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The Epilogue: Great news all 'round.

- October 1st, 2014 -

"Blaine!? Is Carson here yet!? He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago! Our plane leaves in two hours! Seriously where the hell is he!?" To say Kurt was freaking out would be a bit of an understatement. Carson was supposed to be here soon and they really didn't want to miss their flight.

So much had changed in the years since Sebastian had moved to London and he'd started at NYADA. He'd spent last summer spending six weeks in London working at Vogue, pursuing his dream of working in Fashion before coming back to New York to finish up his second year at NYADA. The job opportunities he had were endless, he literally had the pick of the lot when he finished NYADA next year, things were great.

Blaine was now working part time at the magazine along side Carson who had now hired an assistant. The label had worked out well for him, Maisy doing an amazing job of promoting Blaine's music. He was now working on his second sole album, the last one had landed him two top ten hit's and an amazing fan base. His record company were even talking about him touring, it was crazy, but a great crazy.

Carson had moved out of the apartment a little less than a year ago and was now living with Temperance. He eventually told them six weeks into their official relationships and a weight seemed to lift off of his shoulders. They weren't engaged or anything but he'd heard them talking more than once about considering it.

They now had the large apartment to themselves. It was a lot of money, but with Blaine's albums flying off of the shelves and with Kurt was working part time at a small little café, they were coping just well. Every Friday night Kurt would work and every Friday night Blaine would play for free at that little café. Their time was limited, but it was nothing they couldn't handle.

"Kurt, baby, stop freaking out. He will be here, okay, just breath" Blaine said as he walked into their bedroom, massaging his shoulders. "You know what he's like, he and Tempe probably just got distracted, he is leaving her for two weeks you know."

Kurt nodded as he relaxed against Blaine's chest. "I know, I'm sorry. I guess I'm just nervous" Blaine chuckled in his ear as he wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing his neck gently.

"Why are you so nervous babe?" Blaine breathed against his neck which sent involuntary shivers down his spine.

He shrugged, there weren't any real need for his nerves at all. They had all taken turns in visiting each other since Sebastian had moved. After the five months it took him to settle down, they never went more than four months without seeing each other, each taking turns in travelling. It shouldn't be any different this time.

Yet it was completely different. "Blaine, we're not just boyfriends anymore" he said looking down at the silver band that was settled around his ring finger. It was only two weeks ago when Blaine had given him this, when he'd made their dream of forever into a reality.

"Don't you think we should've told him? We haven't even told Carson, shouldn't they both know already?" he asked exasperated, suddenly regretting their decision to hold out. "What if they both get upset because they didn't know when it happened?"

Blaine sighed as he kissed his shoulder, "Kurt baby, stop worrying about it okay. They won't mind that we waited two weeks to tell them in person, together. Plus" he said pulling away and reaching for his phone which had just lit up on their bed, "he has big news for us too and he's been going on about that for weeks."

Blaine was right, waiting to tell them until they were all together, in the same place made sense. That way they'd find out together. Blaine's right, "You're right" he shrugged reaching for his bag. "They won't mind at all." Plus, it would make it more special if both Carson and Sebastian found out together.

"See, I told you" he said kissing him on the lips before reading his new text message. "Carson's downstairs and is telling us to 'get our sexy asses down the stairs and in his car in the next two minutes or he's going to the airport without us'" he said with a laugh.

Kurt huffed, it was just like his brother to be late and then get mad at them for being 'late.' "I'll kill him Blaine" he said following him out of his room and down the corridor, "I will. I'll kill him."

Blaine chuckled as he opened the front door for him, "you can't do that Sweetie. Otherwise, I am pretty sure Tempe won't ever look after Evita for us again, and you don't want her going to the kitty kennels do you?"

He grumbled in response, calling for the elevator while Blaine locked up. "Well I guess Carson has Evita to thank for still being alive then" he complained as Blaine slipped his arm around his waist and pressed the button to take them to the lobby.

"I'm sure he will be very thankful and be forever in little Evita's debt." Blaine kissed his cheek and he couldn't help but smile, how had he been lucky enough to find himself engaged to someone as amazing as Blaine. Even after all these years he still could never find a good enough answer to that question.

