapists coming into my bedroom through my window. For a brief second, I forgot where I was. I jumped out of that bed so quickly I ended up waking Beck. He stared at me sleepily and laughed.

"Relax, Vega! It's just me!", he chuckled. I couldn't believe how calm he was. Maybe it had all been a dream. I sighed.

"Beck, please tell me that al this….touching was some dream of mine. It would be much less embarrassing.", I pleaded. He looked at me like I was crazy for five seconds, then he shot out of the bed, wide eyed.

"You-you mean….the me going underneath a shirt….a-and all that rubbing….", he stuttered, looking away for a second. He turned back, and I nodded cautiously. He was blushing so hard, even through his olive skin tone I could see it. I could feel my own face growing hotter and hotter.

"Oh God, Tori….I'm sooooo sorry. I….I must have confused you for….someone else.", he replied after the initial shock. That kind of hurt. He had obviously thought I was Jade. The poor boy must still be suffering pretty badly if she's in his dreams. I assured him it was okay, and reminded him how late it was. He nodded, and we got to work on our script.

I stared off into space and frowned. It had been an hour after our awkward nap, and we had nothing.

"I don't know what to write about!", I complained loudly. "I'm not good at writing angst-y and dramatic stuff! I'm all fluff and romance! What's angst-y and dramatic?" Beck chuckled.

"Typical girl! All you want is happiness!", he accused."My love life at this given moment is pretty angst-y and dramatic….", he added teasingly. Even though he had been playing around, I noticed a dark shadow come over his face for a brief second. I pretended not to see it.

"You seem better though.", I encouraged. He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, and waved his hand around his face.

"Things aren't always what they seem. Remember Vega, looks can be deceiving. I could be better.", he admitted. I wasn't sure how to respond to that, so I just stayed quiet. I didn't like how awkward things had been getting between Beck and I since "The Breakup". I didn't want to lose his friendship, so I decided I should do something.

"Going all philosophical on me!", I mocked. He laughed a little. I smiled at him for a brief second as an idea came to me.

"Hey Beck, how about you and I go get something to eat tomorrow before we work on the script? Maybe we can get more inspiration outside of our homes." He thought for a second, then smiled.

"Ms. Vega, you've got yourself a deal!", he announced. "We'll go get some tacos right after school." I grinned back. I really needed to get Jade out of his head. For one, it was not getting us anywhere with our project. And two, I hated to see him this way. He was a great friend. He'd helped me plenty of times before, and I would help him as much as I could.

We didn't do much else after making plans for the next day, so I left almost immediately. He decided to drive me home because 10 p.m. was "too late for pretty young ladies to be wandering the streets alone and on foot". I accepted, and hopped into his car. As the car's ignition roared to life, loud rock music blasted through the speakers.

"What is that?', I yelled. I was not a huge fan of loud music, though I put up with it for Beck. He grinned.

"Don't like it? It's one of my favorites. It's Atreyu. Songs called "When Two Are One". It's a catchy tune. Plus, it has a couple of epic riffs throughout the song." I listened. Although it was impossible for me to decipher all of the screaming, I did catch the chorus.

"Like the rising tide,

Beating hearts grow but never die,

To simplify,

I'll stand by your side,

Close my eyes,

Hope will never die".

Story of my life. I've been standing by Beck's side from the moment we met, and I will continue to do so. I close my eyes, 'cause only in my mind will we ever be together. And although I know we will never be, I can't stop myself from hoping.

"Beautiful song, isn't it?", Beck asked excitedly, bringing me back to the present time. I couldn't agree more. It wasn't so much the sound that I liked. It was the words They really hit home.

"Complete and utter eargasm," I agreed and giggled. Beck pretended to be shocked.

"Tori! I would never expect something like that to come out of your mouth!", he exclaimed as he stopped in front of my house. I jumped out of the car quickly.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Vega. I'll pick you up after your last class and we'll drive to El Burrito Loco. It's not like you have anything better to do on a Friday night. You dweeb!', he joked. I rolled my eyes and ventured into my house as he drove off. Oh, I was looking forward to tomorrow too. More than he would ever know.

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