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Chapter 8: Tori's P.O.V.

It was such a rush to walk into a place with so many pretty girls and have them all looking at me with burning envy. It had nothing to do with my looks, though. It was because I was hand in hand with the most beautiful guy most of them had seen outside of a television set.

Beck was pouting, and he still managed to be attractive. He had spent the whole drive over to our date complaining.

"This is your marvelous idea for our first anniversary? A carnival? It's so typical! Couldn't you be more creative?" he complained in a childish manner.

"Oh shut up, Mr. Hipster who's much too cool to go to a carnival. Where did you want me to take you? A poetry jam?" I retaliated sarcastically and smirked in his direction.

He glared at me, but I could see the amusement in his eyes. Beck leaned in close and brushed his lips against my ear. I could feel my skin tingling as he whispered, "Anywhere is fine when I'm alone with you, but then you went and invited those two. Them gushing over each other annoys me."

I was only allowed to cherish in Beck's first comment for a second, because Trina turned and stared daggers into both Beck and me.

"Stop complaining Beck! You're getting a free ride to the carnival! Don't be jealous because Derrick and I are more touchy feely than Tori allows you two to be!" she hissed at us, while Beck's jaw twitched. Trina had obviously hit a nerve.

"Shit, when did you get super sonic hearing?" Beck mumbled, still suffering from his bruised ego. I didn't understand. Was what Trina said true? Was I not allowing Beck to "touch" as much as he wanted to?

To assure him (and me) that this wasn't true, I leaned over to Beck and tried to kiss him, but Trina screeched, "Tori! Sit down! Your blocking my rearview mirror!"

I sat back down in a huff and settled for taking Beck's hand instead. He didn't turn to look at me, but he was smiling. If he was smiling at me being shot down by Trina or at my hand in his, I'd rather not know. But his smile was pretty great either way, so who really cared?

We sat in the car for about only around 15 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Beck was kind of right; those two were kind of annoying with all that lovey doveyness.

"Derrick, you're the best boyfriend eveeeeeeeer, you know that?" Trina beamed. I had rolled my eyes at that comment. Derrick was pretty great, but better than Beck? I doubted it. Derrick would gaze back over to her and smile.

"You're even better, cutie." I swear, I felt like gagging every time he said Trina was cute. Cute was definitely not a word I would use to describe Trina. Maybe annoying, self-centered, ignorant, or even the "b" word (You all know what I mean, so don't make me say it!), but never cute.

When we finally arrived at the carnival, Beck pulled me out of the car before Trina even managed to stop it. As we ran farther and farther away from the car, I could hear Trina shouting incoherent words and Derrick bringing them to a stop. At moments like these, I was thankful to have Derrick around to control my sister's temper. Him being around meant I was no longer babysitting Trina.

"You know, that Derrick guy is pretty cool. He has your sister under control." Beck commented as we came to a stop in front of a long line at the ticket booth.

"Oh? So now that he's with Trina you like him, huh? Were you jealous of Derrick, Beck? Huh? Were you?" I teased him. The color rose to his cheeks, though he turned around too quickly for me to comment on it.

"Me? Jealous of him? Definitely not. He's no competition to me," Beck answered as he turned back to me, all traces of his blush gone. I decided it would be fun to mess with him a bit.

"Really? 'Cause I think he's pretty great. Derrick is cool, smart, super considerate, and probably the nicest guy I've ever met. Not to mention he's sooooo good-looking," I mentioned to Beck nonchalantly.

"Oh yeah, he's all those things. But look at me; I'm not bad myself, right?" Beck teased back, giving me one of those piercing looks of his. I turned away for a moment to catch my breath. A full year of dating, and Beck could still manage to make me stop breathing with only one look?

I turned back and saw Beck was smirking at me, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. He obviously knew what he did to me. "Meh. You're okay. I'll settle for what I get. Don't worry though. Once Trina gets tired of Derrick, I'll go after him and confess my love to him," I said before giggling at Beck's eye roll.

After so much talking, we had arrived to the front of the line. The man standing inside of the booth was a short, chunky man who was obviously in desperate need on sleep from the nasty bags under his eyes. His hair line was receding, and he didn't even bother to smile as he asked Beck how many tickets he wanted. The man handed Beck the tickets he had requested, took his money, and shooed us away.

"See? That kind of service is exactly why we should have gone somewhere classier, like a restaurant or something," Beck pointed out, turning back to scowl at the ticket booth. I just shook my head and sighed.\

"Hey! Where do you two think you're going?" Trina yelled as she practically rammed into us, taking my arm in her surprisingly strong grip. "I have to watch over you two so Tori doesn't come home with unwanted gifts from Beck."

I groaned as I remembered my dad's words while we were waiting for the guys to show up at our house. After some pleading from my mom (who apparently loved Beck) and sense talking from me, my dad had decided it would be okay if I dated Beck. He still liked to hover over us though, and reminded Beck constantly that I was my dad's baby and he was a cop who would do anything in his power to protect his child.