Kurt quickly informed the doorman they wouldn't be back for two weeks and asked him to keep an eye on things. As they walked outside they were greeted with the all to familiar sight of Carson sat in the front seat of his mini, who then started yelling at them the moment they caught his eye.

"What kinda time do you call this!?" He called through the open window as he glanced down at his watch, a huge grin on his face. "The plane leaves in less than two hours, what are you guys playing at!?"

It took everything in him not retaliate with some comment. Of course it helped that Blaine was at his side, giving his arm a squeeze, whispering to him they'd get him back later and to shove his left hand in his pocket. Then he winked at him before he ran around the car and jumped in the front seat. He rolled his eyes, chucking his bag through the door before climbing in himself.

"Oh fuck! Where the fuck is my phone!? What if they're here already and they've text me telling me they're on their way and I haven't received it because I can't find my fucking phone!?" Sebastian was panicking, more than just a little bit.

He couldn't find his phone and they were supposed to have landed by now. They were to text him when they were in the taxi so he would have enough time to compose and prepare himself to tell them his news. "Where the fuck is it?" he growled as he pulled up all of his sofa pillows!

"Calm down babe" Daniel said with a chuckle as he walked in from the kitchen, "it was right were you left it. In your bag along with your iPod and notebook." He relaxed, only for a moment before grabbing his phone.

"They text me half an hour ago which means" he stood there feeling Daniel's gaze on him as he tried to work out how much time he had. "Fuck! They should be here in less than ten minutes, oh my god Daniel what am I going to do!?"

"Stop freaking out for one thing" he said with a laugh as he wrapped his arms around his waist, dropping his chin down to his shoulder and kissing him gently. It was still weird being with someone who was taller than him, he wondered if he'd ever get used to it. "I don't understand why you're freaking out so bad. They've already met me."

Sebastian closed his eyes and let himself relax in Daniel's embrace, "yes I know they've already met you, I'm not stupid. But last time we told them we were just friends. We're not just friends anymore Daniel" he sighed.

"No, we're boyfriends. Just like we were when they met me seven months ago Seb, and now we're living together. I don't understand why you haven't already told them" he said sounding genuinely confused but not too worried about it.

He sighed as he linked their hands together, "you're right. I just. You know this is a big deal for me and I just, I wanted to see their faces when I tell them I've finally settled down." He said smiling, it was a stupid reason, he knew that. He just wanted to see their reactions when they found out 'The Sebastian Smythe' had settled down, the thought made him chuckle.

Daniel laughed as he kissed a line up his neck, "beneath the asshole that I met is this adorable, gentle, kind man who I love ever so much. I just wished I could see him more often" he said kissing him on the side of the mouth before pulling away and heading back towards the kitchen.

"A car's just pulled up outside Seb, so you're time to prepare is slowly ticking away" he said winking at him before disappearing out of sight completely. Fucking bastard he thought with a laugh as he ran his hands through his hair. "I'll take my time making everybody tea to give you guys a minute."

Sebastian smiled as he looked down to the floor, tea he thought with a shake of his head, of course he had to love someone so British. He'd never thought he'd meet someone like Daniel after he'd had such disastrous experiences in the past, yet he just happened to walk into Daniel one day when he was on the phone.

They'd argued right there in the middle of the street, turning several heads before Sebastian decided he liked something about him and asked the guy out for coffee. Eleven months ago that was, and now here they were living together. Crazy. "Love you babe" he said as he walked towards the door.

They were here, this was it. He had just reached for the handle when the door bell rang. He took a deep breath, he could do this. The moment he opened the door he was greeted with his three friends stood there with huge smiles on their faces despite the poor English weather.

In that moment all his nerves and worries seemed to disappear as they all merged into one of their group hugs, which was always normal on their visit's to each other. "Oh my god I am so glad you're here" he said into Kurt's neck, "so glad." He always felt much more at home whenever these guys visited.

"It's good to see you man" Blaine said patting him on the shoulder as they passed him into his house. "You're looking great as always" he said softly as he pulled his hood down and shimmied out of his soaking wet jacket.

He turned to see both Kurt and Carson doing the same before hanging their wet jackets on the coat rack by the radiator. "How you can live here with rain like that nearly every day, I have no idea" Carson said as he shook out his hair like a dog.

