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Kurt has been shipped off to live with his big brother Carson in New York. They haven't seen each other in 8 years or spoken in five. The last thing Kurt wants is to be here, but will things work out in the end? Will Carson's room mate make the stay worthwhile? Will Carson and Kurt get the relationship back they once had.

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Big Brother: It's Been Eight Years

Just do it. He's expecting you so just knock on the door. Damn it Kurt you've been out here for nearly ten minutes! Just knock on the stupid door. Forget about all the shit between you two and knock. You are in New York. New York!

"Hi, are you okay?" Came a soft, cautious voice from beside him, interrupting his internal rant. Kurt turned, surprised to see someone considering he hadn't heard anyone come up the stairs. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the beautiful site in front of him.

The man looked like an angel, he had luscious brown curls that hung messily all over the place. His eyes were the most beautiful honey colour he had ever seen, they were so warm and adorable. This man was all around beautiful. The man looked at him, prompting him for a response. Kurt didn't even realise he hadn't replied and blushed when he eventually stuttered out a response.

"Oh, umm yeah, I'm fine" he heard his voice shake and saw how the angel was looking at him, cautiously yet carefully as if he didn't believe him. He let out a deep sigh, he wasn't sure why he decided to tell this guy everything, but it just sort of, slipped out. "I've just flown over from Ohio and this," he said gesturing to the door with his head "is where my brother lives. I haven't seen him in 8 years and yet I've been shipped here to spend some time with him." Kurt let out a breath as he looked at the older boy before glancing to the bags at his feet. "We haven't spoken properly in over 5 years and suddenly he wants me here. As much as I love New York, I don't know, I don't want to be here," he sighed, "Well I want to be here, but not here, here." He let a humourless laugh as he laughed at his sentence. Yeah, 'cos that makes sense, he thought internally. He looked up, forgetting someone was there and jumped slightly as he saw those honey eyes watching him, eyes full of sympathy and kindness.

Kurt stood up straight, "Oh my, I am so sorry" he said shaking his head. "You probably don't want to listen to some stranger complaining about his problems" he finished with a nervous laugh, running his hand through his hair and looking everywhere but at the gorgeous man in front of him. He leaned against the wall, sighing as his mind started yelling at himself. Jeez Kurt. Way to go. You've been in New York not even an hour and you're already picturing yourself with some stranger! Not only that, but you've already complained about your life to him. You are such an idiot!

The man with the gorgeous honey coloured eyes let out a soft laugh before smiling at him, a warm and gentle smile. Kurt couldn't help but notice the way the man's eyes sparkled when he did so. He almost missed what he'd said. "Why haven't you knocked yet?" He had asked, gesturing to the oak door between them.

"Why haven't I knocked yet?" he murmured to himself, looking from the man, to the door and then to the floor. "I'm, it's been 8 years. I don't want to go in, I mean what do you say to your brother, who was once your best friend, when, one day he just got up and walked out of your life without even a goodbye." He let out a sigh, "I can't go in," his voice was sad and broken, he noticed that and he knew the other man would too. He looked at him with a sad smile and another apologetic glance. "I'll shut up now," he might as well have whispered, followed by a nervous laugh.

The man just smiled, a few moments of silence passed by before either of them spoke again. "Maybe he had his reasons?" the man looked at him, a sad look in his eye, "I'll guess you'll never know unless you ask him." He spoke the way an adult would speak when giving a younger child advice, it slightly irritated him. He wasn't a child. "Courage." He said with a smile, placing his hand on his shoulder, the touch sending shivers down his spine. More silence followed before the beautiful angel spoke again. "Oh, I'm Blaine by the way," he finished, sticking out his hand in Kurt's direction, which he accepted, taking great notice of how soft his skin was and how he wished he could hold that hand in his for the rest of his life. It just felt right in his, that tingling sensation rising in his hand. With that one touch he felt like flying.

That all changed when the stranger, when Blaine spoke again, "I'm guessing you must be Kurt," he finished up with a small smile and a laugh. "What? How do you know who I am?" Kurt asked, his voice rising as he dropped his hand out of the strangers, out of Blaine's. "Carson isn't home at the moment, he wasn't expecting you until this evening" he said putting the keys into his brothers flat, pushing the door open and gesturing for him to follow him inside "I'm Carson's roommate."