Anyway, our previous dates (that my dad knew of) had been at my house. Since it was our first anniversary, I had begged my dad to let us go out, and he agreed under the condition that Trina babysat us so I wouldn't come home pregnant or with his hickeys covering me head to toe. Yes, because Trina was totally the best babysitter ever, and I would totally let Beck do anything he wanted to me.

"Gifts? Gifts like what?" Beck asked, cluelessness evident in his features. Trina rolled her eyes and simply stated, "A baby. Duhhhhh! Gosh Beck, for someone so pretty, you have no brains."

I yelped at Trina's openness and Beck's eyes widened. His mouth opened, but he apparently couldn't bring himself to say anything so he closed it again. I stared at him, trying to read him. After a moment of silence, Derrick, who appeared to just have crash landed onto the same planet as us, yelled happily, "Alright, let's go have fun now!"

Beck took my hand in his again, tighter than before, and I was relieved. For a second I thought he'd been upset with Trina's blunt remark.

"So you brought them along so I wouldn't impregnate you?" Beck asked out of nowhere, taking me by surprise. A squeal escaped my lips and I jumped a little.

"It wasn't my idea! It was my dad's! And don't do shit like that to me! You really have a thing for making me freak out with your random comments, don't you?" I yelled, but more surprised than angry. Beck just laughed at me.

"Well, you're kind of funny when you're all nervous like that. It makes me laugh. Be happy that at least something about you makes me laugh. Your poor attempts at joking certainly don't," he added in as he turned to look at my reaction. I glared at him and looked through the carnival, trying to find a cool ride. That was when I really started to noticed the looks girls were giving me.

If looks could kill, I would've died about 100 times in the last two minutes. It wasn't like this was anything new. Girls always turned to look at Beck. Since this was the first time I'd gone out somewhere with hordes of people though, it seemed so much worse. Plus, those other times I hadn't been his girlfriend. Now I was, and I really didn't appreciate being hated by every girl in the area because of Beck.

"Hey you, stop being so pretty. Put on sunglasses and don't do anything with your hair. Girls are giving me nasty looks and staring at you like if you were some kind of god or something," I commented, surprised at how angry I sounded. Beck smirked in amusement.

"Who's jealous now, Tor?" he replied as he patted me in the back. I was most definitely not jealous! It was just….uncomfortable to have all these girls staring at my boyfriend. My boyfriend. "If it helps at all, it's the same for me. Boys stare at you too, you know. You make it seem like I'm the only pretty one here, but I'm not. We're a pretty couple." Beck smiled as he poked at my cheeks until I reciprocated his smile.

"Alright. I believe you, we're a pretty couple. Now c'mon! let's go get on the Ferris wheel!" I pulled on his arm and he whined and complained about how cliché that was for so many romantic movies. I didn't really care if it was cliché or not. It was cute to be on a Ferris wheel with your boyfriend.

It would've been cute, that is, but then Trina decided to tag along. Derrick tried to convince her to get on a different basket, or a different ride altogether, but Trina kept saying that she had to protect me from "Beck's roaming hands". Yes, Trina expected Beck and I to do who knows what on a Ferris wheel. In plain sight. I think Trina was purposely trying to ruin my date.

Trina talked for most of the time we were on the ride. It was impossible to create a romantic atmosphere. Beck was looking outside the basket at the miniature people waving up at us while I stared up at the ceiling of our basket. Even Derrick seemed kind of annoyed. His eyes were on my sister, but his hands were fidgeting like they had when he told me he liked Trina. After a moment, he spoke.

"Trina, could you stop talking now? Look, I've been trying to stay calm, but I'm terrified of heights. Seriously, I think I'm in the middle of a panic attack right now," Derrick said, sounding very flustered.

He was right about the panic attack. His face had turned a deathly shade of white, his hands were shaking, and he had even formed a few beads of sweat on his forehead. Trina looked over at him wearingly but didn't say anything. She took his hand and sent him a reassuring smile. Derrick tried to smile back, but he was too nervous to really be able to smile.

Beck scanned him over and tilted his head. "Hey, you okay man? I could yell out at the engineer so he can bring us down," he suggested, but Derrick waved his hand in front of Beck and shook his head.

"Thanks for being concerned Beck, but I'll be fine. There's only one more turn anyway," he assured him graciously.

The rest of the ride was quiet, thankfully. I guess Trina's concern for her boyfriend was greater than her need to speak. Beck and Trina both helped Derrick out, and as soon as he touched solid ground he appeared to have recovered some of his normal hue. I suggested we eat, seeing as how Derrick wasn't completely well yet. Everyone complied, and we headed off to a local pizza place.

"Is pizza up to your standards?" I asked Beck with a smile. He nudged me playfully.

"Yeah well, I guess pizza will have to do. I was thinking something cooler, like a falafel or Thai food, but whatever," he answered, throwing in his ever popular smirk. I laughed at that, and we stepped into the pizza place while back slung his arm around my waist.