"That's cool, just get water all over my paintings C, that's fine" Sebastian said with a laugh, "and you know I like the rain." Smiling at his friends he already felt a little lighter in his chest knowing that they were here and would be for the next two weeks.

Yes he was happy here, but he was always happier when he was with his friends, they just made his life complete. He'd almost forgotten why he was nervous a few minutes ago until Daniel, the jackass, dropped something on the floor in the kitchen. The noise ringing out around the house catching all of their attention as Daniel hissed in pain, "ah what the actual fuck!?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes fondly, what perfect words to leave his mouth considering he was just about to be introduced as his partner. "Is there someone else here?" Kurt asked in a purr, a smirk on his face and a knowing look in his eyes. He'd once accidentally said too much to him on the phone, it wasn't entirely his fault, Kurt was just so easy to talk to!

"Oh yeah it's Daniel," he said nodding with a smile, shoving his hands in his pockets and hoping they wouldn't see them shaking or pick up on his unsteady breathing. Part of him was also hoping they wouldn't read too much into it or ask too many questions. His resolve to tell them was suddenly shaking.

"Oo" Blaine said wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist as Kurt shoved his hands in his pockets, "Daniel's here is he?"

He dropped his gaze to the floor and ran his hand through his hair, "yeah well Daniel, he. Well," why was this so fucking hard!? "Well Daniel sort of lives here now" he said forcing his gaze up to watch them, coughing slightly.

In that moment, looking at his friends, he was never more glad that he'd waited in his life. Blaine's jaw dropped, his eyes going wide in shock and delight as he screamed out a 'no way!' before he started jumping up down and clapping.

Carson's jaw dropped too, "no fucking way!?" he said with a huge grin on his face. "The Sebastian Smythe has finally settled down!?" He wasn't sure how to respond that, so just nodded and smiled. But before he knew it Carson had enveloped him in a bone crushing hug and was whispering congratulations in his ear.

Kurt smiled knowingly which was weird because Sebastian knew for a fact that he'd never mentioned living with each other, or that they were even dating. Maybe he'd just had more time to put two and two together, "congratulations" he said walking forwards and giving him a quick hug before shoving his hands back in his pocket.

"So," Kurt said breaking the silence as they all moved into the front room, leaving all their bags in the hallway. "Obviously we've already met Daniel but how long have you two been dating?" Of course Kurt would ask the first question he was hoping to avoid.

At that exact moment Daniel walked in with a tray containing four cups of tea and a plate of biscuits while wearing a dazzling smile. "Eleven months ago last Tuesday" Daniel said giving him a kiss on his cheek before setting the tray on the table.

He saw the looks the three men exchanged as Daniel chose to sit on the arm of his chair rather then the other sofa, it made him smile like an idiot. He'd finally found the Kurt to his Blaine. He put a hand on his knee and loved it when Daniel leaned back against the chair and wrapped his arm around his shoulders as they started catching each other up on their lives.

After a few hours of catching up and drinking plenty more tea, Kurt became strangely addicted to the stuff when he was here yet only ever drank coffee back home. They decided they were all well enough caught up on everyone's live's to move on to other important things.

Unfortunatley Daniel had to leave a little after four for work, but it had been more than adorable watching them kiss and say their 'goodbye's and 'I love you's' at the door. Carson had been sat in the other arm chair in Sebastian's living room, nervously shaking his foot with a huge grin on his face.

Blaine was sat next to Kurt, his hand resting on top of Kurt's left hand on his knee. They hadn't told anyone about their engagement yet, waiting for this opportunity where the four of them were together, but Kurt had refused to take the ring off since he'd slipped it on his finger nearly two weeks ago.

As much as that small fact made him grin like an idiot, it was also extremely frustrating for him. Let alone how frustrating it must've been for Kurt to keep his left hand hidden at all times around his brother, especially with Friday night dinners. It hadn't been easy, but now they were here. They wouldn't have to hide it for much longer.

They were here and they could tell them. They could tell them and they could stop hiding, and this was something Blaine really didn't want to hide. He wanted to shout it from the roof tops. He wanted everybody to know that this beautiful man had chosen him.

Sebastian was currently raving about how he and Daniel had decided to move in together a few weeks ago, it was amazing to see him so happy and talking about Daniel so passionately. Sebastian had finally found his soul mate, the person he was meant to be with and it was amazing to see him like this.

