Chapter Three: A Wonderful Life

Another chapter. Daily updates are truly a wonderful thing for every party involved. It gives me something to do in class and gives you readers something to look forward to! Not enjoying this chapter though. My chapters seem to get shorter as time goes on, mostly because I love writing this too damn much. The lawyer guy in this chapter should hopefully show up again...I hate creating characters that appear for like five seconds and then disappear without a trace. D: Anyway, enjoy one and all, review and all that~!

"So wait... I don't to'wd me 'dat I wouldn't get to see Mama again: but today we're gonna go see her?" Mello crossed his arms at the waist, his lower lip out in a pout.

"Well..." I fixed his tie, straightening it and making it as close to perfect as I could, "She's not really going to be's like...we're telling her goodbye,"

"If I don't go does 'dat mean Mama doesn't have to 'weave?"

"No it doesn't," I sighed, looking in the mirror to adjust my hair, hating that I wasn't able to wear my goggles, "We have to go..."

"But I don't wanna... I don't wanna say bye bye to Mama..."

We were late enough as it was, having to drive quite a bit out to get to the church; we didn't have time debating whether or not we left.

I got down on my knees, trying to force a smile on my face. "We need to go, I promise we can do something fun afterwards, ok?"

Mello looked up at me, a tiny smile spreading across his face. "Can we get ice c'weam? Choco'wate? With sprinkles?"

"Hm...sprinkles... I dunno about that..." I laughed lightly, rustling my hand through his golden hair, causing him to giggle along with me. I stood up, and Mello took my hand, holding it tight.

"Okie dokie...'wet's go!"

I nodded, trying my damndest to remain optimistic. We walked through the apartment complex dressed in our freshly rented tuxes, hand in hand. We got to my car, my beautiful camaro, (of which I must admit I was neglecting lately). Mello hopped in the backseat, getting himself buckled in. (I realize this was probably quite illegal: but I hadn't gotten around to getting him a booster seat. So sue me). I got a fag out of my pocket, lighting it as I sat down in my seat. I let it roar to life, putting it into reverse and taking my baby out onto the road. Or babies, as it were.

Fuck, it still sounded weird.

Mello was pretty quiet for the majority of the trip, except for the sound of his small feet hitting the bottom of the seat over and over. Thank God I had quite a few cigarettes, because I wouldn't have lasted the hour and a half it took to get there without them.

We drove out further and further into the countryside, it truly a beautiful day out today. The sun was peeking out behind white fluffy clouds; the sky stained a clear blue color. The trees sped past us quite more than the speed limit, and it was a picturesque fall day. I couldn't truly appreciate the scenery though: my mind was full of questions and fears.

I wasn't in mourning; I had only been with Misa five years ago for the sexual bit of the relationship. Misa was in it for more than that, hanging on me and asking to get married. MARRIED.

Needless to say, we broke up, and now she was dead. The only reason I might have been in mourning was the small little child sitting in the backseat.

" much longer?"

" ten minutes probably..." I mumbled, throwing my cigarette out the open window. Mello groaned, leaning his head against the back of the seat in disdain.

"'Dat's too loooooooong..." he complained, slamming his feet against the seat, "Go faster! Get 'dere faster!"

"Mello, I'm fifteen miles over the speed limit as it is, any more and my smooth-talking won't be able to get us out of a ticket," It was true, I had a bit of a talent, with both male and female cops. I had been pulled over for speeding various times, always sent home with a warning. Who's awesome? Me.

"Hmph..." he grumbled, crossing his arms at the chest, and didn't complain anymore. It was then that the massive graveyard came into view.

The tombstones jut out of the ground, crosses and angels, with names encrypted upon them. There were thousands, some adorned with flowers from a recent death, some left decrepit and forgotten.

"Daddy...what are 'dose things?"

"They're's where you bury people when they're dead..."

"Mama's dead, right? So 'dat means...she'll be in 'da ground?"

