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A really short oneshot

He wanted to scream. To yell at all the people in front of him, to let them know that what they were doing was wrong.

The great hall was covered in decorations. Giant pumpkins were on each table, bats hung from the ceiling and a variety of dishes littered the table, most in bats or witches or of something similar. There were also the laughing, chattering students. Everyone was happy, they shouldn't be. How could they be? They were all celebrating death! The death of Voldemort! What about his parents? They were dead, he'd never see them again yet not one person spent a moment thinking of them! Everyone sat, enjoying the cakes the sweets and the death of lord Voldemort, never thinking that Lily and James Potter, his parents died trying to protect everyone. This was the thanks they got. Tears of bitterness filled his eyes and trailed down his cheeks which he angrily wiped away.

"It's not fair" he muttered.

"Potter, you have everything, what are you moaning about now" sneered a familiar voice from behind him.

He turned around only to find himself face to face with professor Snape. He didn't have the strength to spit a rude reply back, not today at least.

"Nothing sir its just…" he hated sounding so weak in front of his most hated professor "I hate Halloween"

"Why?" that simple question sent him over the edge.

"My parents died on Halloween, protecting me and helping defeat Voldemort and people are out there celebrating! They're laughing and eating but they're not thinking about the reason why! It isn't fair, it isn't right! They were my parents…" Harry ranted. Tears streamed down his face and he began sobbing uncontrollably. He slid to the floor and wrapped his arms around his legs tightly, forgetting that professor Snape was there. He was startled, a moment later when he felt a gentle consoling hand on his shoulder. He looked up, through bleary, tear filled eyes and saw a spark of compassion in the usually emotionless black eyes. Without a second thought he threw himself forward and wrapped his arms around the man who had bullied him for so long. He rested his head under his chin and he cried. His body wracked with sobs and what surprised him the most was that Snape didn't push him away and soon thin yet strong arms wrapped around him… and he felt safe.

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