Sebastian had shared his news and now all he wanted to do was share theirs. He was waiting for the right moment, but how was he to know when the right moment was? Kurt was sat next to him nodding and laughing along with Sebastian while Carson looked like he was about to crush the cup he was holding between his hands.

He wondered what was wrong with him and was about to ask when Sebastian asked him a question about how he'd asked Temperance if they could move in together. Little did Blaine know that he wasn't the only one about to explode with good news.

If anyone paid too much attention to Carson they would've noticed that he was about to explode. Fortunately for him there was so much going on around him that none of them noticed. Soon, soon he would be able to tell everyone his great news and they could celebrate with him.

He'd known for less than a day, and he just needed to tell them. The news couldn't have come at a better time if he was honest, he wouldn't have told any of them without them all being together, and it wasn't the sort of the news that could wait.

"Did you guys want to go out for dinner tonight or order in takeout?" Sebastian asked them, his conversation with Kurt about moving in with Daniel must've finished long ago by the looks of things.

Carson shook his head bringing himself back to the present. Blaine was looking at one of the books with Sebastian, which he must've given him if the stack of books by the door was any indication. Kurt was sat on the sofa, his legs crossed yet both hands in his pocket.

He cocked his head to the side as he really looked at his brother for the first time in a few days. He was always hiding his hands recently, Carson wasn't sure why but he'd picked up on it a couple of days ago when they came over for Friday night dinner. He wasn't sure what it meant but he was dying to find out.

He'd just worked up the nerve to ask when Kurt spoke before he had the chance. "What does Daniel want to do?" he asked as he brought his knees up under him, without removing his hands from his pockets he noted. What the hell was going on?

"Daniel's going out with friend's tonight and crashing with his brother" Sebastian shrugged looking up from the book he was looking at with Blaine. "I told him he didn't have to, that you guys wouldn't mind but he insisted on giving us some time together." You'd have to be blind not to see the grin on Sebastian's face and how happy Daniel was making him, about fucking time he thought with a grin.

"Wow Bas, that's really great" Blaine said patting him on the back, "you really lucked out by the sounds of it."

Carson watched as Sebastian sighed in content, "yeah. He's just, he's perfect." They all watched Sebastian for a moment as he looked at his shoes, a huge smile on his face as he more than likely thought about Daniel. "So, eat in or eat out?" he asked clapping his hands together a few moments later.

Kurt laughed as did Blaine, even after all these years it was still hard to believe how those two were always, always on the same page. Always so in sync. "I'm good with eating in" Carson said with a shrug, "I can't really be assed to get dressed up and go out" he said around a yawn.

"Eating in's fine with me," Kurt said with a smile, "what about you Blaine?"

Blaine just nodded in Kurt's direction, that stupid, lovey-dovey expression in place as it turned everything in the room a sickening shade of pink with it's adorableness. "Chinese is fine with me" he smiled. "I still find it weird how it comes in plastic containers here rather than boxes. I mean how is that even chinese!?"

At his words Carson dropped his head into his hands with a laugh, how could Kurt put up with that? Chinese is chinese no matter how it comes. He looked up to see Kurt looking at Blaine with that same pink-inducing look and smiled at how in love they were.

He wasn't really sure what made him decide now was the perfect time, but he just, there was so much love in this room and these men were his family. They deserved to know and he wanted to tell them, "guys" he said slowly not really looking at any of them, "I need to tell you all something."

One by one the three men turned their concerned and curious gazes on him, "it's nothing bad I promise" he said looking between each of their faces. "It's actually really, really good news" he dropped his gaze and began twiddling his thumb ring, there wasn't anything he could do about the grin taking over his face.

He heard Sebastian and Blaine take their seats again while he took a minute to regain his breath. "You alright Carson?" Kurt asked quietly from where his left hand was now resting on Blaine's back. Obviously he'd taken more than a minute.

He laughed, "yeah I'm fine" he said with a smile, "more than fine actually" he spoke, pushing himself out of the chair so he was standing in front of the three of them. He may have been dragging out the silence more than necessary, but it was fun, "I'm great."