I was caught off guard. I looked back at him for a moment, and he just looked back at me, a curious expression on his pale face. I nodded, taking a deep breath and facing the road once more. "Yes...they're going to bury her today..."


And that was the end of the conversation. I pulled into the church parking lot, parked it and got out another cigarette. My bright red beauty stood out like a sore thumb amongst the black, new cars that looked like they had just gone off the line.

Mello hopped out of his seat, standing aside me on the gravel. His hand found my pant leg, and he held on tight, humming a tune I didn't know.

God, this would be difficult.

I flicked the cigarette on the ground, stamping it out with my boot. We made our way to the church, Mello holding onto my leg the whole time.

Once inside those huge doors, it was shockingly obvious that I didn't know what the Hell I was doing. It was extravagant to say the least. Beyond the pews and stained glass windows was the set up, flowers exploding from every which way. The coffin was beautiful wood, with flowers lying at the bed of it. It was beautiful, yet artificial. It seemed like no expense had been spared to give Misa the best send off anyone could ask for; yet it was bought for by people for whom money wasn't an issue.

Her agents were standing around in Gucci suits, talking to others who came to give Misa-Misa their regards; or at least get some publicity on the whole incident. It was sickening; and to make matters worse it looked like her parents were nowhere to be found. In fact, I didn't even know if she had parents; it had never been brought up... I suppose I never really knew much about her, and now I would never know.

"Daddy~...can I have one of those f'wowers?"

I looked down at him with a sigh, "No...those are for your mom..."

"Mama's f'wowers? Where is she?"

"She' that box..."

"'Weally? 'Dat's weird..."

"Mmmmm..." I hummed a response, sitting in the closest pew and pulling Mello into my lap. No one really took notice of us through the entire thing, as people sat in their seats. The funeral precession itself was usual; people got up and talking about how Misa was out of their lives and how it was all very sad- but there never was a single tear. Mello listened for a bit to everything that was said; but quickly lost interest. He began to squirm and wiggle in my arms, humming to himself or asking me when we would leave.

Thankfully it wasn't too long; everyone got up to make their way to the cemetery to bury Misa. Mello got up as soon as the opportunity was given, jumping around.

"We all done?"

"Well...we were going to go see them bury your mom but..."

"' 'da ground? How is she gonna get food in 'dere?"

" don't get it, do you?"

"I don't understand..."

I sighed, taking Mello's small little hand in mine and leading him to the front door, away from everyone else. It was probably something Mello didn't see, and I wasn't entirely keen on going anyway.

Before we got there however, I heard a voice behind me.

"Mail Jeevas?"

I turned around to find a middle aged man, starting to bald, looking to me.


"I'm Ken Farthington, Misa Amane's lawyer," he held his hand out, and slowly I shook it, "I was hoping I would find you here,"

"Is this"

"Mihael, yes. You were written as the father, yet I was unable to find any indication of a number or address to find you at. I'm here to discuss what will happen to him,"

Oh shit, I knew it had to happen eventually.

"Right," I mumbled, hanging onto Mello's hand tighter.

Mello looked up at the taller man, his eyes huge. "Daddy... Who's 'dat guy?"

The man obviously wasn't used to children either, more so than me, for he simply looked at him and smiled awkwardly, looking back to me.

"You being the parent you would be of course the one to take care of Mihael. It would be a very long process, paperwork and such, and depends on your decision of whether or not you take the child,"

"Daddy? Are we gonna go get ice c'weam?"

I looked down to Mello, and saw the look in his big eyes. Then back to the lawyer addressing me.

There was no thought before I spoke.

"That won't be a problem," I held Mello's small hand tighter, "Of course I want to keep him, it's not even a question."

Alright! Next we get to the bulk of the story, in which Matt tries his hand at true parenting! The plot shall hopefully continue for a long while, the relationship between them growing! ;3 I love this story to bits, been wanting to write it for quite some time!