"Oh," was all he could say as embarrassment, annoyance and disbelief washed through him. He had just bitched about being here and seeing his brother to his brothers room mate, who was more than likely also his best friend. Way to go Kurt! He thought sarcastically to himself before his thoughts wondered about said boy with the beautiful, honey coloured eyes.

"Don't worry," Blaine said laughing and taking one of Kurt's bags off of him. "I won't tell Carson a thing, but I do think you should talk to him." He closed the door behind before heading for the corridor just across the empty space. "Your rooms this way," he called back, a smile in his voice. Kurt followed as Blaine walked through the very large apartment. He wasn't really paying attention to his surroundings, he was too focused on the way Blaine's muscles moved under his skin tight black t-shirt. "Ohh-kay… " his reply was rather late due to his distraction which just made Blaine laugh, which caused him to blush. Blaine set his case on the large double bed and Kurt moved to stand awkwardly as he watched Blaine move around the room. He was moving some papers and a few boxes mumbling in what seemed like annoyance to himself. "I'll umm, give you some time to settle in" he said moving towards the door, paper and boxes in hand.

"Carson won't be home until half Six-ish, he's brining Chinese. I'm," he paused watching Kurt, "I'm going to be in the kitchen, I have an article to write. If you want me just come and get me," he said smiling, "I'm always here if you want to talk." The two looked at each other in the eyes, both eyes intent on the others as they watched, as if they were trying to see the others soul. Kurt's thoughts were incoherent, his mind all over the place, this gorgeous boy was looking at him the same way he was looking at him. They both smiled before Blaine looked to the floor and coughed, "I'll just go and make us some coffee."

Kurt's eyes dropped to the floor, unsure of what that meant. He looked back at Blaine, nervously and shyly. He smiled and nodded, with that Blaine turned around and left, shutting the door behind him. Kurt threw himself on his bed in a fit of annoyance, part of his brain rejoiced at the soft feel of Satin sheets against his skin, the other part yelling at himself. You are such an idiot Kurt! You complain about your brother to his best friend! Then you go and make a complete fool of yourself in front of Blaine! Blushing, responding really late, long, lingering looks! Seriously, what is wrong with you? He thumped the mattress once with his fist before standing up and straightening up his jacket.

As Blaine was now out of the room and his mini hissy fit was over, his thoughts slowly started to return to normal as he began to think clearly. He took a step back and looked around the large space that was now his bedroom. His king size bed was centered against the back wall, luscious caramel satin sheets lying on top. Two doors on the right wall, which after some investigation, Kurt found out they led to a very large walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom. He was already in heaven. The room had simple, plain coffee brown walls. It was very sophisticated with its style, a mahogany desk sat in the corner, a flat screen tv mounted on the wall by the door next to a book shelf full of old fashioned looking books. The room was sophisticated and bright. Kurt loved it.

He turned around to see what was behind him and gasped. The entire outside wall of what was now his room, was glass. His bedroom wall consisted of a Birdseye view of New York's Time Square. He could see the hustle and bustle of the city, the lights and the yellow taxi cabs. It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

He hadn't even realised he'd crept closer until he heard Blaine laughing behind him. "Beautiful isn't it?" he just nodded slowly, his head and hands against the glass. Too lost in the movement of New York outside his bedroom. "I made you a coffee, I'll just put it here." Part of him registered the feeling of Blaine stood next to him, the warmth on his shoulder. If he was thinking properly he would of blushed and shivered at the close contact, but all his mind consisted of was New York. He wasn't sure how long it was after Blaine had entered his room when the back of his mind registered the sound of his door shutting.

Forty minutes later and he had finally gotten over the amazing view of this magnificent city, the amazing bedroom of his and he'd finally unpacked his clothes. The thought of Blaine's shoulder against his and the fact that Blaine had stayed with him for at least ten minutes taking up the front of mind. It didn't mean anything Kurt, stop pretending it did. He sighed to himself, as he tried to push the thought back. Blaine was probably straight, and even if he wasn't Carson was his best friend. He started singing Judas to distract himself as he made his room a little more homier, putting up a few pictures of his Dad, the New Directions and placing a few of his cherished items on his desk with his laptop. He took a glance around his room and made a mental note to shop for furnishings.