The three of them were staring at him, eyes wide as they waited, some a little more patiently then others for him to tell them. He smiled at each of them before just letting it out in a rush of words, "Temperance is pregnant" he said slamming his hands down on top of his head.

All three of them jumped up at his words, screams of 'oh my god' and 'are you being fucking serious?' Obviously that was Sebastian, as they all attacked him in a giant hug. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted, keeping things from these guys was hard, even if it was only for twenty-four hours.

"I'm going to be an uncle?" Kurt asked amongst the shouts from where he was now pressed up against his chest, he pulled his arms away from Blaine and Sebastian and wrapped them around his little brother properly.

"Yes. You are going to the best Uncle ever," he said kissing the top of his head while Blaine and Sebastian moved closer, hugging them both with Kurt getting squished in the middle of them all.

He could feel Kurt's tears against his chest and couldn't help but laugh, his kid was going to be so spoilt by these three he could see it now. His son or daughter wasn't going to want for anything with these three around. "When did you find out?" Blaine asked wiping his own tears away.

Carson moved a hand to the back of Blaine's head, "don't you start too" he said grinning, "and I found out last night. Tempe went to the Doctor's yesterday to have it confirmed, and she's pregnant" he said with a shrug and a smile.

"I'm going to be a Daddy," he couldn't stop his own tears from falling at the image of one day bringing his little girl or boy to visit this very house. His child would be surrounded by so much love, he wished his little baby was here now. He didn't know how he was going to survive the next seven months.

"Wow, that is great news Carson" Sebastian said, his voice breaking slightly with emotion as he pulled back and patted him on the back, "that's. That's amazing" he said with a proud smile. It's totally amazing he thought, smiling at his family.

Kurt moved out of Carson's embrace, shoved his left hand in his pocket and threw his right arm around Blaine's waist, I'm going to be an Uncle! Carson had just shared his good news and he couldn't wait another minute to tell them his. "That's not the only great news" he said turning to Blaine with a smile.

He saw Sebastian look to Carson who just shrugged in response as he turned his gaze to focus on Blaine. Asking with his eyes if it was okay that he do this, Blaine smiled at him nodding and squeezing his waist that little harder.

Kurt took a deep breath as he turned to face his best friend and his brother, he removed his hand form his pocket. Slowly bringing it up into their line of sight so that Carson and Sebastian would soon be able to see the ring he was proudly wearing on his left hand.

He saw both their eyes go wide and their jaws drop. Sebastian grabbed for his hand as Kurt screamed, "Blaine proposed!" He was jumping up and down with Blaine stood next to him, grinning as big as his face would allow, "we're getting married!"

"No fucking way!?" Sebastian said with a laugh as he tried to get his arm still enough to look at the ring. "Kurt will you stand still for a second?" he tried to demand even though he said it laughing.

Kurt did however stop jumping up and down, his hand in Sebastian's while Carson pulled him in for another hug. "Oh my god Kurt! I can't even begin to tell you how happy for you I am" he said, his head resting on his shoulder.

"I'm getting married Carson" he squealed in his ear, "I can't believe it!" He was crying again but he didn't even care, this was one of the best days of his life. "I'm getting married to Blaine! And you're having a baby" he said hugging his brother tighter, "how did we get so lucky!?"

He buried his head in Carson's chest, loving how he smelt a little bit like their Dad and how his embrace made him feel like a kid again. "I have no idea" Carson said breathlessly kissing him on the top of his head, "I have absolutely no fucking idea" he said with a watery laugh.

"Blaine, man" Sebastian said sounding a little breathless, "that ring is perfect. Absolutely perfect" Kurt turned to see Blaine being pulled into Sebastian's arms, both men trying not cry. "Congratulations Blaine," he said into Blaine's hair, this entire moment was perfect.

He watched as Blaine hugged Sebastian tightly, his nails digging into his shoulder as he started crying. "I can't believe he said yes Bas. He said yes, to me." Sebastian was laughing and shaking his head like Blaine was an idiot, "I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with Kurt, and you're living with Daniel. Can you believe it?"

It was nice seeing Sebastian and Blaine like this, throughout the move had grown some distance between the two, only a small amount, but distance all the same. It was good to see that nothing could change, "No Blaine. Honestly, I can't fucking believe it at all?" He said laughing, wiping the tears away with his sleeve.