The place turned out to be a lot fancier than I expected, something of the Home Run Inn variety. (A/N: I don't know if Home Run Inn is just a Chicago thing or if they're everywhere, so here's an explanation if you don't know what I mean. Basically Home Run Inn is a pizza parlor, but it's super pretty and it looks like a fancy restaurant. :)) We sat down and stuffed our faces with pizza and lemonade. After shoveling down all our food we all sat and talked for a while. Well technically, Trina and Derrick talked. Beck and I sat and listened to their cutesy talk in disgust.

"Don't you feel like a third wheel here?" Beck commented while still staring at the oblivious couple as if they were a science project.

"Yeah, I feel like they're the ones on their anniversary date, not us," I replied, also observing the laughing duo in front of us.

"Well then, let's ditch," Beck said mischievously. He let go of his fork and his great acting skills took over. "Damn, I dropped my fork. Tori, come help me find it under the table." He eyed me expectantly and pulled me under the table with him when I didn't react.

"Pay attention! That was your cue!" Beck whispered as we crawled underneath tables until we reached the door. The serious looking guy standing at the door glared at us as we got up from the floor and went out the door, (A/N: Hey that rhymed! :D) but said nothing.

Beck and I walked until we came to a park just two blocks down. We laughed the whole way there about how Trina hadn't even noticed our rushed and completely failed exit. Derrick had noticed; I was almost sure of it. When Beck dragged me under the table I thought I saw him smile in our direction before looking back to Trina.

The park was one pretty place; it looked like not one child had ever stepped foot in it. The grass was the color green that grass on television was, there were flowers everywhere, and critters crawled around in every corner. As we got near the big fountain near the center of the park, I noticed a man selling cotton candy and I smiled at Beck innocently.

"Hey Beck, you 'wanna be super awesome and the best boyfriend ever and buy me some cotton candy?" I pleaded, holding onto his arm lovingly and giving him puppy eyes. He glared down at me, all the while maintaining that perfect smile of his.

"That's real mature of you, Tor. Why didn't you just say it normally instead of acting like a conceited little child?" he asked with mock disapproval. I shrugged and smiled happily as he headed towards the man with the cotton candy. I went and sat at a bench near two guys that looked about my age, who were talking animatedly about some concert that was coming up. I didn't pay much attention, seeing how it was a rock concert and all. Beck would probably know.

There was a space on either side of me; the one next to the two guys and one at the edge of the bench. When Beck returned, he didn't even hesitate on taking the seat next to the guys.

You have to understand, I'm a teenage girl. And teenage girls, for the most part, are overly romantic and spend far too much time reading romance novels or manga. I happen to be one of that overly romantic majority, so when Beck took the seat next to the guys, my mind automatically thought: Beck probably doesn't want me to sit next to the guys!, which I was sure was completely off. After a short moment's debate, I decided to ask him.

"Hey Beck, did you take that seat just so that I wouldn't be sitting next to those guys?" I whispered into his ear. The color rose to his cheeks, and I almost regretted asking him the question. Almost.

After a quiet moment, Beck responded. "….Yeah, but don't say it that way. It's embarrassing. Oh, and here. The cotton candy. You never took it from me."

I couldn't help but smile like a damn idiot when I heard him say that, even though he looked horribly embarrassed, looking at the ground and scowling.

"Let's share it," I said to Beck, who looked up with a raised eyebrow and his usual smirk back on his lips. Some red still tinted his cheek, but I was glad for that. It was a reminder that what he had said had actually happened and it hadn't all just been in my head.

After eating away at the cotton candy and having thrown away the stick, Beck and I sat on the bench, hand in hand. The guys were long gone, probably grossed out by the couple next to them that was kissing left over cotton candy off of each other. Had I been them a year ago, I'd probably be grossed out too.

"Let's walk back to your house. It's getting dark," Beck commented. He was right. The sky was turning a pretty shade of orange from the setting sun and the park was now almost entirely empty.

At that moment, my phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and stared at it in horror. The picture I.D. showed a posing teenage girl; Trina, of course.

"Fuck! Beck, we forgot about Trina and Derrick. Holy shit fuck; we are 'gonna get hanged!" I yelled as I shot out of the bench.

"Hey, relax. First of all, answer the call," Beck, calm as always, suggested. I groaned as I clicked the "answer" button and a burst of hysterical screaming came from the other end.

"TORI VEGA, GET YOUR ASS AND BECK'S BACK TO THE RESTAURANT NOW! YOU OWE ME $50! YOU BETTER NOT BE PREGNANT!" she yelled angrily. In the background I could hear Derrick's calm voice mumbling something I was incapable of understanding to Trina.

"Ugh, fine. You don't owe me anything. Just come over here so you don't get in trouble," Trina added in a much more relaxed tone before hanging up. Thank God for our pacifist, realist boyfriends.

"Well, today was certainly a lot of fun, wasn't it Vega? Quite the cliché romance settings, but I guess it can't be helped," Beck added as I sighed in relief. I rolled my eyes and laughed, and he took my hand in his as we ran back to the restaurant.

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