He checked his phone, replied to a message from Rachel and a few of the other New Directions before glancing at the clock 5:14. He still had just over an hour to prepare for Carson's arrival. Something he really wasn't looking forward to. Carson hadn't been in his life for 8 years. He didn't want to be here, he left him all alone 8 years ago! It was obvious he didn't care, so why is he trying now? He let out a frustrated sigh as he grabbed his empty coffee cup and walked out into the large open space that was the rest of his brothers home.

The apartment was huge. It was obviously a pent house apartment, one of those whole floor rooms. It made Kurt wonder what Carson actually did here to be able to afford a place like this. How bad is it that I didn't know what he does? There were three other doors in the corridor that led to his room. He assumed one was Carson's room, one Blaine's room and the other maybe a bathroom or storage space, or maybe even a third bedroom. Who knew?

When he came to the main living area he couldn't believe what he saw. On the wall was a 52" Flat screen TV, below it all the games consoles known to man, a beast of a sound system was stood in the corner with an iPod touch in the dock. Two leather sofa's and a leather arm chair sat in front of the TV with the most gorgeous oak coffee table in the centre. He walked over placing his coffee cup on one of the stylish coasters. Looking around, he noticed the wall separating them from the open air of the outside world was just like his bedroom wall, glass. The wall to the apartment was an amazing view of New York's Manhattan.

Once he pulled his eyes away from the view he continued to look around the appartment. He turned around, and though an archway on the other side of the front door was a dining room with a large table in the centre, chairs on either side. He walked forward and saw a door in said room, he went to walk closer but heard something behind him. He made a mental note to do more exploring later and turned and walked towards that beautiful sound.

He walked towards the angels voice, walking towards the kitchen. Noticing for the first time the cornered in-wall fish tank full of beautiful, exotic fish. The colourful fish momentarily distracted his attention from the angels voice. As he looked at the fish he could see Blaine moving around in the kitchen through the tank, his body moving to some rhythm as he made himself a coffee. It was then he remembered the noise, and only then he realised where it was coming from.

Blaine. Blaine was prancing around the kitchen, for the first time Kurt noticed he was wearing lose designer styled 'worn' jeans with a tight fitting black t-shirt that showed his muscles perfectly, but that I already knew he thought blushing. The beautiful, well dressed angel was singing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream in his own way. He sounded amazing, there were no words to describe how beautiful Blaine looked and sounded in his own little world.

He looked so happy and relaxed, so natural. He had never seen anything so beautiful. He knew he was thinking that word a lot, but there was no other way to describe him. He was too wrapped up in watching Blaine's every move that he didn't hear the door open and close behind him or the rustling of foil against plastic.

"Kurt!" his brother exclaimed, Kurt jumped at the unexpected sound. He whipped around to see his older brother of 8 years walking towards him, his arms outstretched. Before he had the chance to say anything he was in his brothers embrace. "Oh I've missed you so much Kurt" Carson said patting him on the back. It felt nice being in his brothers arms, but awkward as it had been 8 years. He pulled back smiling nervously "Hey Carson, long time no see," his voice was supposed to come out sarcastic and snappy, instead it sounded tired and bored.

"Look at you!" he exclaimed gesturing towards him with both hands. "You're all grown up!" Carson said with a laugh as he looked him up and down. "It's been 8 years Carson, of course I've grown up," his sarcastic and bitchy tone was now in place as he just stared at him. Carson looked lost for words and looked pleased for the distraction when Blaine came in. "Hey C! You brought food!" he yelled dramatically and smiling at them as he made his way to pick the Chinese up from the table.

"I see you've already met my little brother Kurtie," Carson said, maybe as a way to change the subject from their conversation. Who knew? Kurt sighed and corrected him. "It's Kurt," No one had called him Kurtie in 8 years, and he wasn't having it now. He couldn't think that after 8 years of hardly any contact they could go back to the way there were? He had to be smarter than that, surely. Carson sent him a confused glance but just laughed it off and ruffled his hair, in response Kurt winced and pulled away. Kurt knew that Blaine had noticed the interaction, as did Carson who chose to ignore it. Typical Carson. "I hope you played nice," Carson said teasingly to Blaine.