Soon they were swapped around, Kurt was now wrapped up in Sebastian's warm and comforting embrace while Blaine was wrapped in Carson's. "Congratulations Kurt" he said his voice breaking again, "I am so happy for you. I couldn't even imagine two people who fit together better than you two do."

Kurt sniffed and hiccuped at the same time, obviously all of this good news and emotion was too much for him for one day. "Thanks Bas. I'm so happy that you've found someone too, Daniel seems perfect" he said with a smile as leaned out of his embrace to look at his face.

Sebastian smiled down at him, "he's not perfect, but he's just imperfect enough that I hope one day we'll reach these milestones too" he said with a watery smile of his own in return. They both turned to look at Blaine and Carson who were now holding hands and jumping around in circles as they continued screaming at each other, tears still falling down both of their cheeks.

"You will" he said giving his hand a squeeze before moving towards Carson and tapping him on the shoulder, bringing his and Blaine's moves to a stop. "Would you mind if I steal my fiancé for a minute?" He grinned. He'd finally said it out loud to the people that mattered, it took all of his strength to not start bouncing. MY FIANCÉ!

At the mention of the word Kurt threw himself at Blaine who squealed in delight while both Sebastian and Carson started going on about the word itself. "Oh my god fiancé's! You're fiancé's now!" Carson yelled clapping them both on the back just like he expected his Dad to do once they told him then news when they returned to Ohio in a few weeks.

"You're fiancée's and one day you'll be husbands and oh my god!" Carson freaked, both him and Sebastian throwing their arms around him and Blaine who were stood close in the middle of their bouncing movements. Husbands he thought with a smile will revelling in all of the joy in this room, one day Blaine will be my husband.

Sebastian and Carson were now hugging each other, giving them some space, while they started going on about who would be the Best Man and who would be the Maid of Honour. He pulled back from Blaine's embrace and the two just looked at each for a moment. He couldn't believe that he would be spending the rest of his life with this beautiful man stood in front of him, it just, it didn't make sense.

"We're fiancé's" he said a little breathlessly to Blaine who smiled at the words before kissing him as passionately as was appropriate in front of his brother.

Pulling back Blaine pressed his forehead against his, "and one day we'll be Husband's," wearing a look that he was sure mirrored his own. One day we will be husbands, he couldn't stop himself, he practically threw himself at Blaine, capturing him in a kiss that showed him just how much he wanted this, Carson could deal with it.

Eventually they stopped, just looking at each other trying to soak up the moment. Eventually he turned away when Sebastian put his arm around his shoulder and Carson threw his arm around Blaine. "Can you believe this?" Sebastian said with a smile, "I've moved in with Daniel, Carson here's having a baby and you two are going to get married!"

The four looked at each other for a moment, all smiling as those words sunk in. "Four years ago, who would've guessed that we'd all be stood here, in London? With a baby on the way, an impending marriage and Sebastian living with his boyfriend" Carson said looking at him with a smile.

It was hard to believe. Four years ago he wasn't even speaking to his brother and he had no idea who Blaine or Sebastian were. Now, they were three of the most important people in his life, it's funny how things change.

"How did you propose?" Sebastian asked Blaine, nudging him with his foot as they all refused to let go of each other. Even if there legs were starting to ache, the four of them stood there, arms around each other's waist's, backs bent slightly as Blaine started telling the story of his proposal.

Kurt looked at these three men and didn't even want to imagine what would've happened if his Dad had never sent him to New York. He couldn't even imagine a life where he wasn't talking to his brother or marrying his best friend. Sebastian was rolling his eyes as Blaine talked about how he'd proposed during Moulin Rouge. In true Sebastian style he started claiming the whole proposal was his idea because of his choice in movie the night he left.

Kurt rolled his eyes and turned to Carson who was watching him with a smile. Blaine pulled him closer as he started on explaining his reaction, he blushed but smiled as he looked around him. This was his life now

Soon he'd be married to the most amazing man in the entire world. Then one day they would have kids and then they'd find themselves in a situation just like this one, jumping and shouting as they celebrated the news with the people that mattered the most.

This might only be the start, but he knew this was what it was going to be like for the rest of his life, and he couldn't wait.

The End.

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