"I always play nice, and yes I have. That's a charming little brother you have there" Blaine laughed while walking back into the kitchen, Kurt blushed at the compliment and hated himself for doing so. "He had some interesting things to say about you as well," Blaine called from the kitchen, a laugh in his voice. It was obvious by his tone that Blaine was only teasing but he still let out a silent, frustrated sigh.

"Oh did he now? I can't wait to hear what he had to say." Carson said, putting his arm around his shoulders, to which he shied away from. Once again, Carson didn't notice it or chose not to. He and Blaine were now talking about some article he was writing but Kurt just blocked it out as he watched his big brother.

They were sat on the sofa now, Blaine coming in from the kitchen carrying their three plates, he handed Kurt his, then handing Carson the other one before taking his seat in the arm chair. Kurt noticed the way he folded his legs under him before sitting down. Something about the way he sat was some how endearing. A small smile appeared on his face before he could stop it, he returned his gaze to his food hoping no one had noticed the slight blush on his cheeks.

Kurt watched them interact while they ate dinner. Their conversation got a little heated when they disagreed on the title of the article they were talking about. Wasn't it bad that he didn't even know where his brother worked? He let out a silent, irritated sigh. Wasn't it worse that Carson had only spoken to him once since he'd been here? He hadn't asked about their Dad, or his flight or school. Nothing. He'd ignored all the bitchy comments he'd thrown his way. As self-involved as always. Kurt let out another sigh and ate his food silently, still listening to their conversation hoping he would go forgotten, but a part of him wished his brother would notice him now that he was here.

"What do you think?" Kurt looked up slightly stunned when Blaine asked him for his opinion, a bright smile on his face. "Umm, what?" he replied slowly and sounding like an idiot even though he'd heard the entire conversation. "Do you think we should call it: 'Poet's society' or use some nice, meaningful poetic phrase that will appeal to poets?" he asked taking a mouthful of his food, the noodles hitting his face and leaving a faint line of sauce by his mouth. It made it harder for him to concentrate. What made it even harder was that Blaine was watching him intently. His eyes boring into his, the most adorable smile on his lips as he licked his lips.

Kurt could feel Carson watching him too but all he cared about was Blaine. How wrong is that? He thought to himself. You're an idiot for doing this Kurt, you know this. He's your big brothers best friend who probably isn't gay. Get over it. He sighed, pushing some chow-mein around his plate and finally replying. "I like the idea of using a poetic phrase, it will reach your intended audience better. Poets Society.'" he sighed, "Poets Society just sounds boring." Blaine looked at Carson and stuck out his tongue, "I Told you."

Carson turned to him, "Kurt!" he teasingly whined, "I'm your brother! You're supposed to pick my side!" Kurt kept his eyes on his food and shrugged, "Blaine's idea was better."

A few moments of silence passed as they finished their food, it wasn't exactly comfortable, but it wasn't awkward either. "So little brother, what's new?" Kurt stifled an annoyed laugh. What's new? We haven't seen in each other in eight years, haven't held a proper conversation in over five years and you're asking me 'What's new?' He wanted to yell at Carson, yell at him for everything he missed, every time he wasn't there when he needed him. He wanted to tell Carson how much it hurt that he left him alone, with no one to turn to. Instead he shook his head, plastered a smile on his face and said "Not much." His tone leaking sarcasm that he knew his brother would chose to ignore.

He let out a sigh, picked up the two other plates off of the table, he could feel Blaine's curious eyes watching him as he moved to the kitchen. He needed to get out of that room, get away from his brother. He walked in muttering angrily to himself, "What's new?" he scoffed. "After eight years all I get is a 'What's new!" After placing the plates on the side he looked around realising he didn't know this kitchen. He sighed, looking for the bin and then finding the dishwasher. He cleaned up the leftovers before sinking to the floor with a frustrated sigh as he placed his head in his hands with a groan. I don't want to be here, well I do want to be here, but New York here, not Carson's apartment here.

A few moments later he could hear raised hushed voices in the next room, he picked his head up and leaned forward, slowing his breathing as he tried to listen in on Blaine's and Carson's conversation.

"Carson, you've been with Kurt for over an hour and a half and you didn't even ask him how his flight was! You've paid hardly any attention to him! The only thing you've really said to him was 'What's new?' What's new Carson! It's been eight years! Everything's new!" there were a few moments of silence. Carson must have said something he couldn't quite catch because it seemed to cause an angry response from Blaine.

"Carson! He has been throwing sarcastic comments at you all evening!" Blaine yelled, pausing, Kurt assumed to take in Carson's reaction. He wondered if Carson had any reaction at all. Would what Blaine was saying sink in? Did he understand? "He winced at your touch Carson," his voice soft but irritated, "and you didn't even notice! Or you chose to ignore it, which is more then likely!"

"Jeez Blaine, what is your problem?" Carson said, his voice hard. Of course all of that had gone in one ear and our the other. This was Carson after all.

"I don't have a problem Carson," Blaine sighed sitting down, "I just think, as your best friend," he paused for a moment, "you need to sit down with Kurt and talk. I know you told me your reason for leaving Lima, but have you told him?" His voice was soft before he stopped talking. There was silence as Blaine expected to not get a response. "Exactly. Don't you think he deserves to know? You left him alone Carson. He lost his mother at 8 years old, to cancer. And then his big brother left him not even a year later, for no apparent reason. You left without a goodbye Carson, how could you do that? How could you do that to your younger brother?" Blaine's voice was soft and caring but Kurt could hear an underlying note of irritation and anger which he didn't quite understand.

"How did you know that? I've never told you I never said goodbye?" Kurt noted that Carson's voice was rough and hard. He was just like Dad, when the emotions became too much his voice would suffer. However Kurt found himself annoyed that that was all Carson had taken from everything Blaine had just told him. He sighed, why does Carson hide from anything real?

"No, you didn't." He stopped and seconds passed before he spoke again, his voice soft and gentle. "But Kurt did." Kurt let out an irritated sigh and let his head fall back against the cabinet with a bang. Great! And that's what you get for telling a complete stranger about your issues. But Blaine said he wouldn't tell Carson this, so why was he? Kurt felt like an idiot for trusting Blaine so fast. He had always had trust issues, yet when it came to Blaine, he had trusted him instantly. Obviously it was a bad decision. He sighed again, running his hand through his hair. Ugh, he doesn't even know me so of course he would tell Carson. They're best friends. He let out an irritated sigh, of course he would.

"He did?" Carson asked his voice weak. Blaine said nothing so he assumed he'd nodded.

Kurt had had enough of this, if Carson wanted to suddenly gain a conscious after Blaine, someone who didn't even know him, had all but yelled at him, fine. He wasn't in the mood to talk to Carson right now. Carson might have his reasons for leaving him alone, but he left with no goodbye less than a year after they lost their mum. He hadn't been there when he needed support to come out to their Dad, dealing with their Dad's second marriage, one that Carson hadn't been able to attend due to work. What son wouldn't go to his dad's wedding? Or that time when he was at the lowest of lows. The one person he needed wasn't there to save him. He couldn't get over that.

He picked himself up off of the floor, wiped the non-existent dirt off of his jacket and walked into the living space. His back straight, his stance confident and hard. Carson was sat, his head in his hands as he looked at the floor while Blaine sat next to him, a comforting hand on his back. He plastered a fake smile on his face, pretending that he hadn't heard any of that conversation and pretending not to take in the meaning of their upset positions. Blaine looked up at him as he started to speak, "I sorted out the dishes and the left overs are in the fridge." He paused to look at Carson who's gaze still remained on the floor, he shook his head in disbelief, "I'm going to head to bed, it's been a long day and I'm shattered."

"Are you sure?" Blaine asked, "We could rent a film or watch some TV. You know, just relax and chill out rather then you spend your first night in New York alone." Kurt smiled at how Blaine was being so kind towards him when his own brother wasn't. Carson was still looking at the floor and hadn't said a word. He smiled at Blaine, a genuine one this time, "Thanks Blaine, but I think I'll have a shower and just go to bed. Maybe we can do that tomorrow night though?" He noticed how a small amount of excitement had returned to his voice. Blaine smiled at him, a breathtaking smile, "Sounds great." With that Kurt started walking towards his room, he heard his brother call his name, his voice sounding weak, "Goodnight Carson," was his response as he shut the door, more forcefully then needed. He smiled at the loud noise before grabbing his iPod and heading for the shower.

Carson sat with his head in his hands, Blaine's hand on his back as he listened to his younger brother and his best friend talking about plans for tomorrow night. He noticed the difference in Kurt's voice from now and a moment ago. Blaine did that, Blaine brought more life back into Kurt. More life then he, his own brother could manage. He could hear them talking but he just sat there, not moving, unsure of what to say or what to do. Blaine was right.

Eight years ago he told his Dad where he was going and asked him not to tell Kurt, that he would do it himself. He never did. A week later he hopped on a plane, found himself a small apartment, a crappy little writers job and he worked his way up from there. Kurt never got a goodbye, never got an explanation, he couldn't bring himself to tell his brother that he was leaving. He knew how much Kurt depended on him and he couldn't' break him like that. He let out a silent breath, Yeah and leaving without so much as a note didn't do that.

It was Kurt's first night in New York, the first night he had seen him, his older brother in eight years, and all I did was talk about work. I didn't even ask about his flight, I didn't ask about Dad, I didn't ask him anything. What's up. What an idiot! Who say's whats up to someone, their own brother, when you haven't seen him in 8 years! Who the hell says that! Ugh, you do, said a voice inside his head.

Kurt winced at his touch, had been shooting sarcastic and bitchy comments at him during the few conversations they'd had! And me, being the big, selfish dickhead that he was chose to ignore them all. What kind of a brother does that? One like you said the annoying voice in his head again.

He needed to make amends, he knew that asking his Dad to convince Kurt to come and stay with him would be tricky, the year it took him to convince him proved that. Now he needed to make amends with Kurt, to get to know him and gain Kurt's trust and respect again. They had once been best friends, but he let that go. His fears of being stuck in a small town became too much and he left Kurt and their friendship behind. He made that choice eight years ago, and it was the biggest and only regret in his life. He was going to make this right, he was going to sort this out.

"Kurt?" he called, his voice sounding sad and broken, even to his own ears. "Goodnight Carson" was the response he got, Kurt's voice cold and detached, followed by a slam of his bedroom door. As much as it hurt him, what was he to expect.

Forty minutes later found Kurt finally getting out of the shower, while singing along to his iPod. He did his moisturising routine and crawled into bed not long after. He spoke to his Dad on the phone for twenty minutes, doing his best to hide how much he wanted to come home already. He couldn't stop the tears that fell when he said goodbye. He set his alarm for 9:30 tomorrow morning, put his phone on the bed side table and tried to fall asleep in this strange room. He tried to think about tomorrow. Tomorrow would be his first day, his first full day in New York and he planned on making the most of it. With or without his big brother, preferably without he thought to himself. At around ten Kurt finally managed to fall asleep, dreaming about the adventure that awaits him.

"Carson, I don't know what you want me to say? I've already told you that you need to make amends and talk to Kurt!" Blaine said letting out an irritated sigh as he collapsed on the sofa with a thud.

They'd been having this conversation for the past thirty minutes and they were still getting nowhere. Carson just wasn't listening, or thinking for that matter.

"I want you to tell me what I should do! You spoke to him more than I did. What did you two talk about?" Carson asked, a hint of hysteria in his voice, Blaine tried not to laugh at the drama queen in him considering they were having a serious conversation.

"Ugh! You practically own your own magazine! Talk bullshit every day and you can't even think of something to say to your own brother!" He felt as if he was going to lose his rag. He didn't even know Kurt, but the way Carson had been with him and the way he had treated him in the past was wrong. He just looked at his best friend, he looked lost and confused. His eyes silently begging him for help. Blaine let out a sigh, his head falling into his hands. Kurt had told him things about how he felt about Carson, about not wanting to be here with him but he couldn't find it in himself to break his trust. For some reason he couldn't fathom, having Kurt trust him mattered. He let out a deep breath before he looked back at his best friend.

"Just take him out for the day. Take tomorrow off and give your brother a tour around the city, try and rebuild the bridge that you tore down" he saw Carson wince but he didn't care, he deserves it Blaine thought, his eyes boring into Carson's. His eyes telling him what he thought of the situation and his previous actions.

A few moments later after Carson had thought about it he turned to him, "That." Carson said pointing a finger at him, "now that is a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of this before!" Blaine shook his head and sighed, bringing his leg up under him as his attention turned to his phone as it vibrated. He saw the name on the screen and couldn't help but smile, Carson's rant going unheard as his full attention settled on his phone. He opened the messages and smiled.

"Missing you, can't wait to be home. Only three more weeks and I'll be in your arms, wait, I mean bed ;) love you xx"

He read the text and smiled, a small part of his brain imagined Kurt sending him a text like that, a smile appearing at the thought before he could stop it. He shook his head in disbelief, I can't have thoughts like that about my best friends younger brother! He shook the thought from his head, a blush appearing on his cheeks as he replied.

"Missing you too. I can't wait for those three weeks to be up! It's been two weeks and I miss you :( cheeky cheeky ;) love you too babe."

He shoved his phone in his pocket and tried to make sense of why he thought that about Kurt. Kurt was Carson's younger, 5 years younger! (then him,) brother! He looked up at Carson who was pacing around the room ranting about his paper and how he needed to write it and finish it before tomorrow morning so he could take Kurt out. Most of the words going unheard as Blaine was thinking about Kurt.

He brought his other leg under him, his gaze out the window as he thought about Kurt's beautiful eyes. One look in them at the top of the stairs and it was as if he'd seen more soul and beauty then he had ever seen in his whole life. The touch of his soft skin when he shook his hand for those few moments, he had never wanted to let go, that tingling feeling in his hand that he'd never felt before. He didn't want to let it go. When he spoke he was so sure of himself, so confident, so angelic. And his laugh, his laugh, there was no other word to describe it then beautiful. Kurt was beautiful.

He shook his head, he couldn't do this. Kurt was Carson's brother. Brothers were off limits. That's how it was. Brothers. Were off. Limits. He said to himself, making sure it sunk in. He hit the leather sofa with his palm forcefully causing Carson to stop mid sentence. His eyes asking if he's okay, Blaine just nodded and turned his full attention to Carson who continued his rant.

"So, if I stay up tonight I can get that article done, send it to Dennis by 9 and then spend the day showing Kurt around New York. We can go to Broadway, statue of liberty, I can take him to Central Park." He paused to think about it for a second, his eyes brightening as he had an idea. "Blaine?" he yelled, his voice excited.

Blaine looked at him and waited for the question. "You're off tomorrow aren't you? Fancy coming with us? Kurt will be living with us now, it will give us both the chance to get to know him?" his voice was soft yet eager, he was practically begging.

"Umm," Blaine said looking at the floor, he couldn't. Not when he was thinking thoughts like that. Carson knew he was going to try and turn it down, one of the downsides of being best friends for the best part of 7 years, you know each other inside out. "Come on Blaine? Please? I can tell Kurt likes you, please?"

Don't say that, he moaned internally. Then, he internally slapped himself for thinking that he meant romantically. Of course he didn't. Kurt wouldn't think that about him at all. "Carson, I don't know," his hand moved to wipe at the back of his neck as he watched his best friends eyes begging him. He let out a sigh, he knew he'd regret this. "Okay, fine. I'll come."

"Yes!" Carson half yelled throwing a fist in the air! "Thank you so much Blaine!" he said running over to throw his arms around him and kissing his head, "Ugh I love you! Right, now I need to go finish this article," he spoke as he headed towards his bedroom before retracing his steps, "Coffee, I need coffee," and heading to the kitchen.

Blaine watched Carson from the sofa laughing at him, he murmured a "love you too," in response as he picked up the control, turning on the DVD player waiting for the menu to appear on his screen. A smile appeared on his face as he called "In return of me coming with you and Kurt, you're buying me coffee all day tomorrow!" he heard Carson mumbleing in the kitchen and smiled, already looking forward to free coffee tomorrow. His attention returned to the screen as he pressed play. God he loved this movie.

Carson walked out of the kitchen a few minutes later, popped a cup of coffee on the table in front of him, "Aww thanks C," he said, his eyes not leaving the screen. "I'm locking myself in my room and I'm not coming out until this is article is finished," Carson said heading to their study. Blaine nodded slowly, acknowledging what he'd said although he hadn't heard a word.

Half past twelve came and it found Kurt fast asleep in his bedroom, Blaine sleeping restlessly while Carson was still up, drinking his second coffee of the hour while he tried to finish his article for 9 o clock.

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